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Unified solution from Nexsan

Type: News       Published: 06-2016      Views: 15213   
Description: Solves the challenges of securely accessing, sharing and syncing enterprise data

Facing up to a virtual reality         

Type: Technology       Published: 09-2016      Views: 12918   
Description: Virtualisation can bring improve cost, performance and data management, says Tarkan Maner, CEO of Nexenta - but it is crucial to future-proof the storage that underpins that virtualised environment

The Storage Awards 2015 - The Winners!

Type: News       Published: 06-2015      Views: 8859   
Description: Here are the winners and runners-up from last night's Storage Awards - "The Storries XII." We'd like to thank all those who took part - from everyone who took the time to vote through to our sponsors, and of course our winners and runners-up - for making it such a successful night for the industry.

How to become a big data factory         

Type: Management       Published: 01-2016      Views: 8735   
Description: Big data is meaningless unless it's helping make decisions that have a measurable impact, argues James Petter, VP EMEA at Pure Storage

Gaining the edge in a Game of thrones         

Type: Case Study       Published: 05-2016      Views: 6190   
Description: Spanish VFX studio El Ranchito has seen instant improvements in latency and systems performance since implementing an optimised storage platform

Ransomware Protection Company of the Year (Storage Awards 2019)

Type: Awards       Published: 06-2019      Views: 4626   
Description: Winner: Barracuda Networks

Flash Arrays: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly         

Type: Technology Focus       Published: 01-2015      Views: 4447   
Description: Is everything rosy in the flash array garden? Nikhil Premanandan, Marketing Analyst at IT management specialist ManageEngine, puts the technology under the microscope

EFD for mobiles         

Type: News       Published: 07-2015      Views: 3297   
Description: Available in capacities up to 128GB1, the iNAND 7232 from SanDisk is a new, advanced embedded flash drive (EFD) for mobile devices

Believe the hype about hyper-converged storage         

Type: Technology Focus       Published: 01-2015      Views: 3276   
Description: Sushant Rao of DataCore Software details real-world scenarios of how a hyper-converged infrastructure is the right approach to combine storage, compute, networking and virtualisation in one unit

SDS takes centre stage         

Type: Analysis       Published: 11-2017      Views: 3172   
Description: IDC is forecasting that Software-Defined Storage solutions will generate worldwide revenues of over $16 Billion in 2021

At your service         

Type: Company News       Published: 03-2015      Views: 3080   
Description: NCE snapped up the 'Storage service company of the year' award at the 2014 Storage Awards. Storage magazine editor David Tyler visited the company's Wiltshire offices to find out more about what has made them so successful in their field.

The right move         

Type: Opinion       Published: 01-2018      Views: 2985   
Description: Rick Powles, Vice President EMEA at Druva, explains what the continuing move to cloud models will really mean for storage

Are you ready for Industry 4.0?         

Type: Opinion       Published: 01-2019      Views: 2934   
Description: Mark Jow, EMEA Vice President, Technical Services at Commvault talks about preparing for an effective digital transformation journey

Cores and FX         

Type: Case Study       Published: 05-2015      Views: 2891   
Description: Major visual special effects company MPC is using Avere solutions to help turn storyboard concepts into billion dollar box office smashes

Reading ahead         

Type: Technology Focus       Published: 01-2015      Views: 2841   
Description: OCZ's recently announced Saber 1000 SSD Series is perfect for read-intensive applications, as well as being targeted squarely at high-volume hyperscale and distributed computing environments, explains the company's Scott Harlin.

Does SDS fit the Bill?         

Type: Technology Focus       Published: 07-2015      Views: 2819   
Description: Tarkan Maner, CEO at Nexenta, discusses the impact that the proposed Investigatory Powers Bill will have on storage requirements, and how software-defined storage could help

DR: choosing the right provider for your needs         

Type: Opinion       Published: 03-2018      Views: 2804   
Description: Disaster Recovery in the cloud presents organisations with a multitude of opportunities and potential challenges. Richard Stinton, Enterprise Solutions Architect at iland, gives his take on what organisations should be looking for when choosing the right provider for them

So you think you know Quantum?         

Type: Interview       Published: 01-2015      Views: 2764   
Description: With 85 of the Fortune 100 businesses as customers and over 100,000 deployments worldwide, Quantum can hardly be said to be a 'best kept secret' - but these days there is a lot more to the company and its product portfolio than first meets the eye. Storage magazine editor David Tyler gets an update from Regional Sales Director Christo Conidaris.

