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Online World: #ClickClean or Dirty?

Type: Feature       Published: 05-2014      Views: 3402   
Description: Three of the world's largest technology companies are working flat out to transform the way they consume energy

What really happens to your electronic waste?

Type: Feature       Published: 05-2014      Views: 2325   
Description: Across the UK, we throw away more than one million tonnes of electronic waste (e-waste) every year

UK’s first 100% green data centre is coming

Type: Feature       Published: 05-2014      Views: 4559   
Description: 'Green' data centre? Many claim to be so, but not all walk the talk. This one should, drawing its energy from a renewable source

B&M's personal war on waste

Type: Feature       Published: 05-2014      Views: 2198   
Description: Switching to a new IT system can be hard for any business. But the rewards can make the pain more than worthwhile

Right on track with sustainability solution

Type: News       Published: 05-2014      Views: 2266   
Description: Powerful sustainability software is tracking the environmental and social impact of recycled packaging giant DS Smith

Battery of greener power solutions unveiled

Type: News       Published: 05-2014      Views: 1802   
Description: New super-clean batteries are promising to reduce the environmental and safety impact associated with lead-based rivals

Pledge to drive up data centre standards

Type: News       Published: 05-2014      Views: 2112   
Description: Emerson Network Power has committed to deliver greener data centre technology standards

Calculated carbon reporting move from BAFTA

Type: News       Published: 05-2014      Views: 1945   
Description: A new partnership will enable better carbon reporting for television and film productions

EI's national awards target best of the best

Type: News       Published: 05-2014      Views: 1336   
Description: Energy Institute is calling for the best from the energy sector

Collaboration delivers a cutting edge

Type: News       Published: 05-2014      Views: 2637   
Description: Three leading data centre management organisations are joining forces to improve data centre design and operations, including energy efficiency

On the charge!

Type: News       Published: 05-2014      Views: 2270   
Description: A new single cable solution for charging mobile devices looks a goer!

Upgrade, Build New or Outsource?

Type: White Paper       Published: 05-2014      Views: 1975   
Description: Schneider Electric White Paper discusses merits of ways to increase data centre capacity

Where Cloud and green bisect

Type: Feature       Published: 03-2014      Views: 2621   
Description: Reality: cloud service providers want to make a healthy profit, which also means using the most power-efficient systems to keep their costs as low as possible. A win-win for a greener world?

Lighting the way ahead

Type: Feature       Published: 03-2014      Views: 1826   
Description: A traditional switch method of managing lighting is often inefficient and results in unused areas being lit for long periods of time. There's a better way

E-waste: the battle for containment

Type: Feature       Published: 03-2014      Views: 1870   
Description: Global ewaste volumes are forecast to grow by a third in the coming years. How can this explosion be best handled?

Businesses get new weapon to help defeat e-waste

Type: Feature       Published: 03-2014      Views: 1558   
Description: A free online system aims to transform how e-waste is recorded - and could save businesses up to £8 million a year

Schneider Electric and HP join forces

Type: News       Published: 03-2014      Views: 1935   
Description: Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management, is working with HP to deliver a converged data centre and IT management platform solution

Eco-lights illuminate sustainable future

Type:       Published: 03-2014      Views: 1347   
Description: Super-sustainable lights made from recycled cola bottles will soon be making their way into commercial buildings in the UK

Mission-critical power boosts data centre efficiency

Type: News       Published: 03-2014      Views: 1818   
Description: A new data centre is delivering 99.999% uptime and above, as well as innovative cooling methods for greater overall power efficiency

Partnership looks to stabilise electrical grid

Type: News       Published: 03-2014      Views: 1708   
Description: Honeywell and power management company Stor Generation have launched a dynamic and innovative new smart grid programme in the UK

Eaton plays key role in EC green initiative

Type: News       Published: 03-2014      Views: 2006   
Description: Power management company Eaton is to play a key role in UPS Assessment for the EC's 'Green Products' Initiative

Be greener - and save money!

Type: Opinion       Published: 03-2014      Views: 1836   
Description: Jeff Beyer of The Carbon Trust provides some insights on why businesses can be far greener - and save money at the same time

Banking on the future - in a secret mountain hideaway

Type: Feature       Published: 01-2014      Views: 1862   
Description: A secret mountain hideaway once used by NATO during the cold war is now home to a prestigious high security data centre

Taking the fad out of data centre best practice

Type: Feature       Published: 01-2014      Views: 2592   
Description: Organisations may be committed to a greener world inside their data centres, but how do you actually prove your efficiency strategies are working?

