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This issue includes a full breakdown, over several pages, of the finalists in our first Cloud Hosting magazine awards: dozens of companies large and small, old and new, competing on a level playing field for your votes.

We've been genuinely amazed (in a good way) at the level of support from across the industry for these new awards; it's always a risk launching something like this, especially in such a fast-moving sector. The response from our readers has been so positive that I have little doubt that we are on the verge of something very successful here - so, thanks again for your input. Now that the finalists are announced of course, the next step is the public vote. Head for the website (see page 22) to make your voice heard.

Elsewhere in this issue you'll find our usual across-the-board mixture of war stories, opinions and features, and you will probably notice a definite slant towards security and compliance in several of our articles. Sean McAvan of NaviSite looks at how IT is becoming increasingly interconnected (largely down to cloud technologies of course) and analyses the potential security challenges this sea-change will bring, saying: "Cloud computing has evolved to the point where it is equally as, if not more, secure than on-premises hosting. However, as connected devices proliferate, businesses must recognise that perimeter defence is simply not enough. Applications need to take a more active role in security, in turn giving rise to a new multifaceted approach."

We also look at the specific security issues facing the manufacturing sector as industrial automation becomes the norm in large and small firms. Martyn Williams of Copa-Data says: "The one thing manufacturers need to understand is that any industrial automation system today is vulnerable to cyber attacks. The only way of taking advantage of the benefits of IoT and the cloud is to stay vigilant and use industry best practice. Industrial security is no longer the IT department's concern, but a 24/7 job for everyone, including those in the boardroom."

According to iland, security features now top the list of priorities that companies consider when selecting a cloud provider - ahead of performance, reliability, management tools and cost. While cloud adoption continues to grow, it is critical that we get security and compliance right, whatever our business.

David Tyler

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