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CISCO/Tenable Press Release

Type: News       Published: 01-2020      Views: 87   

DHS warns of potential cyber threat from Iran, attacking ICS networks

Type: News       Published: 01-2020      Views: 85   
Description: Concerns about an Iranian cyber response to the recent American military strike in Baghdad grew earlier this week with the US Department of Homeland Security urging organisations to be on heightened alert for denial-of-service and other more destructive attacks.

Looking ahead…

Type: Masterclass       Published: 01-2020      Views: 102   
Description: A term coined at SecurEnvoy, A Shearwater Group plc Company, as being absolutely critical states: ‘Identity of the user, Identity of the device and Identity of the data’. Here, CEO Steve Watts reveals why this is so when it comes to data creation, data control and management, and the art of controlling data movement

Synopsys Discuss Open Source Projects and their handling of Sensitive Data

Type: News       Published: 01-2020      Views: 81   
Description: It has been reported that open-source software projects continue to struggle with handling sensitive information, according to automated scans of hundreds of millions of commits to code repositories. Driven by increased research into software security, more software under development, companies' greater openness to vulnerability reporting, and perhaps most of all - improvements to the process of recording vulnerability reports - the number of software security issues published in the National Vulnerability Database rose to the highest recorded level in 2019, surpassing 17,300 issues reported during the year.

Microsoft To End Support for Windows 7

Type: News       Published: 01-2020      Views: 51   
Description: On January 14th, Microsoft will discontinue support for Windows 7. This means any PCs still running the software will no longer receive security updates, software updates, or technical support for any issues. If people continue to use a Windows 7 PC after the January end date, the computer will still work however it will become more vulnerable to security risks and viruses

The ramifications of misaddressed email: more than just an embarrassing mishap

Type: Opinion       Published: 01-2020      Views: 66   
Description: With the number and sophistication of cyber attacks increasing significantly, organisations have had to become aware and adapt to new and evolving digital threats. Yet, many would still consider the simple error of sending an email to the wrong contact trivial, at most embarrassing, but not of concern when it comes to data security. However, misaddressed emails have far-reaching consequences that can seriously impact an organisation, especially in highly regulated industries such as healthcare and finance. From fines to data breaches, what are the potential ramifications of sending an email to the wrong address? Andrea Babbs, UK General Manager, VIPRE SafeSend, explains

Invoice Fraud and Business eMail Compromise – a major threat for 2020

Type: Opinion       Published: 01-2020      Views: 288   
Description: By Dr Debbie Garside, Group Chief Innovation Scientist/CEO GeoLang, The Shearwater Group plc

“54% of businesses are worried about invoice fraud”

Business Fraud is costing organisations up to 10% of their expenditure.

According to the Annual Fraud Audit 2019, [] average losses per company range between 3% and 6% with some as high as 10% of expenditure being attributed to fraud of some kind – overall an average rise from 4% to 7% in 2018.

Microsoft issues critical Windows security fix after tip off from U.S. NSA

Type:       Published: 01-2020      Views: 59   

Description: Microsoft Corp on Tuesday rolled out an important security fix after the U.S. National Security Agency tipped off the company to a serious flaw in its widely used Windows operating system, officials said. Microsoft said the flaw could allow a hacker to forge digital certificates used by some versions of Windows to authenticate and secure data. Exploiting the flaw could have potentially serious consequences for Windows systems and users

NHS Foundation Trust goes live with eObservations using Imprivata Tap & Go implemented in 8 weeks

Type: News       Published: 01-2020      Views: 53   
Description: New solution accelerates path to digital maturity and enables clinicians to electronically record patient vital signs quickly and securely via shared mobile devices, improving quality of care and patient safety

ISO 27701: the new international privacy standard to demonstrate compliance with privacy laws

Type: Special Focus       Published: 01-2020      Views: 47   
Description: In August 2019, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) released a new privacy standard set to become the benchmark for helping organisations comply with international privacy frameworks and laws. ISO/IEC 27701:2019 serves as a privacy extension to the internationally recognised management standard for information security, ISO/IEC 27001, which already enjoys significant global adoption rates

Nozomi Networks and ElevenPaths Partner to Deliver Advanced IT and OT Security Services Worldwide

Type: News       Published: 01-2020      Views: 31   
Description: Relationship strengthens ElevenPaths’ portfolio of managed security services with deep cyber physical systems solutions and expertise, and also strengthens Nozomi Networks’ coverage and capabilities to deliver advanced It and OT Security Services through Telefonica’s Intelligent SOCs

nCipher nShield® XC Hardware Security Modules Achieve Common Criteria EAL4+ Certification