Power down, performance up

Type: Feature       Published: 01-2014      Views: 2147   
Description: So confident in its real-time Power Usage Effectiveness is Custodian Data Centre, it is now publishing this live on its website

Into a new Dimension with climate change performance

Type: Feature       Published: 01-2014      Views: 1655   
Description: Dimension Data, the USD 5.8 billion global IT services and solutions provider, has been awarded a score of 94 (out of 100) for disclosure of its climate change strategy.

Free entry to Data Centre World - and beyond!

Type: News       Published: 01-2014      Views: 2177   
Description: Data Centre World takes place from 26-27 February at ExCeL London and you can register for your free entry now

'Eye in the Sky' seeks out heat loss

Type: News       Published: 01-2014      Views: 1719   
Description: Aerial mapping company Bluesky is mapping heat loss from buildings across towns and cities in the Uk

Cloud Computing system to reduce carbon emissions

Type: News       Published: 01-2014      Views: 2277   
Description: Computer scientists have made a significant advance that will allow companies to reduce associated greenhouse gas emissions, drive down costs and minimise network delays

Double delight for iomart

Type: News       Published: 01-2014      Views: 1445   
Description: iomart's Enterprise Hosting Brand has scooped two major awards at the 8th Annual Web Hosting Awards

Billion hours barrier bust open

Type: News       Published: 01-2014      Views: 2092   
Description: Raritan has notched up its PX2 iPDU's first billion hours of monitoring power and energy in data centres around the globe

The Secrets of Hot and Cold Air Containment

Type: White Paper       Published: 01-2014      Views: 1816   
Description: Containment solutions can eliminate hot spots and provide energy savings over traditional uncontained data centre designs

Push for greater collaboration gathers pace

Type: News       Published: 01-2014      Views: 1884   
Description: The Green Grid Association has launched a new global interest group that aims to help governments and the data centre industry foster greater mutual understanding and collaborate to improve resource efficiency in the information technology industry

E-Waste Threat Tackled Head-On

Type: Feature       Published: 12-2013      Views: 2698   
Description: The challenge of e-waste disposal is a massive one. Dell is working with the East Africa Compliant Recycling to create a better system

‘So cool’ approach promises big payback

Type:       Published: 12-2013      Views: 2626   
Description: A number of high-profile organisations have now announced their support for the European Commission-backed ‘CoolEmAll’ project, which promises big ‘green’ returns

Brace yourself for carbon reporting 2014!

Type: Feature       Published: 12-2013      Views: 2902   
Description: There's something just around the corner that will have massive repercussions for all UK businesses - carbon reporting legislation

Businesses have major role in changing the world

Type: Feature       Published: 12-2013      Views: 2427   
Description: Putting sustainability at the heart of business is the only option for businesses to succeed in a world where consumers expect more, and where resources are scarce and expensive

New push of renewable energy in data centres

Type: News       Published: 12-2013      Views: 2782   
Description: A three-year EU project - called 'RenewIT' - is now underway to investigate how data centres can be designed and operated to make more efficient use of renewable energy.

Smart thinking earns IBM the top spot

Type: News       Published: 12-2013      Views: 1490   
Description: IBM has been named the leader in the Smart City Suppliers market, an area in which it has made enormous investment

Second high security data centre buried in mountainside

Type: News       Published: 12-2013      Views: 2084   
Description: Green Mountain Data Centre, the wholesale colocation company, is building a second high security, energy-efficient data centre

Rackspace steps up performance with Performance Cloud Servers

Type: News       Published: 12-2013      Views: 2946   
Description: Rackspace Hosting, the open cloud company, has announced its architecturally redesigned public cloud with Performance Cloud Servers

'Act now - or see data centre investors spurn UK!'