Backup cut right back         

Type: Case Study       Published: 05-2015      Views: 2757   
Description: The University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership has reduced backup time by 90+ percent while still ensuring business continuity of physical and virtual environments

Shaking things up         

Type: Interview       Published: 03-2015      Views: 2750   
Description: Beta Distribution has been around for over thirty years and remains Europe's largest distributor of LTO media - but there is much more to the business that now describes itself as 'one of the most disruptive storage players out there'. Storage magazine editor David Tyler spoke to Ben Jackson, Head of Beta's Technology Solutions Division, and Ricky Patel, Enterprise Business Manager

LTO-7: got it taped?         

Type: Technology Focus       Published: 09-2015      Views: 2688   
Description: In September the LTO Program Technology Provider Companies - HP, IBM and Quantum - announced the specifications for LTO Ultrium format generation 7, or LTO-7 as it will doubtless be known. Storage magazine takes a closer look at the implications of the announcement

Making 'dollar-sense' out of Flash         

Type: Technology Focus       Published: 03-2015      Views: 2613   
Description: New ways of deploying Flash are reinforcing economic arguments that will see a growth in the market for 'Big Data Flash', argues Marcos Burnett, Sales Director for Northern Europe, SanDisk.

Outsourced data centre infrastructure in Europe tips towards 40% by 2019

Type: News       Published: 07-2015      Views: 2564   
Description: Consulting firm BroadGroup has released the new edition of its seminal report on the data centre market in Europe.

'Change or die' for the storage industry?         

Type: Opinion       Published: 05-2015      Views: 2547   
Description: Jason Phippen of SUSE predicts the inevitable decline of traditional enterprise storage and the 'unstoppable rise' of software-defined alternatives

HGST hooks up with CommVault

Type: News       Published: 10-2015      Views: 2530   
Description: New partnership will deliver 'best cloud backup TCO'

Pull up to the bunker

Type: News       Published: 03-2015      Views: 2520   
Description: New 'ultra-secure' DR-as-a-Service offering for SMBs

NAStravaganza? A perfectly cromulent word!

Type: News       Published: 01-2015      Views: 2517   
Description: WD collaborates with NAS manufacturers for new channel programme with improbable name

WD Sentinel DS6100 Windows Server

Type: Review       Published: 01-2015      Views: 2513   
Description: For smaller businesses some IT resources are out of reach, even though they can be justified through business need

Fujitsu 'radically simplifies' backup and archive

Type: News       Published: 12-2015      Views: 2504   
Description: New generation of ETERNUS CS appliances 'seamlessly scale with business needs'

Futurology: what does 2016 hold for the storage industry?         

Type: Analysis       Published: 11-2015      Views: 2500   
Description: We finish off 2015 with a look ahead to next year, courtesy of our expert panel of industry observers

Stash the flash?         

Type: Strategy       Published: 05-2015      Views: 2486   
Description: The "flash everywhere" trend is actually materialising as "flash where it makes economic sense". George Teixeira, CEO of DataCore Software, considers how a more mature adoption of flash is now bearing fruit through a strategy of cost-effective utilisation of flash technology spreading from servers to widespread usage across the board

Watching brief         

Type: Technology Focus       Published: 05-2015      Views: 2421   
Description: We live an increasingly surveillance-heavy society, which brings with it challenges to storage technology providers, explains Nick Spittle, General Manager, Storage Products Division at Toshiba Electronics Europe

Furthering education         

Type: Case Study       Published: 03-2015      Views: 2412   
Description: Storage Magazine talks to one of the UK's largest FE colleges, Kirklees College in Yorkshire, on how it has achieved flexibility and adherence using DataCore's Software-defined Storage platform, SANsymphony-V10 to position itself ahead of FELTAG (Further Education Learning Technology Action Group) recommendations

Storage re-defined         

Type: Technology Focus       Published: 03-2015      Views: 2394   
Description: The rise of open-source-based software-defined solutions signals a new era of agile and scalable storage, suggests Jason Phippen, Head of Global Product Marketing at SUSE

The power of three, from Quantum

Type: News       Published: 04-2015      Views: 2391   
Description: New archive offerings reduce unstructured data storage costs

Public cloud benefits, private cloud security

Type: News       Published: 03-2015      Views: 2376   
Description: New private cloud storage platform from Connected Data

Flash helps students get back up to speed         

Type: Case Study       Published: 11-2015      Views: 2350   
Description: Barnsley College needed to update its IT storage infrastructure to meet increasing demand from its thousands of users while reducing access and backup times

Backup to the Future         

Type: Opinion       Published: 01-2015      Views: 2349   
Description: Serguei Beloussov, CEO of Acronis, looks to the future of backup software, with specific focus on the lessons small businesses can learn from large enterprises.