Type: News       Published: 12-2019      Views: 179   
Description: nShield® HSMs certified to eIDAS Protection Profile EN 419 221-5

Think before you click

Type: Opinion       Published: 12-2019      Views: 240   
Description: Human error is always going to be a major factor in any organisation’s cyber threat landscape. VIPRE Security look at some of the ways in which employers can help to mitigate those risks

CoSoSys launches Endpoint Protector

Type: News       Published: 12-2019      Views: 422   

New College Oxford

Type: Case Study       Published: 12-2019      Views: 103   
Description: Situated in the very heart of the city, New College is one of the largest and most architecturally striking colleges in Oxford, combining outstanding facilities with spectacular buildings and gardens set against the medieval city wall

Enterprise Mobile Security: How to reduce the cybersecurity threat

Type: Opinion       Published: 12-2019      Views: 393   
Description: Tom Davison, EMEA Technical Director at Lookout examines how modern businesses can scale up their mobile security. As employees using company devices become an ever more attractive target for attack how can companies protect their endpoints?

Cybersecurity in 2020: Key considerations for UK businesses

Type: Opinion       Published: 12-2019      Views: 269   
Description: Cybersecurity is a global concern. From the smallest business up to the largest international enterprise protecting critical information assets and infrastructure is vital to maintain business integrity and reputation. Device Visibility and Control experts, Forescout, look at the UK cybersecurity Industry and what might be key to remaining secure over the coming months

Honda Data Breach

Type: News       Published: 12-2019      Views: 100   

Caught in the crosshairs – Why SMBs are prime targets for cyberattacks

Type: News       Published: 11-2019      Views: 841   
Description: SMBs have a target on their back when it comes to cybersecurity. Here George Anderson, Product Marketing Director at Webroot explains why, and what SMBs can do about it

Forescout Transforms Enterprise-Wide Network Segmentation with Release of Cloud-Based eyeSegment

Type: News       Published: 11-2019      Views: 286   
Description: • Forescout eyeSegment ties together fragmented segmentation point solutions in a scalable approach across campus, data centre, cloud and OT
• Enables a Zero Trust approach to implementing granular security controls and reducing operational complexity of network segmentation projects

Nozomi Networks Unveils Community Edition of its Cyber Security Platform

Type: News       Published: 11-2019      Views: 280   
Description: Helps security and risk management teams expand their security programmes by providing visibility into OT and IoT assets

Raising the Standard!

Type: Masterclass       Published: 11-2019      Views: 248   
Description: Rob Treacey, MD, Technology Risk Management, and Antony Tuttle, Senior Consultant and QSA at Xcina Consulting, a Shearwater Group plc company, offer their insights on the latest PCI-DSS Standard developments

Airbus Launches Human Centric Cyber Security Accelerator

Type: News       Published: 11-2019      Views: 218   

Kaspersky to process & store data of its customers from the United States & Canada in Switzerland

Type: News       Published: 11-2019      Views: 268   
Description: The company will also open its fourth Transparency Center, the first in Latin America, in Sao Paulo in January 2020

Libraesva and Palo Alto Networks

Type: News       Published: 11-2019      Views: 234   
Description: Email Security IoC Feed Integration

MetaCompliance Brings Cyber Security Awareness

Type: News       Published: 11-2019      Views: 182   
Description: Training to Life with New Live-Action Nanos

DigiCert & Ubisecure partner for next-gen Legal Entity Identifier organisation identity solutions

Type: News       Published: 11-2019      Views: 266   
Description: The companies will collaborate on extending the use of Legal Entity Identifiers (LEI) for multiple types of digital certificate-based use cases

Promoting IT sustainability through risk management

Type: Industry View       Published: 11-2019      Views: 302   
Description: E-waste is the largest-growing waste stream. By changing our 'use and discard' approach, this is an area where we can make a significant impact, says Steve Mellings, CEO and founder of ADISA

Raising the Standard!

Type: Special Focus       Published: 11-2019      Views: 126   
Description: Rob Treacey, MD, Technology Risk Management, and Antony Tuttle, Senior Consultant and QSA at Xcina Consulting, a Shearwater Group plc company, offer their insights on the latest PCI-DSS Standard developments

The ITAD rebate scam

Type: Industry Focus       Published: 11-2019      Views: 179   
Description: Jean-pierre Naylor, director, CDL, takes a look at practices relating to redundant IT equipment - PRACTICES he feels give the industry a bad name

Bigger phish - and true champions!