Type: News       Published: 12-2013      Views: 1774   
Description: Government policy must stabilise to ensure the future of the UK data centre industry, urges climate change expert Emma Fryer

Green strategies for the cloud

Type: News       Published: 12-2013      Views: 3249   
Description: Chris Hay, solutions architect at Allied Telesis, explains how the right choice of network equipment can positively contribute to green corporate strategies and drive energy-efficient operations

New standard claimed for desktop virtualisation

Type: Feature       Published: 11-2013      Views: 3229   
Description: New test results claim to dispel the conventional notion that hybrid arrays are more affordable and all-flash arrays too expensive for VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)

Liquid-cooled servers take next big step

Type: Feature       Published: 11-2013      Views: 3030   
Description: Sheffield-based Iceotope, the environmental cooling specialist, has announced the installation of its next generation liquid-cooled servers inside the Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center (PSNC) in Poland

iomart offers greater range of Cloud services

Type: Feature       Published: 11-2013      Views: 5047   
Description: iomart Group is offering an expanded range of cloud and colocation hosting services to the UK public sector after being selected for G-Cloud 4

New standard claimed for desktop virtualisation

Type: Feature       Published: 11-2013      Views: 2331   
Description: New test results claim to dispel the conventional notion that hybrid arrays are more affordable and all-flash arrays too expensive for VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure)

New Cannon man to push energy efficiency

Type: News       Published: 11-2013      Views: 1709   
Description: Cannon Technologies has appointed Charlie Bass as its Middle East business development manager and energy management will be high on his agenda

Boost for reuse

Type: News       Published: 11-2013      Views: 1457   
Description: Computer Aid is continuing to create awareness in the UK about the environmental importance of reuse over recycling

Maximum efficiency, major resilience

Type: News       Published: 11-2013      Views: 1775   
Description: Power management company Eaton had a major presence at the recent London DataCenterDynamics Converged conference and exhibition (DCD London

Green Mountain Data Centre is partner of choice

Type: News       Published: 11-2013      Views: 1826   
Description: Norway's largest and most prestigious bank DNB has chosen Green Mountain to look after its critical IT

New green data centre opens for business

Type: News       Published: 11-2013      Views: 1523   
Description: Internet Infrastructure firm M247 now has its second carrier neutral data centre fully open for business

Britain becomes a throwaway nation as gadgets dumped

Type: News       Published: 11-2013      Views: 1963   
Description: Mobile phones are most likely to end their lives in a drawer or on a scrapheap, as we ditch one piece of technology for another

New clampdown on carbon emissions hits home

Type: Feature       Published: 10-2013      Views: 1949   
Description: Never have UK businesses been under more scrutiny when it comes to their ‘green’ credentials than they are now. Brian Wall reports

Cinderella of energy policy stakes its claim

Type: Feature       Published: 10-2013      Views: 1481   
Description: Energy efficiency can deliver massive business benefits. Yet for far too long it has been largely in the shadow of the £110bn investment needed in energy generation over the next decade

UK among leaders driving change through taxation

Type: Feature       Published: 10-2013      Views: 1489   
Description: The UK has been named as one of the six most active countries in using tax as a tool to drive sustainable corporate behaviour and achieve green policy goals

Harnessing the Energy of 2,000 Suns

Type: Feature       Published: 10-2013      Views: 1814   
Description: A new collaboration between IBM, Airlight Energy and university partners will seek to develop an affordable photovoltaic system capable of concentrating, on average, the power of 2,000 suns onto hundreds of 1x1 cm chips

Taking the cool approach to data centres

Type: Feature       Published: 10-2013      Views: 1972   
Description: A number of high-profile organisations have announced their support for the European Commission’s ‘CoolEmAll’ project

Scheme breaks 200,000 tonne carbon barrier

Type: News       Published: 10-2013      Views: 1926   
Description: Toshiba TEC has been presented with an award to mark the offsetting of over 200,000 tonnes of CO2e through its carbon zero programme.

