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ONE vision from DataCore

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Major announcement includes analytics service, Hyperconverged appliance, and new SDS capabilities .

DataCore has announced its vision for storage infrastructure, DataCore ONE - designed to accelerate the adoption of SDS in enterprise data centres, the cloud and edge computing; centralising command and control of different classes of storage spanning primary, secondary and archive. The company also announced the availability of a number of components that help make this vision a reality, including a flexible hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) appliance, subscription-based licensing, a new cloud-based analytics service, and a number of enhancements to its already powerful software-defined storage technology.

Central to the DataCore ONE vision is the new cloud-based predictive analytics engine, DataCore Insight Services (DIS), that provides actionable insights from a 360-degree view of infrastructure-wide storage. The SaaS control plane draws on telemetry and the collective learnings from thousands of customers around the globe for early problem detection, best practice recommendations and capacity planning. The combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence detects current or foreseeable anomalies in the data storage infrastructure, while the built-in recommendation engine directs designated individuals to the most appropriate corrective actions.

The new family of DataCore HCI-Flex appliances combine the simplicity of hyperconverged systems with the flexibility of software-defined storage at a very competitive price-performance point. Customers can choose from multiple 1U and 2U configurations with either VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V pre-installed. All the data services of DataCore software-defined storage are included such as smart caching, thin provisioning, dynamic-auto-tiering, and Parallel I/O acceleration, which delivers up to 500% storage performance improvements. An intuitive smart deployment wizard gets the HCI-Flex appliance up and running in a matter of minutes. Once deployed, the HCI-Flex appliance can pool and manage not only internal storage, but external storage systems as well, regardless of vendor or underlying technology.

The HCI-Flex appliance also enables users to independently scale compute and storage independently, based on business needs. The flexible deployment model helps eliminate silos and vendor lock-in so customers can transition to hyperconverged infrastructure on their own terms with confidence. In remote office/branch office (ROBO) and edge computing environments, a synchronously mirrored pair ensures high availability without the complexity and cost of three-node clusters—and is flexible enough to add a third asynchronous replica to a central on-premises location or to a public cloud.

“We’ve heard from many IT leaders around the world about the challenges they face with multiple storage silos and the desire to fully realise the promise of software-defined storage by unifying them under a single intelligent layer. With DataCore ONE, we are delivering on this vision,” said Gerardo A. Dada, CMO of DataCore. “Building on the company’s vast inventory of intellectual property and patents, we are presenting this unified architecture to solidify DataCore as a complete and incredibly flexible software-defined storage platform that will help diverse IT environments achieve the maximum value from storage investments, simplify management, and be ready for the technologies and challenges of the future.”

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