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IP EXPO Europe: Six events under one roof         

Type: Events       Published: 09-2015      Views: 24816   
Description: With over 300 free educational seminars, 300 exhibitors, and a rare head-to-head between Microsoft and Google, this year's IP Expo Europe event promises something for everyone. Cloud Hosting magazine takes a closer look

Protecting against Ransomware in the Cloud

Type: Opinion       Published: 11-2016      Views: 20745   
Description: By Justin Giardina, Chief Technology Officer, iland

Flashing the cash         

Type: Technology focus       Published: 11-2015      Views: 18469   
Description: Laurence James, Product Alliances and Solutions Marketing Manager, NetApp, discusses the potential financial benefits of flash technology in cloud environments.

Elastic fantastic?         

Type: Technology focus       Published: 11-2015      Views: 18221   
Description: Everywhere you look these days cloud vendors are promoting elasticity. Tim Pat Dufficy, Director of Products and Services for iomart, explains exactly what it means and how your business can benefit from it

A different breed of partner         

Type: Case Study       Published: 11-2015      Views: 17202   
Description: Network provider Virtual 1 selected Abiquo to provide a cloud orchestration layer that allowed multiple customer brands on the same platform

World in motion         

Type: Analysis       Published: 11-2015      Views: 16800   
Description: New research puts UK SMEs ahead of the game when it comes to cloud uptake: Cloud Hosting magazine investigates

Are you paying too much for your cloud?

Type: News       Published: 12-2015      Views: 16602   
Description: Research suggests possible 74% saving from using multiple providers

MS grows UK cloud business

Type: News       Published: 12-2015      Views: 16580   
Description: Spending over US$2 billion on cloud infrastructure for Europe

HP Enterprise tackles 'cloud sprawl'

Type: News       Published: 12-2015      Views: 15466   
Description: New Cloud Service Broker offering

Beating the squeeze         

Type: Case Study       Published: 11-2015      Views: 15213   
Description: A fully managed service has relieved the print burden at Aylesbury Vale District Council despite significant cuts to funding

The straight story         

Type: Case Study       Published: 11-2015      Views: 15124   
Description: Hair styling product specialist ghd is shifting to a managed cloud approach that is 'influenced more by people than technology'

ERP moving to the cloud

Type: News       Published: 12-2015      Views: 14402   
Description: No longer just for SMBs, says new Hitachi research

Happy New Year for AWS users

Type: News       Published: 12-2015      Views: 14358   
Description: More EC2 price cuts announced

Interoute only takes a Minit

Type: News       Published: 12-2015      Views: 14281   
Description: Mister Minit streamlines enterprise application access using networked cloud

Poundland gets Rackspace for Christmas

Type: News       Published: 01-2016      Views: 13963   
Description: Poundland has used Rackspace's managed Cloud services to support its first crucial Christmas period since its new website launched in September 2015

iland gets Veeam DRaaS

Type: News       Published: 01-2016      Views: 13852   
Description: Iland has announced a new fast path from Cloud-based backups to full DRaaS using Veeam Cloud Connect technology

Pulling together         

Type: Opinion       Published: 11-2015      Views: 13837   
Description: Nigel Moulton, EMEA CTO at converged infrastructure specialists VCE, discusses the increasing need to carefully manage the potential risks of cloud collaboration in today's business environment

Sensor and sensibility         

Type: Technology focus       Published: 11-2015      Views: 13408   
Description: With the growth of the Internet of Things, it is expected that the next generation of internet users will be machines not people. Adam Chapman, global Director of Marketing at Fluenta, a company that measures and monitors liquids and gases for the oil and gas industry, argues that the cloud will play a critical role in the collection, management and distribution of billions of new data points

NASA launches data into AWS cloud

Type: News       Published: 02-2016      Views: 13318   
Description: Avere helps consolidate legacy storage

Rackspace keeps GWR on track for virtualisation

Type: News       Published: 11-2015      Views: 12478   
Description: Great Western Railway has chosen the VMware Managed Virtualisation offering from Rackspace to support its recent rebrand and maintain the best possible service for its customers

iomart adds United to its kingdom

Type: News       Published: 12-2015      Views: 12471   
Description: Acquisition expands managed hosting services to SMBs

Unstructured data is what slows down backup         

Type: Interview       Published: 11-2015      Views: 12072   
Description: Cloud Hosting magazine editor David Tyler speaks to Quantum's Christo Conidaris about the importance of having the right technology at the right time

Racing ahead         

Type: Analysis       Published: 11-2015      Views: 11622   
Description: The rate of cloud adoption is accelerating faster than anyone expected, says Jennifer Brenner, Senior Vice President Marketing, iland

Seven common cloud data loss prevention mistakes...         