Zero carbon footprint breaks new horizons

Type: News       Published: 10-2013      Views: 1674   
Description: A zero carbon footprint colocation data centre in Norway has set the television cameras whirring

Triple success for excellence rewarded

Type: News       Published: 10-2013      Views: 1688   
Description: Capgemini UK is reaping the rewards for its commitment to environmental management

Going that Xtra distance with 9PX

Type: News       Published: 10-2013      Views: 2193   
Description: Power management company Eaton has announced new three-phase models to its 9PX range of compact high-efficiency Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPSs).

iomart acquisition looks a winner

Type: News       Published: 10-2013      Views: 2929   
Description: iomart Group has added to its 2013 shopping list by acquiring Backup Technology, a leading provider of cloud backup and disaster recovery services for some of the UK’s best-known brands

New age of lower PUE ratings brings renewed focus to harmonics

Type: White Paper       Published: 10-2013      Views: 1886   
Description: The Green Grid, a global consortium of organisations dedicated to advancing resource efficiency in data centres, has announced the release of a new white paper focusing on data centre power system harmonics

Living tribute to sustainability

Type: Feature       Published: 10-2013      Views: 773   
Description: As mentioned in the editor’s Welcome note to this issue, the world-renowned WWF-UK has moved its operations to a new building in Woking, called The Living Planet Centre - and what a triumph it is

Determining the Power, Cooling, and Space Capacities when Consolidating Data Centers

Type: White Paper       Published: 10-2013      Views: 2266   
Description: When preparing for a data centre consolidation project, there are steps that need to be taken in order to make good judgments about how much can be consolidated and which sites make the most sense for becoming receiving data centres. This paper specifically addresses facility power, cooling, and the physical space

Green IT Company of the Year 2013

Type: Green IT Awards 2013       Published: 10-2013      Views: 1519   
Description: WINNER: Interxion

Environmental Project of the Year 2013 - Public Sector

Type: Awards       Published: 10-2013      Views: 1559   
Description: WINNER: Intuitive Business Intelligence with Harper Adams University for Intuitive Dashboards

Team of the Year 2013

Type: Awards       Published: 10-2013      Views: 1612   
Description: WINNER: Cannon Technologies Ltd for The Cannon T4 Modular Data Centre Team

95% of companies don't recycle old computer equipment

Type: News       Published: 09-2013      Views: 1250   
Description: Up to 95% of business computer waste is going to landfill, it is claimed, with many businesses still unaware of the regulations governing disposal

A clear index of greater sustainability

Type: News       Published: 09-2013      Views: 1289   
Description: The University of Northampton has created a Biodiversity Index tool to help organisations measure their sustainability credentials

'Superman' Crystal Memory May Outlast Civilisation

Type: News       Published: 09-2013      Views: 1186   
Description: A new computer 'memory crystal' could end up outliving the entire human race and survive for one million years without any information being lost

Time to wake up to emissions reporting requirements

Type: News       Published: 09-2013      Views: 1348   
Description: Commenting on draft Companies Act requirements for mandatory Greenhouse Gas disclosures for quoted companies confirmed recently after the regulations were laid before Parliament, Paul Holland, director in the Sustainability Advisory Services team at KPMG in the UK, said: "It's time for companies to wake up to emissions reporting requirements

Dedicated hosting for global online recycling

Type: News       Published: 09-2013      Views: 1778   
Description: RapidSwitch, part of UK cloud computing company iomart Group plc (AIM:IOM), is providing dedicated hosting for a new B2B online marketplace, which is changing the face of the global trade in recyclable materials

Green IT Awards 2013

Type: Awards       Published: 09-2013      Views: 2282   
Description: The Green IT Awards showcase and reward the technology, tools and solutions, as well as the companies and organisations, that have made a significant contribution to improving the IT industry's environmental performance over the past 12 months

Cloud Services Boost iomart Group Revenues by 135%

Type: News       Published: 08-2013      Views: 2608   
Description: Cloud storage, mobility and 'Big Data' are driving demand for iomart Hosting Services

Don't let PUE kill your competitive edge

Type: News       Published: 08-2013      Views: 1688   
Description: Competition and demand for data centre space is heating up. Now Enlogic is calling for data centre managers to seriously reconsider how they measure energy consumption

Now you see it, now you don't

Type: News       Published: 08-2013      Views: 1344   
Description: With sustainability at the very heart of its activities, Virgin Media prides itself on growing its business in a way that’s good for people and the environment

Drive is on to achieve zero waste to landfill

Type: News       Published: 08-2013      Views: 1231   
Description: Toshiba is working toward its 2014 goal of zero waste to landfill

Time to reward greener IT initiatives

Type: News       Published: 08-2013      Views: 1742   
Description: Demand for data centres is soaring. So how can their impact on the environment be managed effectively?

