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StratoGen places great store inTintri

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Reducing data centre footprint and power consumption.

VMware hosting provider StratoGen is using Tintri VMstore across its public and private cloud services for simplified management and increased performance. Since deploying Tintri, StratoGen has achieved a 4x reduction in its data centre footprint and power consumption, while offering customers predictably fast performance and improved disaster recovery services.

Given their global footprint and demanding requirements, StratoGen needed a storage platform that could enable high levels of customer services across three data centres in the UK, United States and Asia. The company needed to be able to both scale rapidly and deliver exceptional performance.

After encountering Tintri through a VMware Partner Exchange and running a successful demo with development and production workloads, StratoGen purchased two Tintri solutions: one for the main data centre in the US and another one for the UK. The second system was used to create a dedicated environment for one of StratoGen’s largest customers. Since the Tintri deployment StratoGen has been able to offer its customers a better option for disaster recovery and guaranteed quality of service—and that has helped StratoGen build differentiated services and stronger customer relationships.

Dan Gould, CTO at StratoGen commented: “The way that Tintri is able to balance workloads enables us to guarantee quality of service and IOPS. Our clients that had performance problems in our previous environment are no longer having issues. Tintri has taken us from a position where we could have potentially lost customers, to one where we can retain all of our existing customers as well as attract new ones. Tintri allows us to state confidently that our customers will get a certain level of performance and it enables us to show how easy it is to manage the environment.”

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