Type: Strategy       Published: 11-2015      Views: 11595   
Description: …and how to avoid them, thanks to this handy 'cheat sheet', courtesy of Skyhigh Networks

Seeding the public sector cloud         

Type: Opinion       Published: 11-2015      Views: 11579   
Description: Leading IT lawyer Richard Kemp looks at how the public sector is lagging behind with cloud technology adoption and the risks this will create for security in the near future

Kualo web streamlines storage with Storpool

Type: News       Published: 01-2016      Views: 11567   
Description: Web-hosting and public cloud expert Kualo Web Hosting has solved scalability issues and increased both capacity and reliability thanks to StorPool's technology

Acunetix Online Vulnerability Scanner         

Type: Review       Published: 05-2015      Views: 11233   
Description: In today's competitive global markets, SMBs need to protect their web sites from hackers just as much as enterprises do, but few have the financial resources to ensure they are totally secure

Bluemix local from IBM

Type: News       Published: 11-2015      Views: 10782   
Description: IBM has unveiled Bluemix Local, a cloud platform that allows enterprises to quickly build apps in a secure manner and deploy them across public, private and on-premises environments

Futurology: what does 2016 hold for the Cloud sector?         

Type: Analysis       Published: 01-2016      Views: 10553   
Description: An expert panel of industry leaders and technology visionaries offer us their insights on the year ahead for the Cloud

Take your partners

Type: Opinion       Published: 01-2016      Views: 10306   
Description: Innovative use of cloud technology can transform your partner relationships, argues Dave Taylor, CMO of Impartner

Prepared for the festive free-for-all         

Type: Case Study       Published: 11-2015      Views: 10248   
Description: BT's retail arm Expedite has used the ClusterControl platform from Severalnines to scale MySQL and achieve agility on BT Cloud

Cloud developments

Type: News       Published: 11-2015      Views: 9566   
Description: Bitcasa has entered into a licensing agreement with SanDisk to develop SanDisk-branded cloud storage solutions using the Bitcasa cloud storage platform

Secure disaster recovery in the Cloud from iomart

Type: News       Published: 11-2015      Views: 9538   
Description: iomart has launched a disaster recovery service, providing a turn-key solution for protecting virtual machines (VMs)

Cloud providers pick the familiar over innovation

Type: News       Published: 11-2015      Views: 9536   
Description: Suppliers' attitudes to picking partners are leading to over a third of deployed cloud solutions being unnecessarily expensive and complex, according to Anne Stokes, CEO of Streamwire

OVH public cloud for UK

Type: News       Published: 11-2015      Views: 9520   
Description: OVH, the largest European Internet hosting company, has launched its Public Cloud service in the UK

Hybrid cloud mobility

Type: News       Published: 11-2015      Views: 9505   
Description: Abiquo has launched the latest version of its cloud management platform, Abiquo 3.6

iland introduces DR-as-a-Service

Type: News       Published: 12-2015      Views: 9495   
Description: Based on Veeam Cloud Connect

ERP backup all wrapped up         

Type: Case Study       Published: 01-2016      Views: 8912   
Description: International Greetings has found a better way to backup its ERP and other business data in the Cloud, and now enjoys shorter backup windows and reduced bandwidth requirements as well as improved risk management and DR planning

Reliability trumps price for Cloud players         

Type: Analysis       Published: 03-2016      Views: 8695   
Description: WD's annual survey suggests that reliability is far more important than cost when it comes to IT buying decisions. It also reveals that the UK is worryingly slow to move data to the Cloud compared to other countries. Cloud Hosting magazine takes a closer look at the numbers

