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Cloud guidance from The Law Society is an important step, according to Databarracks

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The Law Society has this week published its cloud guidance for law firms in response to the increasing interest surrounding the adoption of cloud technology in the legal sector.

The guidance follows the SRA’s ‘Silver Linings’ report, published in November 2013, which was the first real effort from the legal sector to address some of the concerns surrounding cloud computing. Data security and perceived lack of control is a necessary concern for legal IT professionals, due to the very nature of the profession and the sensitive data held by firms. However, until November of last year there had been no official guidance for firms (with the exception of the Law Society of Scotland) on the dos and don’ts of adopting cloud technology, and the effects it can have on the firm.

Both the ‘Silver Linings’ report and the The Law Society guidance represent a positive move forward. The legal sector has been aware of the potential of cloud services for some time, but has so far lacked the guidance it needed to take those first steps, as Peter Groucutt, MD at Databarracks explains: “In August 2013 we produced a report that called for the legal industry’s advisory bodies to become more pro-active in advising organisations about cloud computing. It was therefore encouraging to see the SRA’s response in November and even more so with this additional guidance from The Law Society.

“Both reports provide a basic outline about the technology as well as going into some detail about the risks and benefits of cloud computing. The advice given on data protection, SLAs and regulation is crucial if law firms are to build trusted relationships with cloud service providers (CSPs).

“We would always recommend that firms look to independent codes of practice and regulatory codes to ensure that they are working with CSPs that can deliver. ISO 27001 and the Cloud Industry Forum’s Code of Practice are two examples of regulation that can help guarantee a successful and, most importantly, safe move to cloud computing with a CSP.”

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