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Where is Enterprise IT going? To Cloud Expo Europe, of course!

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The organisers describe Cloud Expo Europe as 'two days of intensive networking and knowledge gathering' - Cloud Hosting magazine will be there of course, and we summarise below some of the expected highlights.

As Cloud Expo Europe rolls around once again, the potential attendee finds his eyes drawn not by the (admittedly enormous) exhibition, but to the even more enormous speaker programme - there is almost certainly no single event anywhere globally that offers the chance to get so much information from top quality industry specialists, as there is at Cloud Expo. The main conference programme alone includes over 300 speakers across two days, so the problem is not in finding presentations that will be of value, it is in whittling down the very long list into a few that an attendee can actually manage to get through in the time available!

George Reese of Dell is one of the key speakers at the event on the 11th, with a presentation covering a wealth of topics in one session: future cloud trends including 'containerised applications', building a mature cloud strategy to include both public and private components, governance in the cloud, and the importance of API security to the Internet of Things. Reese comments: "Cloud itself has been a tremendously hyped term and so many interests have attempted to co-opt the term to support their agenda. Businesses have gone to the cloud to achieve the agility that "on-demand, self-service" makes possible. Unfortunately, IT and operations have historically been focused on things like cost while businesses want to achieve agility. The cost benefits of cloud have been overhyped as well. Whether cloud is cheaper or more cost effective than other modes of consuming technology depends on so many context-specific variables. But the cloud is undoubtedly a more agile delivery mechanism and has provided real benefits to the business."

Elsewhere, Bernard Golden of ActiveState will be speaking on the 12th about the incredible pressures that enterprise IT is under to get things done faster. Although he points out that it is crucial for IT organisations to adopt new technologies, he warns that companies should not be rushed or tempted to 'build the new legacy' by creating their own toolsets and infrastructures. "Don't build a one-off system if you're going to be the only ones using it. The challenge then is that you have a long-term need to maintain and improve an infrastructure toolset rather than focus on business value applications - that's not where enterprise IT should be."

Looking forward into the coming year, Golden feels the big task for 2015 will be encouraging organisations to recognise that they need to "rely on broader ecosystems and products which they can leverage," rather than deciding to run and build their own infrastructures.

In 1982 the first 'internet enabled device' was created, a Coke machine that could report its own inventory. This begs the question that if the concept of connected devices has been around for so long why the massive fuss now about the Internet of Things?

By 2020 Gartner has predicted there will be 26 billion devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT). You can control your heating from your iPhone, buy a fridge that automatically orders a delivery when running low on eggs, and even a car that contacts the garage to book itself in for a service. This has now far surpassed concept. It's now a consumer need and a business reality. All of this means more data and faster connectivity.

No one working in cloud computing will be unaware of the possibilities this presents, and the huge impact this will have on the business they work for. As such the organisers of Cloud Expo Europe have gathered some of the leading minds within the IoT community to present case studies and provide insight into how you can stay ahead of the curve. Speakers on the topic include Davide Cervellin of eBay talking about driving business intelligence, Andy Caddy of Virgin Active discussing wearables and fitness technology, and Dragan Pendic of Diageo on the crucial matter of 'the security of things'. This is a small selection of the speaker list just on this topic alone, see the website below for full details of the conference programme.

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