Leveraging the cloud to target cancer         

Type: Case Study       Published: 01-2016      Views: 8567   
Description: US-based biomedicine pioneers H3 are making vital genomics data more easily accessible via the Cloud - allowing them to explore multiple scientific approaches to developing new drugs

Re-think your approach to Data Management         

Type: Opinion       Published: 01-2016      Views: 8448   
Description: The challenges of Big Data and digital business could be best addressed by a Data-as-a-Service approach, suggests Andrew Griffiths of Q Associates

OpenStack comes of age         

Type: Case Study       Published: 01-2016      Views: 8252   
Description: Knowing the benefits of OpenStack cloud technology - but recognising that few businesses have the in-house skills or knowledge to access these benefits - Finnish-based CSP Datalounges used the SUSE OpenStack Cloud 5 platform to build a managed cloud services environment for companies of all sizes

Defying Data Gravity         

Type: Technology Focus       Published: 01-2016      Views: 7835   
Description: When embracing the cloud, enterprises need to reassess their data storage platforms to ensure that they do not suffer the effects of "Data Gravity", and instead, work to achieve a Data Fabric that facilitates the handling of data, argues Martin Warren, Cloud Solutions Marketing Manager, NetApp

Disaster Recovery for the digital age         

Type: Interview       Published: 03-2016      Views: 7775   
Description: Matthew Parker, MD of Backup Technology - the specialist backup division of UK Cloud hosting solutions provider iomart - speaks to Cloud Hosting magazine editor David Tyler about the company's recently launched ClouDRaaS service

Organisations struggling to align Hybrid Cloud deployments with business need

Type: News       Published: 12-2015      Views: 7772   
Description: The Bunker has published a new report providing compelling insight into Hybrid Cloud adoption, the key factors dictating whether Cloud migrations are successful or not, and the challenges CIOs and IT decision-makers face when setting and executing on their vision for Hybrid Cloud.

Cloud printing: the write stuff?         

Type: Strategy       Published: 01-2016      Views: 7737   
Description: Printing via the Cloud has significant business benefits to offer when done correctly: but complex infrastructures and security concerns can mean that organisations are simply replacing one problem with another, argues Arron Fu, CTO of UniPrint

Gemalto SafeNet ProtectV 2.0         

Type: Review       Published: 05-2015      Views: 7717   
Description: The cost benefits alone make moving virtualised data centres into the cloud a no-brainer, but concerns about security are still a major stumbling block

Learning support         

Type: Case Study       Published: 12-2015      Views: 7587   
Description: A new cloud-based service desk deployment at the University of Oxford will play an important role in the evolution of the University's central IT department.

Keeping an eye on your cloud data         

Type: Management       Published: 01-2016      Views: 7587   
Description: It is increasingly vital to make sure you are talking about security with your Cloud provider, recommends Monica Brink, Director of Product Marketing, iland

Direct link to IBM cloud

Type: News       Published: 01-2016      Views: 7583   
Description: Colt is now providing support for IBM's Direct Link services, allowing enterprise customers to establish a private network connection from their own IT infrastructure to the IBM Cloud

Arcserve cloud expands

Type: News       Published: 01-2016      Views: 7523   
Description: Arcserve has expanded the Arcserve Cloud to all Arcserve Unified Data Protection (UDP) platform customers in North America and EMEA

Hybrid cloud innovations from HPE and Microsoft

Type: News       Published: 01-2016      Views: 7509   
Description: HPE and Microsoft have announced new innovation in hybrid Cloud computing through Microsoft Azure, HPE infrastructure and services, and new program offerings

Support growing for ERP in the cloud?