Type: Comment       Published: 11-2019      Views: 149   
Description: In yet another high-profile and worrying instance of phishing in action, the United Nations has been made aware of various correspondences, being circulated via e-mail, from Internet web sites, text messages and via regular mail or facsimile, falsely stating that they are issued by, or in association with, the UN and/or its officials

The Professionalisation of the Darknet         

Type: Security Update       Published: 11-2019      Views: 313   
Description: Movement away from the Darknet, as actors scatter in all directions, is making it ever harder to keep tabs on who is selling what, where and to whom, says Mark Pearce, chief marketing officer, CYJAX

A failure to protect

Type: Feature       Published: 11-2019      Views: 221   
Description: Facebook has suffered a succession of serious data leaks that have left customer data worryingly exposed. The company's past promises to reform its processes and protect these precious assets seem little better than hollow and worthless

Eliminating wastage

Type: Opinion       Published: 11-2019      Views: 213   
Description: A thorough risk assessment is essential when deciding where security efforts need to be concentrated - and in defining the budget needed to make this happen, says Eoin Keary, CEO and founder of edgescan

Caught in an endless struggle         

Type: Industry Focus       Published: 11-2019      Views: 235   
Description: Nearly 80% of organisations rank cyber risk as a top-five concern, yet only 11% have a high degree of confidence in their ability to assess cyber threats, prevent cyber-attacks and respond effectively

Jumping on the Band Wagon         

Type: Special Focus       Published: 11-2019      Views: 390   
Description: The latest data breach from Facebook is not all that it seems, states Dr Debbie Garside, Group Chief Innovation Scientist/CEO of GeoLang, A Shearwater Group plc Company

In poor health         

Type:       Published: 11-2019      Views: 134   
Description: Given the critical role healthcare plays within society and its relationship with our most sensitive information, the vast risks now posed to the sector are deeply concerning. Time for the network, server, perimeter and endpoint to be robustly protected

The security wipe-out threat         

Type:       Published: 11-2019      Views: 128   
Description: Imagine quantum computing becoming so powerful, it could destroy today's cryptographic protections in an instant. Time to get ready for the fightback

Caught in the crosshairs: Why SMBs are prime targets for cyberattacks

Type:       Published: 11-2019      Views: 110   
Description: SMBs have a target on their back when it comes to cybersecurity, says George Anderson, product marketing director at Webroot, who explains why - and what SMBs can do about it

Computing Security Awards 2019         

Type: Awards       Published: 11-2019      Views: 95   

Email Security Solution of the Year - Computing Security Awards 2019         

Type: Awards       Published: 11-2019      Views: 90   
Description: WINNER: Libraesva

Anti Malware Solution of the Year - Computing Security Awards 2019         

Type: Awards       Published: 11-2019      Views: 85   
Description: WINNER: SonicWal

Incident Response and Investigation Provider of the Year - Computing Security Awards 2019         

Type: Awards       Published: 11-2019      Views: 82   
Description: WINNER: Cyjax

Network Security Solution of the Year - Computing Security Awards 2019         

Type: Awards       Published: 11-2019      Views: 87   
Description: WINNER: Neustar

Encryption Solution of the Year - Computing Security Awards 2019         

Type: Awards       Published: 11-2019      Views: 83   
Description: WINNER: Egress

DLP Solution of the Year - Computing Security Awards 2019         

Type: Awards       Published: 11-2019      Views: 82   
Description: WINNER: iboss

Identity and Access Management Solution of the Year - Computing Security Awards 2019

Type: Awards       Published: 11-2019      Views: 69   
Description: WINNER: Swivel Secure

Anti Phishing Solution of the Year - Computing Security Awards 2019

Type: Awards       Published: 11-2019      Views: 85   
Description: WINNER: Metacompliance

Anti Ransomware/Anti DDos Solution of the Year - Computing Security Awards 2019         

Type: Awards       Published: 11-2019      Views: 84   
Description: WINNER: Relate Data

Secure Data Erasure Company of the Year - Computing Security Awards 2019         

Type: Awards       Published: 11-2019      Views: 66   
Description: WINNER: Computer Disposals

Education and Training Provider of the Year - Computing Security Awards 2019         

Type: Awards       Published: 11-2019      Views: 82   
Description: WINNER: KnowBe4

Pen Testing Solution of the Year - Computing Security Awards 2019         

Type: Awards       Published: 11-2019      Views: 70   
Description: WINNER: Edgescan

Web Application Firewall of the Year - Computing Security Awards 2019         

Type: Awards       Published: 11-2019      Views: 78   
Description: WINNER: Pulse Secure

The Compliance Award - Computing Security Awards 2019         

Type: Awards       Published: 11-2019      Views: 66   
Description: WINNER: ADISA