Top talent!

Type: Awards       Published: 08-2013      Views: 1011   
Description: The Green IT Awards are now a 'must-be-there' event for more and more businesses. 2013 marked their fourth year and already organisations are gearing themselves up to take part in 2014. For those who were at this year's event, here's a reminder of the highlights. For those who weren't, here’s a taster of what has made these awards such a winner

Winning ways!

Type: Awards       Published: 06-2013      Views: 2443   
Description: The 4th Green IT Awards have now taken place ??????

Racking up some smart outcomes

Type: News       Published: 05-2013      Views: 1451   
Description: Raritan's newly released solution provides one-click access to key energy and operations information in a rack

Seeking Out The Green Advantage

Type: Opinion       Published: 05-2013      Views: 1604   
Description: There are any number of processes, techniques and policies that exist or are being created within the IT profession. But how can these benefit the green agenda?

Eye Eye! Looking Good

Type: Review       Published: 05-2013      Views: 1176   
Description: A monitor that regulates brightness to make flicker unperceivable, without compromising colour stability? Well worth looking into

Liquid Gold!

Type: Case Study       Published: 05-2013      Views: 1635   
Description: A revolutionary liquid-cooled computer server that could slash the carbon footprint of the internet is being tested at the University of Leeds

A Credit to Greener Living

Type: Case Study       Published: 05-2013      Views: 1785   
Description: Peter Bennett founded the UK charity Rainforest Concern in 1993. Since then, he has built the charity from having a single project in Ecuador to its current 18 projects in 13 countries

A Not-So-Distant Vision

Type: Opinion       Published: 05-2013      Views: 1467   
Description: The Centre for Process Innovation reveals a future in which our cities are more efficient, smarter, integrated and utilise resources in full, tackling the looming resource efficiency issue head on

March Down Aisle is a Happy One!

Type: Case Study       Published: 05-2013      Views: 1172   
Description: An over-aisle cooling solution, taking up no data centre floor space whatsoever, has scooped a major innovation award

Getting A Good Grasp On Data Policies

Type: Opinion       Published: 05-2013      Views: 1937   
Description: Having sustainable data retention policies and procedures in place makes a lot of sense. But what are the challenges along the way? Mark Bailey explains

Winds of Change Blow Stronger

Type: Feature       Published: 05-2013      Views: 1600   
Description: The Department of Energy and Climate Change is signalling an ever greater commitment to meeting its green targets, with low-carbon technologies to the fore

Winners - on and off the field!

Type: Comment       Published: 05-2013      Views: 1461   
Description: By Brian Wall, Green IT Editor

Blue Chip Goes Green

Type: News       Published: 05-2013      Views: 2698   
Description: Blue Chip is opening a new data management centre in Bedfordshire which will provide a secondary location for customers to back up their business critical data, and complement the company's existing Tier 4 design data centre in Bedford

Cloud service adoption is big boost for iomart

Type: News       Published: 05-2013      Views: 1267   
Description: UK cloud computing company, iomart Group has issued a positive pre-close trading statement for the year ending 31 March 2013, ahead of the announcement of its full year results

Carbon calculation adds up for CloudApps

Type: News       Published: 05-2013      Views: 1191   
Description: CloudApps has been accredited by CDP as a carbon calculation partner for 2013

KPMG stakes its claim to carbon efficiency

Type: News       Published: 05-2013      Views: 1358   
Description: KPMG has been ranked 38th out of 2,097 participants, from 99th in 2011, and first among the 'Big Four' accountancy firms, in the second and final Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) table released by the Environment Agency

New president for BCS

Type: News       Published: 05-2013      Views: 989   
Description: Roger Marshall has been inaugurated as president of BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, with Professor Liz Bacon named as deputy president

Artificial light turned off for up 10.5 hrs a day

Type: News       Published: 05-2013      Views: 1217   
Description: GPS technology from Alpha Micro Components, fitted as part of the Miralite skylight from Area Energy, is playing a crucial role in helping the unit track the sun and drive natural light into buildings - enabling businesses to turn off artificial lights for up to 10.5 hours per day, reduce their carbon footprint and dramatically slash their utility bills