Type: News       Published: 01-2016      Views: 7489   
Description: A survey commissioned by Hitachi Solutions Europe has recently revealed that 31 percent of organisations have moved all or part of their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to the Cloud, or are in the process of doing so

Keeping track of Cloud services         

Type: Feature       Published: 03-2016      Views: 7418   
Description: It is becoming increasingly critical for organisations to get a handle on the type and number of Cloud services and applications they use, says Chris Rogers, director of Cloud solutions at Silver Peak

Good call         

Type: Analysis       Published: 07-2015      Views: 7384   
Description: Cloud adoption is now a strategic business decision for contact centres, argues Keith Wilkinson, VP Cloud EMEA, Genesys

From measurement to management         

Type: Feature       Published: 03-2016      Views: 7286   
Description: Adam Chapman, Director of Global Marketing at Fluenta, explains how Cloud-based data can enable organisations to control risk more effectively

Connecting 'islands of storage'

Type: Case Study       Published: 03-2016      Views: 7246   
Description: A Cloud platform solution means that newly Oscar-winning VFX business Milk is able to treat its Cardiff facility as 'another floor to our London offices'

Flirting with disaster?         

Type: Technology Focus       Published: 01-2016      Views: 7205   
Description: Peter Groucutt of Databarracks asks if you might be wasting money on disaster recovery technologies, simply because you don't have the appropriate practices in place around them

'Cloud first' isn't enough any more         

Type: Analysis       Published: 01-2016      Views: 7079   
Description: We take a closer look at Verizon's recently published 'State of the Market: Enterprise Cloud 2016' report

CIF opens up to individuals

Type: News       Published: 02-2016      Views: 7066   
Description: New benefits for individual members

Cloud is getting cheaper

Type: News       Published: 02-2016      Views: 7049   
Description: New research from TCL says pricing is levelling off

May Cloud security be with you         

Type: Opinion       Published: 03-2016      Views: 7046   
Description: Three 'top tips to protect against the dark side', from Robert Arandjelovic, Director of Security Strategy at Blue Coat

Ahead in the Cloud         

Type: Strategy       Published: 03-2016      Views: 7033   
Description: Cloud storage and how to manage it effectively is a key challenge for many businesses, explains Jack Bedell-Pearce, Managing Director, 4D

Pulsant appoints Microsoft Cloud product leader

Type: News       Published: 03-2016      Views: 7024   
Description: Pulsant has appointed Dr Stuart Neilsen-Marsh to the position of Microsoft Cloud product leader. Neilsen-Marsh brings a wealth of experience to the company as it continues to strengthen the integration of Pulsant cloud services with Azure and AzureStack.

'Most large companies' adopting OpenStack

Type: News       Published: 02-2016      Views: 6927   
Description: SUSE study says lack of skills is an issue

Breaking all records: Cloud Expo Europe 2016         

Type: Event       Published: 03-2016      Views: 6883   
Description: With hundreds of new exhibitors, over 200 brand new products & services and two wholly new complementary events under the same roof, this year's Cloud Expo Europe looks set to outshine all the previous shows. Cloud Hosting magazine finds out more

Building 'hyper loyalty'         

Type: Case Study       Published: 03-2016      Views: 6860   
Description: Digital promotions specialist Eagle Eye has used Rackspace DevOps Automation Services to manage the spike of transactions it received over the busy Christmas and January sales periods

Red Hat Gluster available on Google Cloud

Type: News       Published: 02-2016      Views: 6808   
Description: Expands customer capabilities to deploy scalable hybrid cloud storage

Rackspace announces private Cloud powered by Red Hat

Type: News       Published: 02-2016      Views: 6598   
Description: Rackspace has released Rackspace Private Cloud powered by Red Hat, which delivers OpenStack private clouds as-a-service using the Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform.

Swiftstack partner         

Type: News       Published: 03-2016      Views: 6548   
Description: SwiftStack has partnered with VeriStor, an advanced IT solutions provider specialising in virtual infrastructure and enterprise private, public and hybrid Cloud services and solutions

Two thirds of UK PLCs plan to move entire IT estate to the Cloud

Type: News       Published: 02-2016      Views: 6537   
Description: Some 63 per cent of UK enterprises are now planning to move their entire IT estate to the Cloud in the near future. This is according to the latest research from the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF).

