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Type: Management       Published: 01-2013      Views: 2960   
Description: Tired of fixing one data centre bottleneck only to see another one emerge somewhere else? Jeff Richardson, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at LSI has some reassuring advice

NAS - Leader of the pack?

Type:       Published: 02-2010      Views: 2297   
Description: Throughout I.T., there are hundreds of acronyms that constantly assail us. three of the most similar of these - NAS, DAS and SAN - are often to be found in close proximity. but What do they all mean and what is their significance? Brian Wall finds out

Simple ways for SMBs to improve their data centres

Type: Strategy       Published: 05-2014      Views: 2114   
Description: Storage is at the core of all data and any network, argues Thomas Pavel, Channel Sales Director at LSI, and by concentrating on data protection, high availability and better storage performance, SMBs can accelerate applications in their data centres.

Flash in the enterprise: ready or not?

Type:       Published: 07-2012      Views: 2006   
Description: NAND flash is becoming ubiquitous, its adoption accelerated through retail consumption in smartphones and tablets. Integrating flash into the enterprise storage space, however, delivers surprisingly unpredictable results. Flash technology is mature, so why is the deployment so variable?

Pretty RAIDs All In A Row

Type: Management       Published: 02-2010      Views: 1777   
Description: RAID aims to step in where single large expensive disks just fail to yield anything like the same scale of benefits

LSI SAS 9211-4i

Type: Product Review       Published: 03-2010      Views: 1351   
Description: LSI has consistently been at the forefront of storage technology development and stretches its lead even further by delivering the industry's first 6Gb/sec SAS/SATA RAID controllers

When time is the enemy

Type:       Published: 08-2011      Views: 1152   
Description: When it comes to restoring rapidly deteriorating vintage film stocks, time is of the essence - something those faced with battling this quandary recognise only too well.

Altered States

Type:       Published: 02-2012      Views: 1000   
Description: It's been a long road, but solid state storage is a technology that's finally come of age in the data centre, if not yet in the laptop/PC market

The Quest For Near Perfection

Type:       Published: 06-2011      Views: 976   
Description: What are the top considerations for ensuring 99.999% data availability in mid-range storage? Rip Wilson, product marketing manager, LSI, offers his view

Storage Laboratory Tested Product of the Year 2010

Type: Awards Winner       Published: 07-2010      Views: 891   

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