Security Distributor of the Year - Computing Security Awards 2019         

Type: Awards       Published: 11-2019      Views: 66   
Description: WINNER: Brigantia

Security Reseller of the Year - Computing Security Awards 2019         

Type: Awards       Published: 11-2019      Views: 75   
Description: WINNER: Brookcourt Solutions

Security Recruitment Company of the Year - Computing Security Awards 2019         

Type: Awards       Published: 11-2019      Views: 78   
Description: WINNER: Beecher Madden

Security Service Provider of the Year - Computing Security Awards 2019         

Type: Awards       Published: 11-2019      Views: 81   
Description: WINNER: Brookcourt Solutions

New Hardware Solution of the Year - Computing Security Awards 2019         

Type: Awards       Published: 11-2019      Views: 64   
Description: WINNER: Kingston Technology

New Software Solution of the Year - Computing Security Awards 2019         

Type: Awards       Published: 11-2019      Views: 64   
Description: WINNER: Vipre Security

New Cloud-Delivered Solution of the Year - Computing Security Awards 2019         

Type: Awards       Published: 11-2019      Views: 79   
Description: WINNER: Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity

SME Security Solution of the Year - Computing Security Awards 2019         

Type: Awards       Published: 11-2019      Views: 64   
Description: WINNER: Redscan

Enterprise Security Solution of the Year - Computing Security Awards 2019         

Type: Awards       Published: 11-2019      Views: 73   
Description: WINNER: My1Login

The Customer Service Award - Computing Security Awards 2019         

Type: Awards       Published: 11-2019      Views: 76   
Description: WINNER: Endace

Security Project of the Year - Healthcare and Education - Computing Security Awards 2019         

Type: Awards       Published: 11-2019      Views: 61   
Description: WINNER: King Edward V11’s Hospital/Redscan

Security Project of the Year - Public and Charity Sectors - Computing Security Awards 2019         

Type: Awards       Published: 11-2019      Views: 61   
Description: WINNER: Stop the Traffik/Cyjax

Security Project of the Year – Private Sector Various - Computing Security Awards 2019         

Type: Awards       Published: 11-2019      Views: 74   
Description: WINNER: ABAX/KnowBe4

Cloud-Delivered Security Solution of Year - Computing Security Awards 2019         

Type: Awards       Published: 11-2019      Views: 73   
Description: WINNER: SecurEnvoy

Editors Choice - Computing Security Awards 2019         

Type: Awards       Published: 11-2019      Views: 59   
Description: WINNER: Computer Disposals

Threat Intelligence Award - Computing Security Awards 2019         

Type: Awards       Published: 11-2019      Views: 67   
Description: WINNER: Webroot

The Contribution to CyberSecurity Award - Computing Security Awards 2019         

Type: Awards       Published: 11-2019      Views: 65   
Description: WINNER: Debbie Garside

The ‘One to Watch’ Security Company - Computing Security Awards 2019         

Type: Awards       Published: 11-2019      Views: 53   
Description: WINNER: Adarma

Security Company of the Year - Computing Security Awards 2019         

Type: Awards       Published: 11-2019      Views: 70   
Description: WINNER: Brookcourt Solutions

GeoLang Launches Ascema Sensitive Data Discovery One-Off Scan Service

Type: News       Published: 10-2019      Views: 367   
Description: GeoLang Ltd, a Shearwater Group plc Company, has announced the latest addition to its Ascema Sensitive Data Discovery technology platform: Scan-as-a-Service

SecurEnvoy Welcomes Canadian Cloud IT Service Provider Vickohm as a key Cloud Services Partner

Type: News       Published: 10-2019      Views: 282   
Description: SecurEnvoy, A Shearwater Group plc Company and a global software leader in cybersecurity technologies including MFA and DLP, is proud to announce the addition of Vickohm to its Cloud and Accredited Partner Program

NTT Ltd Announces Winners of Inaugural Northern Europe Women in Cybersecurity Awards

Type: News       Published: 10-2019      Views: 311   
Description: Candidates from BAE and Barclays shine through in exceptional field of finalists

Cybereason and SecureLink partner to deliver new security services to Nordics, Benelux, UK And Dach

Type: News       Published: 10-2019      Views: 217   

SecurEnvoy launches SecureIdentity Data Loss Protection

Type: News       Published: 09-2019      Views: 413   
Description: SecurEnvoy, A Shearwater Group plc company is excited to announce the release of SecureIdentity Data Loss Protection; the latest offering in the company’s signature SecureIdentity Platform


Type: Case Study       Published: 09-2019      Views: 234   


Type: Case Study       Published: 09-2019      Views: 231   
Description: Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council (MTCBC) has worked in partnership with the team at Bob’s Business for ten years.