Cutting concerns

Type: News       Published: 05-2013      Views: 1418   
Description: Two-thirds of IT managers (68 per cent) don't feel it's their responsibility to cut 2014 budgets to pay for increased energy costs, with many believing that budget cuts don't affect them

Cobalt Cements Greenest Data Centre Accolade

Type: News       Published: 05-2013      Views: 1102   
Description: Developer Highbridge has confirmed that its new DC2 facility at Cobalt Park in Newcastle was awarded the 'Data Centres' category prize during the prestigious annual BREEAM Awards ceremony this week

EPSIAE debuts in UK

Type: News       Published: 05-2013      Views: 1623   
Description: Representatives from IBM, Cisco, Microsoft and Citrix gathered at Birmingham City University earlier this month to address the problems of energy and material waste within the computing and technology industries

????36M funding for UK Energy Centre

Type: News       Published: 05-2013      Views: 976   
Description: MITIE, the FTSE 250 strategic outsourcing company, has helped secure ????36 million funding for a new energy innovation centre for Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Green - Company of the Year 2013

Type: Awards Winner       Published: 05-2013      Views: 1237   
Description: Winner: Interxion

Green - Public Sector Project of the Year 2013

Type: Awards Winner       Published: 05-2013      Views: 1519   
Description: Winner: Intuitive Business Intelligence Ltd

Green - Team of the Year 2013

Type: Awards Winner       Published: 05-2013      Views: 1412   
Description: Winner: Cannon Technologies

Green - Hardware Product of the Year 2013

Type: Awards Winner       Published: 05-2013      Views: 1360   
Description: Winner: KYOCERA Document Solutions Ltd

Green - Energy Efficiency Solution of the Year 2013

Type: Awards Winner       Published: 05-2013      Views: 1333   
Description: Winner: 1E

Green - Sustainable Design Project of the Year 2013

Type: Awards Winner       Published: 05-2013      Views: 1831   
Description: Winner: Green Mountain

Taking The Heat Out Of Complex Jargon

Type: News       Published: 01-2013      Views: 1124   
Description: Air conditioning terminology used in the cooling industry is often overly complicated, making it frustrating for IT professionals to discuss cooling requirements. A simpler way forward is needed

Emerson Takes the Cool Approach

Type: News       Published: 01-2013      Views: 1258   
Description: Emerson Network Power has unveiled innovative new features for its flagship cooling unit, the Liebert PCW, in the EMEA region

A Real Cert For Raritan

Type: News       Published: 01-2013      Views: 1229   
Description: Raritan's intelligent rack PX Power Distribution Unit (iPDU) portfolio has been awarded the first IEC 62368-1 certification issued by UL (Underwriters Laboratories), the world leader in advancing safety sciences, for the distribution equipment product category. Raritan PX iPDUs monitor energy usage and power capacity in data centres

Canon Cleans Up at the BLI Awards

Type: News       Published: 01-2013      Views: 1756   

Cloud World Forum

Type: Events       Published: 01-2013      Views: 2877   
Description: The organisers of the 5th Annual Cloud World Forum ( have released details of the seminar agenda for the event, taking place from 26-27 June 2013

Keeping Your Cool at Data Centre World

Type: News       Published: 01-2013      Views: 1623   

Emerson Takes the Cool Approach

Type: News       Published: 01-2013      Views: 1293   
Description: Emerson Network Power has unveiled innovative new features for its flagship cooling unit, the Liebert PCW, in the EMEA region

Carbon Capture and Storage failings

Type: News       Published: 01-2013      Views: 1500   
Description: Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) plants will cut the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of electricity by only 70% - 20% less than previously assumed, according to a new report

Driving Digital Literacy

Type: News       Published: 01-2013      Views: 1139   
Description: BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, has appointed Richard French as director of educational policy. The role will champion digital literacy skills across all sectors of society, including schools, colleges, and private and public sector organisations

Customisable Colour A3 MFPS Unveiled

Type: News       Published: 01-2013      Views: 1108   
Description: KYOCERA Document Solutions UK has unveiled two new ECOSYS colour A3 MFPs - the FS-C8520MFP and the FS-C8525MFP

Energy Efficiency

Type: News       Published: 01-2013      Views: 1413   
Description: Equinix has been granted 'Corporate Participant' status in the European Commission's voluntary Code of Conduct for data centre energy efficiency and environmental management