'Transforming the virtual estate'

Type: News       Published: 01-2015      Views: 2348   
Description: Trinity Hall increases storage capacity with NexStor

Seagate further into bed with Big Blue

Type: News       Published: 08-2015      Views: 2326   
Description: IBM Spectrum Scale to integrate with ClusterStor HPC storage for new appliance

Bringing the enterprise up to speed         

Type: Technology Focus       Published: 05-2015      Views: 2325   
Description: The Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) specification signifies a new age of SSD technology that exposes flash as memory, and unleashes non-volatile memory performance - delivering data faster to meet the needs of enterprise and client applications, says Scott Harlin, Director of Marketing Communications at OCZ Storage Solutions

Cutting backup down to size         

Type: Case Study       Published: 03-2015      Views: 2287   
Description: Over recent years the Mahr Group's data volume has grown, overwhelming its legacy backup systems. With next-generation data protection from Quantum, the company now has a future-proof backup solution for all of its physical and virtual servers.

Unlocking potential         

Type: Case Study       Published: 05-2015      Views: 2240   
Description: Hitachi Data Systems worked with partner XMA to provide a complete infrastructure solution that covers SAN, NAS and backup environments for Lancaster University. Together, they helped the highly rated research-led institution to face data demands that were predicted to increase from 300TB to 4PB within five years

Nimble step it up

Type: News       Published: 08-2015      Views: 2221   
Description: A single platform for "optimising Enterprise-wide applications, lowering costs, increasing IT productivity, enabling seamless growth and minimizing risk"

Hitting the hard drive 'sweet spot'         

Type: Technology Focus       Published: 03-2015      Views: 2200   
Description: As the data centre evolves, so must the disk drives that populate it, explains Matt Rutledge, senior vice president of storage technology, WD

'Web-scale ready' HDD from WD

Type: News       Published: 03-2015      Views: 2190   
Description: "...The most power efficient and high-intensity high-capacity platform available today"

Enabling the next stage in VDI         

Type: Technology Focus       Published: 05-2015      Views: 2172   
Description: Flash is playing a key role in the development of desktop virtualisation, says Marcos Burnett, Sales Director for Northern Europe, SanDisk.

Viva Las Vegas         

Type: Events       Published: 01-2015      Views: 2170   
Description: While most of the mainstream media frenzy remains around 4K TV sets and Microsoft headsets, Storage Editor Dave Tyler manages to find plenty of storage-related news from this year's CES fair in Las Vegas.

IP EXPO Europe: Six events under one roof

Type: Events       Published: 07-2015      Views: 2168   
Description: From NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden to a rare head-to-head between Microsoft and Google, this year's IP Expo Europe event promises something for everyone. Storage magazine takes a closer look

Unstructured data is what slows down backup         

Type: Interview       Published: 09-2015      Views: 2166   
Description: Storage magazine editor David Tyler speaks to Quantum's Christo Conidaris about the importance of having the right technology at the right time

QSAN XCubeSAN X3226D         

Type: Review       Published: 01-2017      Views: 2157   
Description: QSAN Technology has a fine reputation in the enterprise storage market as its extensive range of arrays offer extreme value with no compromises on features

The final straight

Type: Events       Published: 03-2015      Views: 2148   
Description: Nominations are closed, and the finalists can now be announced for the Storage Awards 2015

Kaminario partners with Zerto on highly available flash storage for virtual environments

Type: News       Published: 05-2016      Views: 2136   
Description: Kaminario has announced a partnership with Zerto which provides enterprises with highly available flash storage for virtual environments.

Storage Awards 2016 - the winners!

Type: News       Published: 06-2016      Views: 2108   
Description: Here are the winners of the 2016 Storage Awards, held on June 16th at the Grand Connaught Rooms in London's Covent Garden.