Riding the learning curve         

Type: Feature       Published: 09-2019      Views: 477   
Description: Artificial Intelligence (AI) applies Machine Learning, deep learning and other techniques to solve actual problems. But there are downsides, too, security wise that can harm the unwary, as editor Brian Wall reports

Put to the test         

Type: Feature       Published: 09-2019      Views: 341   
Description: The rise of biometrics has brought a rise in hackers trying to fool the system, using spoofs or fake biometrics. One argument to circumvent this is compulsory standardised testing

Understanding Data Loss Protection         

Type: Masterclass       Published: 09-2019      Views: 313   
Description: Steve Watts, CEO of SecurEnvoy, A Shearwater Group plc Company, offers his insights on how the ideal DLP solution can protect all categories of valuable data, against all manner of risky situations

Too little, too late

Type: Comment       Published: 09-2019      Views: 228   
Description: Some 73% of chief information and security officers (CISOs) of financial institutions plan to ask their organisations' chief financial officer for an increase in cybersecurity investments in the next year - and that can hardly be surprising, given the levels of breaches we have been seeing so far this year

The dark shadow that hangs over everyone         

Type: Special Focus       Published: 09-2019      Views: 432   
Description: Cryptojacking and shadow mining are terms most of us have heard. But how do they differ and what threats does each of these pose?

Joining forces in Fightback         

Type: Industry View       Published: 09-2019      Views: 359   
Description: Email and data security company Mimecast has launched a Cyber Alliance Program, designed to align security vendors into an extensive cyber resilience ecosystem


Type: Review       Published: 09-2019      Views: 671   
Description: As cybercriminals become ever more inventive, enterprises must look for new ways of countering the latest threats, if they want to survive

Ransomware strikes entire cities         

Type: Industry Focus       Published: 09-2019      Views: 449   
Description: Governments and healthcare organisations have now become key targets in an increasingly aggressive campaign of ransomware attacks

The spies inside your emails         

Type: Feature       Published: 09-2019      Views: 326   
Description: Unprotected emails can leave us open to exploitation on a massive scale, including government agencies. How can we fight back? Brian Wall reports

Bring your devices, not your problems         

Type: Opinion       Published: 09-2019      Views: 472   
Description: When staff bring their own devices into work, security can be greatly compromised. Rob Allen, director of marketing & technical services, Kingston Technology Europe, offers a number of approaches to allay such risks

Libraesva Email Archiver         

Type: Review       Published: 09-2019      Views: 449   
Description: Email is still the dominant form of communication in the workplace, so businesses must protect their messaging systems by implementing a robust email archiving solution

Winning ways         

Type: Industry View       Published: 09-2019      Views: 312   
Description: When the UK's largest commercial FTSE 100 property company went in search of a technology partner to deliver at the highest level, it turned to OryxAlign

Deep, dark and dangerous

Type: Industry View       Published: 09-2019      Views: 246   
Description: Half of industrial control system networks have faced a cyber-attack, as hacking groups seek out geo-political advantage or financial gain

Smoke - with plenty of fire         

Type: Feature       Published: 09-2019      Views: 481   
Description: When a ransomware attack takes place, losses can be measured in millions of dollars and thousands of hours of remediation work. Yet relatively simple measures can prevent most of these from happening

SecurEnvoy SecureIdentity DLP         

Type: Review       Published: 09-2019      Views: 401   
Description: SecurEnvoy is a pioneer in the field of multi-factor authentication (MFA) and now turns this expertise to identity, access and data security management

Figuring out the figures!         

Type: Opinion       Published: 09-2019      Views: 238   
Description: What are the potential hidden costs of deploying multi-factor authentication? Adrian Jones, CEO, Swivel Secure, offers his thoughts

Caught in the cross-hairs         

Type: Feature       Published: 09-2019      Views: 215   
Description: Ethical hackers can storm through the defences of educational institutions and seize their high-value data within a matter of a mere two hours

it-sa 2019 The IT Security Expo and Congress

Type: News       Published: 09-2019      Views: 463   
Description: Nuremberg, Germany / 8-10 October 2019

OneLogin Expands Security Platform with Industry-First Solution to Fight Top Cybersecurity Threats

Type: News       Published: 09-2019      Views: 322   
Description: Built with Privacy in Mind, Shield Protects the Enterprise by Combating Password Reuse

'edgescan supporting technology creativity in the community'