Cartridge Recycling

Type: News       Published: 01-2013      Views: 1108   
Description: Canon Europe has launched the European roll-out of its inkjet cartridge recycling scheme, following the successful completion of an extensive one-year trial recycling programme in the UK and Germany

Excellence In Environmental Leadership

Type: News       Published: 01-2013      Views: 1234   
Description: An independent audit of its progress in meeting tough environmental objectives has resulted in Capgemini UK being awarded certification for excellence in environmental management under European Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) that is promoted by the European Commission and HM Government and is regarded as a European 'gold standard'

Powering On Up

Type: News       Published: 01-2013      Views: 1207   

????12m Saving By Going Mobile, Says App Expert

Type: News       Published: 01-2013      Views: 1535   
Description: A mobile app expert predicts that ????12m could be saved across the waste industry in one year, if companies recorded disposal data on their mobile phones, rather than on paper. That's the opinion of Graham Whistance, head of workforce management app MyMobileWorkers and member of the Environment Agency Business Advisory Group for the national electronic duty of care (edoc) programme

Meet The Green Professionals

Type: Opinion       Published: 01-2013      Views: 3043   
Description: A new breed of professional is now emerging, as industry rises to the latest green IT challenges, says a leading industry institute

Power-Hungry Processors

Type: Opinion       Published: 01-2013      Views: 2526   
Description: The crux of the power and cooling problem in servers lies in the fact that many of them use processors that are based on the x86 architecture. Boston Limited offers its expert view on meeting this challenge

U-Turn on Carbon Emissions Timing

Type: Feature       Published: 01-2013      Views: 1969   
Description: The government will not now set a target for carbon emissions for 2030 until after the next general election. What will be the impact?

Quest For Value

Type: News       Published: 01-2013      Views: 2285   
Description: Carbon Trust and CRedit360 have launched the Value Chain Manager to 'revolutionise ' carbon reduction in the value chain

Tackling The Data Dilemma

Type: Events       Published: 01-2013      Views: 2756   
Description: From a packed exhibition to an impressive speaker line-up, Data Centre World looks like one event this year to get into your diary

The Power is in Your Hands

Type: Feature       Published: 01-2013      Views: 3126   
Description: With the right strategies in place, power management and virtualisation can deliver enormous payback - but there are complex hurdles to negotiate along the way

Eye Eye! Looking Good

Type:       Published: 01-2013      Views: 656   
Description: A monitor that regulates brightness to make flicker unperceivable, without compromising colour stability? Well worth looking into…

Big battle, small victories

Type: Comment       Published: 01-2013      Views: 668   

High on Comfort... Low on Energy

Type: Feature       Published: 01-2013      Views: 1116   
Description: A future where systems in buildings automatically regulate ventilation, heating and cooling, according to need, incorporating human thermal comfort? It may not be that far away

Lighting the way to handling big data

Type: Technology Focus       Published: 01-2013      Views: 889   
Description: A breakthrough in using light, instead of electrical signals, to transmit information could alter fundamentally the way in which we tackle big data

Into the Green Beyond

Type: Feature       Published: 01-2013      Views: 2219   
Description: What might 2013 have in store for the industry? Will 'green' be taking any new twists and turns in the months ahead? Brian Wall finds out

Greening Your Big Data

Type: Feature       Published: 01-2013      Views: 1604   
Description: Handling vast amounts of data and slashing power consumption at the same time? The answer may well be within your grasp

Weighing up your green impact

Type: Opinion       Published: 01-2013      Views: 1756   
Description: Many organisations are now using green or environmental policies to assess their impact on the environment. But what should these look like? Mark Bailey, a partner of law firm Speechly Bircham LLP, offers some guidance

Artful Use of Rubbish

Type:       Published: 01-2013      Views: 921   
Description: Less waste is the mantra of green – and all the better when that waste is turned into art

Awards Night Beckons Once Again!

Type: Feature       Published: 01-2013      Views: 1734   
Description: The 4th Green IT Awards are already on the horizon! Record numbers attended last year's event, all seeking to carry off the glittering prizes. This year looks likely to be just as successful

The Big Data Superhighway

Type: Feature       Published: 11-2012      Views: 2456   
Description: Avatars, super-crowdsourcing, printing your own medication and the death of the office - are you ready to embrace the future?