Ahead in the cloud

Type: Strategy       Published: 01-2016      Views: 2105   
Description: Cloud storage and how to manage it effectively is a key challenge for many businesses, explains Jack Bedell-Pearce, Managing Director, 4D

Tour de force         

Type: Events       Published: 09-2015      Views: 2096   
Description: EMC has partnered with LiveNation to provide U2's video team with an end-to-end storage solution that allows them to create, deliver and archive the stunning visuals that U2 bring to life at each stop on their tour

WD Sentinel DX4200 Windows Storage Server

Type: Review       Published: 01-2015      Views: 2091   
Description: Not all organisations require an application server, but most have enterprise class storage requirements for business data, requiring a clear, dependable approach

SanDisk targets big data workloads

Type: News       Published: 03-2015      Views: 2085   
Description: InfiniFlash all-flash arrays reflect new focus on storage systems and solutions

'Setup and forget' data protection

Type: News       Published: 05-2015      Views: 2082   
Description: Arcserve releases new appliance in UK market

City University London selects NetApp

Type: News       Published: 10-2015      Views: 2082   
Description: Strengthens growth plans in a cost-efficient way

Scale up to an iglu

Type: News       Published: 08-2015      Views: 2075   
Description: New systems 'uniquely adapt between SAN and software-defined storage requirements'

Who's buying what?

Type: News       Published: 06-2015      Views: 2071   
Description: New DataCore survey suggests some surprises

OCZ partners with Levyx

Type: News       Published: 02-2015      Views: 2066   
Description: Ultra-low latency data engine to enable 'near in-memory processing speeds' on large datasets

The Future is Guaranteed         

Type: Interview       Published: 01-2015      Views: 2054   
Description: Early last year we heard from Fujifilm about its move towards a service based storage solution offering, with d:ternity. Storage Editor David Tyler catches up with Roger Moore, Strategic Business Unit Manager at the company's recording media division.

Re-think your approach to Data Management         

Type: Opinion       Published: 11-2015      Views: 2054   
Description: The challenges of Big Data and digital business could be best addressed by a Data-as-a-Service approach, suggests Andrew Griffiths of Q Associates

SanDisk flashing the cache

Type: News       Published: 04-2015      Views: 2046   
Description: Enhances FlashSoft caching software portfolio & introduces new bundled solutions for enterprise data centres

Data Protection Product of the Year (2016)

Type: Awards       Published: 07-2016      Views: 2045   
Description: WINNER: Arcserve - Unified Data Protection (UDP) v6

Three easy pieces         

Type: Strategy       Published: 05-2015      Views: 2043   
Description: Hybrid cloud, OpenStack and Open Source Storage are three essential jigsaw pieces for the enterprise of the future, argues Jason Phippen, Head of Global Product Marketing at SUSE.

Backup no longer needling wool retailer         

Type:       Published: 01-2015      Views: 2041   
Description: Specialist online retailer the Junghans Group has successfully deployed Actifio to dramatically simplify data management while enhancing data backup and disaster recovery for its mission-critical SAP environment

Tape measures         

Type: Analysis       Published: 03-2015      Views: 2028   
Description: IBM Research and FujiFilm are busy setting new capacity records for tape media: Storage magazine takes a closer look.

Do you copy?         

Type: Technology focus       Published: 01-2016      Views: 2013   
Description: Copy data virtualisation can help to free an organisations' data from its legacy physical infrastructure, suggests Ash Ashutosh, CEO, Actifio

AccelStor NeoSapphire H510         

Type: Review       Published: 03-2018      Views: 2007   
Description: Enterprises suffering a storage crisis have a bewildering range of high-performance all-Flash arrays to choose from, but AccelStor's latest NeoSapphire H510 stands out from the crowd for many good reasons

DR in the Cloud: read all about it         

Type: Opinion       Published: 05-2016      Views: 2004   
Description: It is more important than ever that businesses understand the difference between DRaaS and backup, argues Lilac Schoenbeck, VP, Product Marketing & Product Management at iland Cloud Infrastructure

Educating neater         

Type: Case Study       Published: 07-2015      Views: 1999   
Description: Early VDI education adopters, Uplands Community College, have invigorated their VDI and application environment and stopped performance bottlenecks

Hello Tosh, got a new solid state hybrid drive?