Type: News       Published: 09-2019      Views: 348   
Description: CoderDojo is a global volunteer-led community of free programming workshops for young people between 7 and 17

GeoLang releases Ascema Data Discovery 2.4 with new Hero Report

Type: News       Published: 08-2019      Views: 996   
Description: GeoLang, a Shearwater Group plc company, has announced that the latest version of their Ascema Data Discovery software – with brand new features including its dynamic Hero Report – is now available for licencing and procurement

Over 40% of UK organisations believe they cannot stop cyber attacks

Type: News       Published: 07-2019      Views: 516   
Description: According to a new global survey from CyberArk, 43 percent of UK organisations believe attackers can infiltrate their networks each time they try. As organisations increase investments in automation and agility, a general lack of awareness about the existence of privileged credentials – across DevOps, robotic process automation (RPA) and in the cloud – is compounding risk.

Social Engineering and Red Teaming: Risks, rewards and approaches that work         

Type: Masterclass       Published: 07-2019      Views: 2177   
Description: Paul Harris, CEO, Pentest Ltd, A Shearwater Group plc company, explains the benefits that Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) can deliver in the ongoing battle against cyber attacks

Nation in transformation         

Type: Comment       Published: 07-2019      Views: 261   
Description: I note that a new report (yes, I know - how many more can there be!) is claiming to serve as a reality check on digital transformation by outlining where organisations actually are in the process

The state we're in         

Type: Analysis       Published: 07-2019      Views: 406   
Description: It isn't just the energy sector, communications and industrial organisations that are at risk of attack from nation states and other malicious actors. The economy itself is vulnerable, with UK banks right in the firing line

Fully in the flow         

Type: Industry Focus       Published: 07-2019      Views: 492   
Description: Document Logistix uses DAST to ensure security of sensitive customer data

Leading scale-ups boost cyber security future         

Type: Special Focus       Published: 07-2019      Views: 381   
Description: Twenty fast-growth cyber scale-ups have been accepted on to the first national cyber security growth programme - and they mean business

GDPR - opportunity, not threat         

Type: Opinion       Published: 07-2019      Views: 490   
Description: GDPR has increased demand for data protection processes that are flexible, autonomous and easy to use. Debbie Garside, Group Chief Innovation Scientist at Shearwater Group and CEO of Geolang, explains

GDPR bares its teeth         

Type: Feature       Published: 07-2019      Views: 626   
Description: With the one-year anniversary of GDPR come and gone - and the first few hefty fines now imposed by the regulators - we look at what it all means for the future of the industry

Critical mass         

Type: Feature       Published: 07-2019      Views: 584   
Description: Critical asset owners increasingly have to protect their ICT infrastructures against cyber attacks. It's no longer enough for the supplier of a single machine component or subcomponent to claim it is cyber-secure - the entire machine must be so

Who can you really bank on?         

Type: Research       Published: 07-2019      Views: 313   
Description: Those who rely on their online bank to keep their money safe might be alarmed to hear that last year 54% of these institutions allowed attackers to steal money. And their customer data may be equally at risk

Safetica Data Loss Prevention         

Type: Review       Published: 07-2019      Views: 875   
Description: Data leak prevention (DLP) is now an essential security measure for businesses, but a major concern for many is the lengthy deployment processes for some products

Education, education, education!         

Type: Industry View       Published: 07-2019      Views: 308   
Description: Cybersecurity needs to be a priority for the education sector, argues Adrian Jones, CEO of Swivel Secure

Threat or treat         

Type: Industry View       Published: 07-2019      Views: 804   
Description: How organisations should best manage, detect and respond to a data breach is an on-going question. But an intelligence-driven strategy is an essential part of that

Getting to grips with endpoint detection and response         

Type: Opinion       Published: 07-2019      Views: 319   
Description: Keith Maskell, head of cybersecurity, Titan Data Solutions, takes a close-up look at what he sees as an important new concept in distribution - EDR and Packaged SOC Services

Webroot Business Endpoint Protection         

Type: Review       Published: 07-2019      Views: 376   
Description: Webroot takes data security to the next level, as its Business Endpoint Protection teams up multi-vector protection with cloud-based machine learning

Security leaders spin out of ECS Group to form Adarma

Type: News       Published: 06-2019      Views: 391   
Description: A management buyout backed by private equity firm Livingbridge has created one of the largest independent security services companies in the UK, serving FTSE 250 organisations

Think like an Attacker: A strategic risk-based approach to cyber security

Type: Opinion       Published: 05-2019      Views: 1915   
Description: Occurrences of data theft, corporate reputational damage, cybercrime, state-sponsored actors and hacktivists would fill several volumes - with room to spare. A strategic approach to cyber security has never been more necessary or urgent