Forceful Persuasion

Type:       Published: 11-2012      Views: 1016   
Description: What are the forces that are pushing companies towards green IT? Andie Stephens, senior consultant, Business Advice, The Carbon Trust, looks at six drivers for greener computing

Keeping Your Cool

Type:       Published: 11-2012      Views: 1916   
Description: Dell's next-generation servers are looking to push the limits of cooling cost savings in the data centre. Here's how.

It's a Gas, Gas, Gas?

Type: Feature       Published: 11-2012      Views: 1872   
Description: The economy had a bit of a mini-revival in 2010 in Europe, believe it or not - and so did greenhouse gas emissions. It seems you still can't have one without the other

Pointing The Way

Type: Feature       Published: 11-2012      Views: 1903   
Description: The carrot or the stick - which approach for ensuring data centre energy efficiency is the best one?

The New 'Wave Riders'

Type: Feature       Published: 11-2012      Views: 1623   
Description: Going green makes much sense - at the same time, there are many stumbling blocks along the way.

There's a Cold Front Coming In…

Type: Feature       Published: 11-2012      Views: 1464   
Description: Keeping data centres cool can absorb a lot of energy - and hence affect cost and environmental impact. Seawater cooling is a great option to have.

Crystal-Clear Approach

Type:       Published: 11-2012      Views: 995   
Description: A new landmark building for Siemens, dedicated to the sustainable future of cities, has created a global hub for debate on urban living and development

How green is your data?

Type:       Published: 11-2012      Views: 953   
Description: Are energy-hungry data centres the villains they are often portrayed as? Mark Bailey, partner at London law firm Speechly Bircham, looks at the ways in which they are cleaning up their image

Virtual Experience, Real Gains

Type: Feature       Published: 11-2012      Views: 4081   
Description: Small business? Cost conscious? You could save money - and carbon - by taking your meetings into the cloud.

Xerox Launches 'Responsible' Cartridges

Type: News       Published: 11-2012      Views: 1273   
Description: Xerox's new range of remanufactured print cartridges for non-Xerox printers.

It's All Sound Logic

Type: News       Published: 11-2012      Views: 1034   
Description: Emerson Network Power's Energy Logic 2.0 can greatly reduce a data centre's energy use, it is claimed.

Intelligent PDUs

Type: News       Published: 11-2012      Views: 966   
Description: Enlogic launches an intelligent range of energy metering Power Distribution Units (PDUs).

Greenstone Serves As A Milestone

Type: News       Published: 11-2012      Views: 2037   
Description: Greenstone Carbon Management selected to assist with reducing carbon footprint.

New Exec Director Named

Type: News       Published: 11-2012      Views: 1570   
Description: The Green Grid appoints Mark Schiller as executive director.

Waitrose Chips In

Type: News       Published: 11-2012      Views: 1042   
Description: Waitrose's low-carbon energy centre at Bracknell uses sustainable local woodchip to power, heat and cool the store.

Universal Video Conferencing

Type: News       Published: 11-2012      Views: 978   

Eaton Ups The Ante With New UPS

Type: News       Published: 11-2012      Views: 1336   
Description: Eaton has a new suite of energy-efficient 5 to 11 kVA UPSs for virtualised environments.

Cool Move For BMW

Type: News       Published: 11-2012      Views: 1307   
Description: BMW Group moves some of its HPC applications to Iceland.

Printer's Winning Ways

Type: News       Published: 11-2012      Views: 568   

Dalkia To Save 200,000 Euros A Year With Ricoh

Type: News       Published: 11-2012      Views: 592   

Amazing Glazing

Type: News       Published: 11-2012      Views: 657   

It's time to stick to your policies, PM!

Type: News       Published: 11-2012      Views: 1230   
Description: Senior businessmen warn the prime minister that green uncertainty is paralysing investment and undermining growth prospects

Decibel Hits Cloud High Notes With Iomart Hosting

Type: News       Published: 11-2012      Views: 2427   

Xerox Launches Responsible Cartridges

Type: News       Published: 11-2012      Views: 583   

It's All Sound Logic

Type: News       Published: 11-2012      Views: 554   

Intelligent PDUs

Type: News       Published: 11-2012      Views: 537