Type: News       Published: 01-2015      Views: 1998   
Description: "Unleashing NAND capabilities", delivering high capacity and speed

Flash to the rescue for SaaS providers         

Type: Management       Published: 01-2016      Views: 1998   
Description: Flash technologies could turn out to be key to the future success - or otherwise - of SaaS vendors, suggests Tom O'Neill, CTO EMEA at Kaminario

StorMagic SvSAN 5.2         

Type: Review       Published: 05-2015      Views: 1991   
Description: Software defined storage is the way forward for enterprises that will not tolerate any downtime for their business critical applications

Safeguarding a city's data          

Type: Case Study       Published: 11-2015      Views: 1983   
Description: The Open University's MK:Smart project required a scalable and versatile backup solution to help manage access to data sourced from a multitude of data stores across the city

Freed up for flexible working         

Type: Case Study       Published: 05-2015      Views: 1969   
Description: A hosted desktop solution has meant the freedom to work flexibly for Chase Solutions' field staff, combined with secure and manageable IT systems

Optimising the desktop         

Type: Case Study       Published: 09-2015      Views: 1965   
Description: VESK, the UK’s largest provider of hosted virtual desktops, has chosen NexentaStor to support its increasing storage and IOPS requirements and growing portfolio of cloud services

Panasas takes scale-out NAS to the next level

Type: News       Published: 08-2015      Views: 1957   
Description: ActiveStor 18 delivers increased density, performance and scalability

Rest Assured

Type: News       Published: 04-2015      Views: 1953   
Description: Dot Hill arrays aim to deliver new level of performance for verticals and Internet of Things applications

Servers are the new storage         

Type: Technology       Published: 01-2016      Views: 1952   
Description: George Teixeira, CEO, DataCore Software, argues the case for unlocking the power and economics of multi-core servers to improve storage productivity and lower costs through Parallel I/O Software Technology

Dense and denser

Type: News       Published: 12-2014      Views: 1951   
Description: Tintri 'challenging the storage quo'

The tough get going

Type: News       Published: 04-2015      Views: 1941   
Description: New 'rugged' mobile HDD offering from LaCie

None more dense

Type: News       Published: 06-2015      Views: 1938   
Description: New 10TB HDD from HGST exploits helium sealed units and SMR

Adapting to change         

Type: Interview       Published: 05-2015      Views: 1933   
Description: Storage magazine editor David Tyler speaks to Grant James, General Manager, QBS Software Ltd., about the difficulties of marketing in an increasingly 'Internet of Things' world

Combining technologies

Type: News       Published: 08-2015      Views: 1920   
Description: Quantum and Veeam reduce backup and DR costs

Toshiba PX02SMB160 Enterprise SSD         

Type: Review       Published: 03-2015      Views: 1907   
Description: There can surely no longer be any question that SSD technologies are making a significant inroad into the enterprise, and any remaining worries about reliability are being chipped away with every product release from the main vendors

Toshiba launch 6TB enterprise HDD

Type: News       Published: 02-2015      Views: 1900   
Description: MG04 series delivers impressive capacity and persistent write cache technology

Taking the drama out of storage         

Type: Case Study       Published: 09-2015      Views: 1898   
Description: The makers of 'Hollyoaks' are enjoying the benefits of a single point of ingest, storage and archive

Winning ways         

Type: Events       Published: 05-2016      Views: 1894   
Description: Nominations are closed, and the finalists can now be announced for the Storage Awards 2016

Editor's Choice – Vendor (Storage Awards 2017)

Type: Awards       Published: 07-2017      Views: 1886   
Description: WINNER: Vendor - Barracuda Networks

DSM 6.0 Beta available

Type: News       Published: 10-2015      Views: 1885   
Description: 'Long-awaited' version of NAS OS is here

Seagate to acquire Dot Hill

Type: News       Published: 08-2015      Views: 1873   
Description: Dot Hill Portfolio will 'complement and expand' Seagate storage systems offerings

CIO: changing from gatekeeper to enabler         

Type: Strategy       Published: 07-2015      Views: 1872   
Description: The rise of 'shadow IT' means that CIOs must develop a hybrid cloud infrastructure that meets the needs of their business before the business itself beats them to it, suggests Ian Finlay, Chief Operating Officer at Abiquo

Inheriting issues         

Type: Opinion       Published: 07-2015      Views: 1870   
Description: There are a number of options available to an organisation looking to effectively manage legacy backup migration, says Paul le Messurier, Programme and Operations Manager at Kroll Ontrack - but the 'do-nothing option' is not recommended

New 451 Research study finds public cloud storage spending will double by 2017

Type: News       Published: 02-2016      Views: 1823   
Description: According to the results of 451 Research’s new Voice of the Enterprise survey, organisations will continue to transform their storage environments in 2016, with most expecting to increase their storage spending over the next year. Notably, the research reveals that the proportion of spending on public cloud storage services will at least double over the next two years, largely at the expense of traditional, on-premises storage.