Why Data Leakage Protection is Necessary for Endpoint Security

Type: Masterclass       Published: 05-2019      Views: 681   
Description: By Steve Watts, CEO, SecurEnvoy Ltd, A Shearwater Group plc Company

Why 'proper' disposal is more important now than ever

Type: Industry View       Published: 05-2019      Views: 581   
Description: The introduction of the GDPR regulation last year meant organisations responsible for IT disposal had no option but to review their processes for WEEE and data-bearing assets, as Jean-Pierre Naylor, managing director and owner, Computer Disposals Ltd (CDL), explains

High alert for higher education

Type: Comment       Published: 05-2019      Views: 194   
Description: It is deeply concerning to hear that universities' high-value data can be obtained by hackers in less than two hours - concerning, though not surprising

Sealing off the breach

Type: Research       Published: 05-2019      Views: 401   
Description: A major cyber security breaches survey of UK businesses and charities aims to help organisations to understand the nature and significance of the cyber security threats they now face

CYJAX Intelligence Platform         

Type: Product Review       Published: 05-2019      Views: 577   
Description: As cyber threats become more targeted, enterprises need to find new ways to combat the dangers posed by increasingly sophisticated hackers

Document Logistix Document Manager 5.7

Type: Review       Published: 05-2019      Views: 496   
Description: Businesses cannot afford to waste valuable space, plus moving to digital records provides opportunities to optimise workflows for multiple assets, not only paper assets, but also audio, photographic, video and any electronic file

Taking up the challenge

Type: Editor\       Published: 05-2019      Views: 272   
Description: Securing Operational Technology is something that organisations are constantly having to grapple with. We look at just how big an issue this is and what obstacles must be overcome along the way

It’s showtime again!

Type: Events       Published: 05-2019      Views: 329   
Description: Infosecurity Europe is Europe's largest information security event. So, make sure you are there to see all the latest technology and solutions that can help to drive your business forward - and keep it that much safer

IoT - much loved ... and maligned

Type: Industry Survey       Published: 05-2019      Views: 1339   
Description: While IoT has won plaudits from many for the positives it delivers, there is another side: the very real business repercussions that can come as a result of poor IoT security

Malware Malaise

Type: Security Update       Published: 05-2019      Views: 410   
Description: Could it be that new malware features matter less than you might think - and that what really matters is behaviour? Computing Security gets some of the industry’s views.

A lesson in protection         

Type: Opinion       Published: 05-2019      Views: 391   
Description: Timely intervention frees university from malware vulnerabilities

Cyber-attacks: a major global risk

Type: Industry Focus       Published: 05-2019      Views: 366   
Description: By Scott Gordon (CSSP), CMO, Pulse Secure

Rapid7 swoops in         

Type: Market Focus       Published: 05-2019      Views: 1198   
Description: Rapid7 has acquired NetFort, which provides end-to-end network traffic visibility and analytics across cloud, virtual and physical networks

R&S Trusted Gate from Rohde & Schwarz Cybersecurity

Type: Product Review       Published: 05-2019      Views: 580   
Description: A cybersecurity strategy to address specific threat profiles can be demanding, but central to each one is the protection of data, the most prized asset

Clever thinking

Type: Technology       Published: 05-2019      Views: 291   
Description: Gaining insight into every incoming threat is invaluable to a company's security posture and can be gathered through a combination of smart security strategies

Life beyond the walls         

Type: Industry Focus       Published: 05-2019      Views: 2466   
Description: Constructing high walls around a corporate environment may well be a security approach that is now delivering ever more diminishing returns

Cloud Wars

Type:       Published: 04-2019      Views: 308   
Description: Ever wondered what the operational differences are between multi-cloud, hybrid-cloud and public cloud are? Here are the expert views and insights of those in the know

UK should follow the US’ lead in IoT cyber-security legislation, says Databarracks

Type: News       Published: 03-2019      Views: 459   
Description: A bill to secure government use of IoT technologies was introduced to the United States Congress last week. The UK should not only follow suit – taking regulatory measures to secure government IoT technology use – but expand this further, to include business and consumer use too, says business continuity and disaster recovery firm, Databarracks.