Highway to the cloud         

Type: News       Published: 03-2016      Views: 6522   
Description: Engineering solutions provider Costain has selected NaviSite hybrid cloud hosting services to support the roll out of its complex Electronic Service Delivery for Abnormal Loads (ESDAL) application for Highways England

Claranet acquires Bashton to support managed public cloud drive

Type: News       Published: 02-2016      Views: 6520   
Description: Claranet has acquired UK-based AWS specialist Bashton Limited. The acquisition, which follows and complements the acquisitions Claranet made last year of LinuxIT and Techgate in the UK, will enable Claranet to further develop its DevOps capabilities and to better support customers’ complicated and diverse applications on public cloud infrastructure.

Aegis Data signs up to the Cloud Industry Forum

Type: News       Published: 02-2016      Views: 6517   
Description: Colocation data centre provider, Aegis Data, has joined the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), the membership body created to drive education, transparency and accountability in the Cloud industry.

Preserving the voices of holocaust survivors         

Type: News       Published: 03-2016      Views: 6485   
Description: DataCentred is working with the National Holocaust Centre and Museum to digitally preserve the voice of Holocaust survivors

Two thirds of UK plcs plan to move to the cloud         

Type: News       Published: 03-2016      Views: 6474   
Description: Some 63 per cent of UK enterprises are now planning to move their entire IT estate to the Cloud in the near future. This is according to new research from the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF)

NASA launches data into the AWS cloud         

Type: News       Published: 03-2016      Views: 6468   
Description: NASA has selected Avere to help consolidate legacy storage and move many of its datasets to the AWS Cloud

Claranet acquires AWS specialist Bashton         

Type: News       Published: 03-2016      Views: 6393   
Description: Claranet has acquired UK-based Bashton Limited

10TB Seagate HDD         

Type: News       Published: 03-2016      Views: 6382   
Description: Seagate Technology has launched its first 10TB enterprise capacity hard disk drive

Gluster for Google         

Type: News       Published: 03-2016      Views: 6355   
Description: Red Hat has expanded its alliance with Google to deliver Red Hat Gluster Storage on Google Cloud Platform

Automating the IT production line         

Type: Opinion       Published: 03-2017      Views: 6214   
Description: David Grimes, CTO at Navisite, discusses the growing role of APIs in reducing costs and developing tomorrow's businesses

Product Review: Backup Everything

Type: Review       Published: 05-2015      Views: 5222   
Description: In a world where we are all creating large volumes of data - at sometimes alarming speeds - it is more important than ever to make backup as automatic and 'idiot-proof' as possible, or else people simply won't do it.

DR in the Cloud: read all about it         

Type: Opinion       Published: 05-2016      Views: 5022   
Description: It is more important than ever that businesses understand the difference between DRaaS and backup, argues Lilac Schoenbeck, VP, Product Marketing & Product Management at iland Cloud Infrastructure

V1 highlights top trends for AP in 2016

Type: News       Published: 01-2016      Views: 4789   
Description: Cloud, mobile and automation will be the key trends to look out for in the accounts payable (AP) landscape in 2016, according to business software provider V1

Chasing away the turbulent clouds         

Type:       Published: 09-2015      Views: 4631   
Description: Security skills are in limited supply and, as such, cost and retention of security teams can be a significant challenge. this is a major factor now driving the growing race to the cloud – though it’s far from the only one, as computing security reports

Strengthening cloud backup and DR

Type: News       Published: 04-2016      Views: 4203   
Description: New offering from Claranet

Better, by design         

Type: Industry Focus       Published: 03-2015      Views: 3954   
Description: Jeremy Powell, Director of Product Marketing at Nemetschek Vectorworks, Inc., updates Cloud Hosting on the benefits of cloud services and mobile apps for users of the company's innovative CAD and BIM technologies

The Cloud Hosting Awards 2016

Type: News       Published: 04-2016      Views: 3880   
Description: The first ever Cloud Hosting Awards ceremony will take place on 20th October 2016 in London.

The sky’s the limit!

Type: Review       Published: 01-2015      Views: 3824   
Description: Vectorworks Cloud Services keeps drawings synchronised on and off-site.