Free VM backup from Unitrends

Type: News       Published: 04-2015      Views: 1803   
Description: Disrupts market, replaces legacy ad-hoc backup tools

ExaGrid gives backup storage appliance family a major boost with software upgrade

Type: News       Published: 04-2015      Views: 1802   
Description: Version 4.8 expands scale-out GRID capacity to an 800TB full backup, adds bandwidth throttling and encryption for WAN replication to a disaster recovery site.

Mission critical HDDs from Toshiba

Type: News       Published: 10-2015      Views: 1801   
Description: Enterprise performance 10,500 RPM HDD to support both 12.0 Gbit/s SAS and 512n sector length

Capita acquires S3

Type: News       Published: 01-2015      Views: 1793   
Description: Buys up Basingstoke-based storage specialist

In-house, In-cloud, In-data-centre or hybrid – a range of choices

Type: Opinion       Published: 03-2016      Views: 1788   
Description: By Roger Keenan, managing director of London data centre, City Lifeline.

Powering the private cloud         

Type: Case Study       Published: 07-2015      Views: 1785   
Description: Ricoh has implemented an Internet of Things solution that allows the print/document management pioneer to collect and analyse data from millions of devices and helps anticipate demand for their support services

Accelerating life sciences         

Type: Case Study       Published: 05-2016      Views: 1779   
Description: Scientists at Public Health England are now able to access, analyse, and share large amounts of biological data quickly and effectively - and therefore potentially characterise major pathogens, which could prove pivotal in reducing major outbreaks and epidemics

Arkivum supplies MoMA with a state of the art storage solution

Type: News       Published: 12-2015      Views: 1776   
Description: HP New York's Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) has deployed Arkivum/OnSite as part of a planned 5.4 petabyte project to digitise, preserve and make accessible some of its most valuable audio-visual artwork.

Don't fall behind in the race to digital efficiency         

Type: Feature       Published: 11-2018      Views: 1775   
Description: Marc Lucas, Systems Engineer at Commvault, discusses the difficulties of competing in an ultra-competitive digital landscape

Playing fast, but not loose         

Type: Interview       Published: 01-2015      Views: 1773   
Description: Nick Spittle of Toshiba's Storage Products Division speaks to Storage magazine editor David Tyler about the company's current strategy and product portfolio.

Nimble 'redefines enterprise storage management experience'

Type: News       Published: 05-2015      Views: 1772   
Description: New VM-level monitoring capabilities enable organisations to proactively resolve resource contention issues

Array of sunshine

Type: News       Published: 02-2015      Views: 1771   
Description: Quantum announces high-capacity, high-density disk storage aimed at users with a growing number of large files

Sphere 3D unveils new storage platform

Type: News       Published: 05-2015      Views: 1758   
Description: Offering fully-featured NAS functionality in the cloud

Strictly boardroom         

Type: Opinion       Published: 01-2018      Views: 1758   
Description: Alex Crowe, Regional Sales Executive at iland, outlines the reasons why choosing cloud-based backup and DR needs to be a strategic decision taken at board level

Taking the heat off         

Type: Case Study       Published: 09-2015      Views: 1757   
Description: PCI-e flash has been used to turbo boost flagging IOPS and propel OGN Group's highly virtualised data centre into the next gear

Educating neater         

Type: Case Study       Published: 03-2016      Views: 1753   
Description: One of the UK's largest education providers has reduced its backups from 172TB to just 30TB, and its backup window by 80%

Be prepared         

Type: Strategy       Published: 03-2016      Views: 1749   
Description: Actifio CEO Ash Ashutosh suggests six key questions that any business needs to ask about its Disaster Recovery readiness

Pet project

Type: News       Published: 06-2015      Views: 1737   
Description: Royal Veterinary College Chooses NetApp to drive research

Sphere 3D brings NAS functionality to the Cloud

Type: News       Published: 05-2015      Views: 1716   
Description: SnapCLOUD is Sphere 3D's new cloud integrated virtual storage platform, designed to deliver fully-featured enterprise NAS functionality in the cloud

SanDisk 'transforms the mobile experience'

Type: News       Published: 06-2015      Views: 1710   
Description: Advanced embedded storage device to meet demand for increased capacity and enhanced photography on smartphones

Claranet invests in HP SSD arrays         

Type: News       Published: 01-2015      Views: 1704   
Description: Claranet has completed a major investment in its storage capabilities, furnishing its storage services with Solid State arrays from HP

Storage is broken         

Type: Interview       Published: 09-2015      Views: 1704   
Description: Users are fed up with paying a premium for storage, Suse's Head of Global marketing, Jason Phippen tells Storage magazine editor David Tyler

Forgetful Brits losing priceless data every year due to lack of backups

Type: News       Published: 04-2015      Views: 1703   
Description: One in five Brits never back up their home computers and over a third never botherto do so on their mobile phones, according to new research from Verbatim. A quarter of the 1,000 UK adults who took part in the survey by Verbatim admitted they didn't take the precaution because they were simply too lazy.

