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Going that Xtra distance with 9PX

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Power management company Eaton has announced new three-phase models to its 9PX range of compact high-efficiency Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs). .

The new phase in, single-phase out (3:1) models in the Eaton 9PX range are offered with power ratings of 6, 8 and 11 kVA, with all versions incorporating a maintenance bypass for easy replacement of the UPS, without powering down critical systems. They complement the existing 9PX single-phase (1:1) models, which are available with ratings from 5 kVA to 11 kVA.

A key feature of all UPSs in Eaton's 9PX range is the energy efficiency, enabling users to reduce energy usage and cost. When operating in double conversion mode, the UPSs achieve an efficiency of up to 95%, it is stated, and that, when mains power quality is good, this increases to 98% in high-efficiency mode. A high output power factor of 0.9 is another characteristic of the units.

9PX UPSs feature a large graphical LCD screen that provides real-time information about operating status, and offers easy access to analytics and configuration capabilities. The units also incorporate a sophisticated control system that, in double conversion mode, continually monitors power conditions and regulates the operation of the UPS for optimised capacity management.

Remote monitoring options are provided by Eaton's Intelligent Power Manager Software, which is supplied as standard with every 9PX UPS. Compatible with all major operating systems and virtualisation software, this allows the UPSs to be integrated easily with virtualised IT environments, such as VMware vCenter, Microsoft HyperV, Citrix XEN and Red Hat KVM.

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