Future imperfect

Type:       Published: 03-2019      Views: 628   
Description: In Part 2 of our coverage of top predictions for cybersecurity in 2019, we offer further expert insights and future-gazing from those in the know

Cybersecurity and physical safety

Type:       Published: 03-2019      Views: 323   
Description: Machine safety has historically been considered a standalone discipline, because it was entirely mechanical and hard wired. That is no longer the case - and the potential dangers this evokes are many and substantial

The human touch

Type: Masterclass       Published: 03-2019      Views: 1294   
Description: Human-centric, context-based data security is displacing traditional data security tools, as Dr Debbie Garside, CEO, Geolang Ltd, explains here

Computer Disposals Ltd On-site Hard Disk Destruction Service

Type: Product Review       Published: 03-2019      Views: 382   
Description: Security-savvy businesses don't think twice about having paper records securely shredded, but many fail to apply the same philosophy when it comes to hard disk disposal. It's essential for GDPR compliance that retired hard disks containing confidential and PII (personally identifiable information) are completely destroyed and the only way to ensure this is to use a professional service

The big struggle - and not just Brexit         

Type: Comment       Published: 03-2019      Views: 234   
Description: It seems that organisations are struggling to keep their cybersecurity workforce fully staffed, as competitors increasingly pick off employees enticed by higher pay and bonuses

Big hitters under the spotlight         

Type:       Published: 03-2019      Views: 379   
Description: What do you really need to know when it comes to artificial intelligence (AI), big data and cybersecurity? Editor's Focus has been getting the expert views of John Buyers, Osborne Clarke LLP

The future of IoT insecurity         

Type:       Published: 03-2019      Views: 825   
Description: The Internet of Things has been loved and embraced on a vast scale - but what happens when it all goes pear-shaped, due to poor security safeguards?

Fears escalate of massive assault         

Type:       Published: 03-2019      Views: 227   
Description: An attack on THE UK’S critical national infrastructure is imminent, according to more than half of respondents to an Infosecurity Europe poll

Vital signs appear good         

Type:       Published: 03-2019      Views: 242   
Description: A new solution at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust has delivered fast, secure access to essential clinical applications

Captive thoughts         

Type:       Published: 03-2019      Views: 290   
Description: Ransomware is the fastest-growing, and one of the most troubling, I.T. criminal enterprises attacking networks today. Can it be defended against and, if so, how?

'Sextortion' email threats         

Type:       Published: 03-2019      Views: 286   
Description: A new form of online bribery is adding to the tide of cyber-related incidents hitting businesses

Multi-factor authentication… in six takes         

Type: Opinion       Published: 03-2019      Views: 580   
Description: Your organisation is going down the multi-factor authentication path, but how does it know it's the right one? Adrian Jones, CEO of Swivel Secure, offers some insights into solving that challenge

Good cybersecurity: protecting companies, protecting workers         

Type:       Published: 03-2019      Views: 293   
Description: What kind of impact does working in a high-pressured cyber security job have on employees' mental health? What do boards need to do to manage cyber risk? Joanne Frearson of TEISS reports

How AI sidekicks can help security heroes save the day         

Type: Industry View       Published: 03-2019      Views: 383   
Description: What superpowers would help your organisation to defeat the cybercriminals? Matt Walmsley, EMEA director at Vectra, offers his thoughts

Boxing clever with XM SendSecure         

Type: Opinion       Published: 03-2019      Views: 677   
Description: With the introduction of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), 2018 marked the start of a new era of legal enforcement on data collection and privacy. But nothing is quite that straightforward, advises Sébastien Boire-Lavigne, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Data Solutions at XMedius

Defending the castle - from outside the walls         

Type:       Published: 03-2019      Views: 473   
Description: Technologies are now evolving to create a ubiquitous zero trust network with a more seamless integration. Could this be a major step forward from the 'castle-and-moat' concept when it comes to protecting organisations?

Arxan sets a new standard for rapid mobile and web app protection

Type: News       Published: 02-2019      Views: 372   
Description: App Protection with Real-Time Threat Reporting that Easily Integrates into DevOps & CI/CD Processes

A picture is worth a thousand words when it comes to extracting rapid, actionable cyber-intelligenc

Type: Opinion       Published: 01-2019      Views: 453   
Description: Richard Benson, CEO of Xanadata, explains how augmented visualisation of IOC data from billions of security control log files enables rapid network threat investigations in hours, rather than days or weeks

John Bromhead Joins Xanadata Advisory Board

Type: News       Published: 01-2019      Views: 524   
Description: Xanadata, providers of ultra high speed cyber network security analytics, are pleased to announce the appointment of John Bromhead to their Advisory Board

Almost half of companies still can’t detect IoT device breaches, finds Gemalto

Type: News       Published: 01-2019      Views: 503   
Description: A new study from Gemalto has found that only around half (48%) of businesses can detect if any of their IoT devices suffers a breach. This comes despite companies having an increased focus on IoT security

The certainty of uncertain times ahead         

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