Add all-flash arrays without adding complexity         

Type: Opinion       Published: 09-2015      Views: 1703   
Description: Pete McCallum of FalconStor Software offers tips for successfully adding all-flash arrays (AFAs) to the data centre

Big data will be key to keeping competitive according to KPMG

Type: News       Published: 01-2015      Views: 1694   
Description: KPMG has revealed that future threats from companies like Google were a key reason for its £40m investment into accounting services for small and start-up businesses.

SanDisk and Nexenta to deliver the first open software-defined storage (OpenSDS) All Flash Array

Type: News       Published: 09-2015      Views: 1676   
Description: Pre-validated Nexenta and SanDisk solutions for ultra large scale, low-cost, high performance data centres available on Dell and Supermicro platforms

Interoute to support Ark Data Centres on a new IT infrastructure project for the UK government

Type: News       Published: 05-2015      Views: 1675   
Description: Ark Data Centres (Ark) has chosen Interoute, the owner operator of Europe's largest network infrastructure, to provide a high capacity low latency inter-data centre network between Ark’s Wiltshire and Hampshire campuses for the provision of data centre colocation services.

Nimble and Cisco getting Smart together

Type: News       Published: 12-2015      Views: 1665   
Description: "Major milestone" in alliance relationship

Toshiba announces Third Generation of enterprise SAS SSDs

Type: News       Published: 08-2015      Views: 1664   
Description: Delivering random read performance of 270,000 IOPS with 12 Gbit/s SAS interface

Power play         

Type: Interview       Published: 09-2015      Views: 1657   
Description: Toshiba's General Manager, SSD, Paul Rowan, talks to Storage magazine editor David Tyler about the company's newly launched PX04 offering

Nexenta and SanDisk team up

Type: News       Published: 08-2015      Views: 1654   
Description: Integration delivers the market's first Open Software-Defined storage all flash array

How will you read your data in 100 years?         

Type: Opinion       Published: 09-2015      Views: 1628   
Description: …or even 200 years? Nik Stanbridge, VP Marketing, Arkivum, examines some of the issues of true long term archival and retrieval

Working at Cloud speed

Type: News       Published: 06-2015      Views: 1625   
Description: 2TB SATA SSD aimed at hyperscale customers

Law in order

Type: News       Published: 06-2015      Views: 1618   
Description: Legal firm reduces data centre footprint by 70%

Things ain't what they used to be         

Type: Opinion       Published: 07-2016      Views: 1600   
Description: Gerard Marlow, general manager at specialist distributor Hammer, describes how the Internet of Things will lead to data volumes soaring

Backup you can bank on         

Type: Case Study       Published: 07-2018      Views: 1599   
Description: Beeks Financial Cloud has secured 7000 Virtual Machines and made 80% savings on global data storage using augmented deduplication

Quantum launches NVMe storage platform for media workflows

Type: News       Published: 05-2019      Views: 1587   
Description: Ultra-fast, software-defined storage array is ideal for HD video content

Toshiba and SanDisk - now in 3D

Type: News       Published: 12-2015      Views: 1576   
Description: New equipment installed at Yokkaichi’s 'New Fab 2' plant

Offer of a lifetime

Type: News       Published: 02-2015      Views: 1563   
Description: Verbatim and Millenniata launch MDISC 100GB Blu-ray optical media for life time archival

Must big data mean big risk?         

Type: Strategy       Published: 07-2015      Views: 1560   
Description: As companies deploy Hadoop for big data, they open critical information to compromise. Tom Kemp of Centrify discusses some of the solutions that exist to solve the problem

Think tank         

Type: Interview       Published: 11-2015      Views: 1557   
Description: Storage magazine editor David Tyler discussed object store 'tanks', speedbumps and band-aids with Hitachi Data Systems' Technology Sales Director, Steve Lewis, at the company's recent Information Forum event in London

Dot Hill expands Ultra series         

Type: News       Published: 01-2015      Views: 1541   
Description: Shipping now, the Dot Hill Ultra56 AssuredSAN is a hybrid storage array based on an ultra-density chassis that supports both NEBS Level 3 carrier and MIL-STD government requirements and up to 1.34 petabytes (PB) of raw capacity in only 7 inches or 4U of rack space

HMS Saber launched

Type: News       Published: 12-2015      Views: 1538   
Description: No champagne required!

Exagrid & Zerto team up

Type: News       Published: 12-2015      Views: 1483   
Description: Continuous replication and dedupe of long-term storage for end-to-end data protection

SanDisk and Supermicro combine to offer 'all-flash extreme performance'

Type: News       Published: 12-2015      Views: 1481   
Description: Alliance to deliver Software-defined All-flash storage solutions

Going large         

Type: Interview       Published: 05-2018      Views: 1481   
Description: Faye Pairman, CEO and President of Panasas, explains how an approach that combines high performance, reliability and manageability is helping the company go from strength to strength in an increasingly commoditised market

Hammer strikes... deal with Samsung

Type: News       Published: 06-2016      Views: 1480   
Description: EMEA distribution agreement for SSD and DRAM

Dot Hill Signs Deal with Arrow to Broaden Reach of Storage Solutions in Europe, Middle East and Af

Type: News       Published: 05-2015      Views: 1478   
Description: Agreement Allows Dot Hill to Achieve Greater Penetration into Vertical OEM and System Integrator Markets throughout EMEA

Hybrid to the rescue for SME sector         

Type: Opinion       Published: 07-2016      Views: 1474   
Description: Hybrid cloud architecture has been a while maturing, but now offers businesses unparalleled flexibility, ROI and scalability. Andrew Stuart, MD for EMEA at Datto, argues that the smaller the business, the more vital these traits are - making hybrid cloud the number one choice for SMEs in 2016

NetApp Survey of 3,000 IT decision makers reveals attitudes towards Flash

Type: News       Published: 07-2016      Views: 1471   
Description: NetApp has announced the results of its first industry research on Flash adoption in EMEA. In a survey of 3,000 IT decision makers across the UK, France and Germany, 90 percent of respondents acknowledged there is a need for Flash within their businesses. However, despite this need, cost and the lack of understanding of the benefits of Flash in financial decision makers remain major barriers to widespread adoption in the region.

Ready for future growth         

Type: Case Study       Published: 11-2015      Views: 1448   
Description: Employee and customer engagement specialist Grass Roots reached out to HGST and VMware in order to create a high-performance and high-capacity infrastructure that can support its rapidly growing business

The right combination?         

Type: Analysis       Published: 11-2015      Views: 1444   
Description: EMC and Dell have spent years making acquisitions (some good, some not so good) in the pursuit of an ideal solution offering combining hardware, software and services. As they now plan to become one single entity, what will it mean for buyers? Storage magazine takes a close look

SUSE releases Enterprise Storage 2.1         

Type: News       Published: 04-2016      Views: 1444   
Description: Latest version of software-based storage solution out now

In their genes

Type: News       Published: 06-2015      Views: 1441   
Description: Capita providing storage for the 100,000 Genomes Project

The power of 10

Type: News       Published: 12-2015      Views: 1438   
Description: World’s first 'drop-in ready' 10TB HDD from HGST

Dark matters         

Type: Opinion       Published: 03-2016      Views: 1437   
Description: Businesses need to develop the ability to identify and efficiently manage information throughout its lifecycle to avoid the consequences of Dark Data, argues Julian Cook, Director of UK Business, M-Files

SanDisk get flashy for IBM         

Type: News       Published: 04-2016      Views: 1436   
Description: Collaboration to deliver software-defined all-flash storage

Kasperksy Lab survey finds that 24 per cent of people lost backup copies of their data

Type: News       Published: 03-2015      Views: 1430   
Description: A joint survey by Kaspersky Lab and B2B International has found that almost one in four users (24 per cent) who kept backup copies of their data on physical media eventually lost these copies.

New appliances built for SUSE Enterprise Storage 2

Type: News       Published: 12-2015      Views: 1430   
Description: A remedy for 'exploding storage costs'

Spectra Logic to Provide New Private Cloud Tier for NetApp StorageGRID Webscale Implementations

Type: News       Published: 04-2015      Views: 1428   
Description: Successfully Tested Integration with BlackPearl Deep Storage Gateway Results in Cost Effective Solution for Storing Critical Content

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