Big Data automation in AWS environments

Type: News       Published: 04-2016      Views: 3806   
Description: New iPaaS offering from Talend

StratoGen places great store inTintri

Type: News       Published: 04-2016      Views: 3766   
Description: Reducing data centre footprint and power consumption

Restoring faith         

Type: Technology Focus       Published: 07-2015      Views: 3726   
Description: The backup and recovery industry is developing rapidly - and it's moving to the cloud, says Martin Warren, Cloud Solutions Marketing Manager at NetApp

Brexit: what happens next?         

Type: Feature       Published: 07-2016      Views: 3651   
Description: In the aftermath of the recent EU referendum, we find ourselves in the midst of a historic moment for the UK, with plenty of uncertainty in the air. So what does leaving the European Union mean for the cloud/data centre sector? Cloud Hosting magazine gathers opinion from across the industry

Forward thinking         

Type: Analysis       Published: 01-2015      Views: 3471   
Description: At the end of every year, the IT industry feels the need to channel Mystic Meg and predict what will come in the next 12 months. Cloud Hosting summarises the likely highlights and low points.

Must big data mean big risk?         

Type: Strategy       Published: 07-2015      Views: 3469   
Description: As companies deploy Hadoop for big data, they open critical information to compromise. Tom Kemp of Centrify discusses some of the solutions that exist to solve the problem

Cloud gets personal         

Type:       Published: 01-2015      Views: 3214   
Description: IBM has patented the design for a data privacy engine that can help businesses protect personal data as it is shared between countries, including across private clouds.

A software-defined future         

Type: Technology Focus       Published: 03-2015      Views: 3085   
Description: Tim Bury, Managing Director EMEA at Masergy, discusses the real-world applications and benefits of Software-Defined Networking

Storing up trouble?         

Type: Opinion       Published: 03-2015      Views: 3024   
Description: Everett Dolgner, director of replication product management at Silver Peak, explains what you need to know about using the cloud for backup and recovery initiatives.

It's an IT Jungle Out There!         

Type: Opinion       Published: 03-2015      Views: 2998   
Description: Rainforest charity to benefit from iomart campaign

Healthcare in the Cloud

Type: News       Published: 08-2015      Views: 2997   
Description: By Jack Bedell-Pearce, Managing Director, 4D-DC

The landscape of healthcare in the UK has changed dramatically over the last few years. This is not only down to pharmaceutical developments that have enhanced how diseases and illnesses are tackled, such as the early detection of Parkinson’s Disease, the recent discovery of a root cause of asthma (CaSR)[1] and the vaccines to protect against HPV, but also the advances made in technology that have helped to better equip the medical profession as a whole.

Are you losing it?         

Type: Feature       Published: 07-2015      Views: 2901   

Description: Bryan Forrester, Senior Vice President of Sales at eFolder, describes the top five sources of cloud data loss, and offers some advice on how to protect critical data.

SME IT budgets continue to rise in 2015, according to Node4 research

Type: News       Published: 01-2015      Views: 2892   
Description: Over 60% of UK SMEs expect their IT budget to increase in 2015, according to independent research by Cloud and Data Centre specialist, Node4. It is the second year in a row that Node4’s survey of 250 IT decision makers in companies between 50-500 employees has revealed that the majority of SMEs are planning to spend more on their IT provisions.

Building for the future         

Type: Case Study       Published: 01-2015      Views: 2858   
Description: Construction group Bowmer & Kirkland has been able to improve collaboration and speed up project times thanks to a hybrid cloud solution from Egnyte.

Keeping up the standard         

Type: Opinion       Published: 07-2016      Views: 2856   
Description: Frank Krieger, Director of Compliance at iland, looks at ISO compliance in the Cloud and why it is important for Cloud Service Providers and their clients

The three-step plan to cloud security         

Type: Opinion       Published: 09-2015      Views: 2855   
Description: Chris Pace, head of product marketing at Wallix, suggests three security questions that cloud service providers should expect to hear from any business expanding or adopting cloud services

Freed up for flexible working         

Type: Case Study       Published: 05-2015      Views: 2836   
Description: A hosted desktop solution has meant the freedom to work flexibly for Chase Solutions' field staff, combined with secure and manageable IT systems.

Cloud Security from iSheriff

Type: Review       Published: 07-2015      Views: 2783   
Description: The uptake of cloud-based security services across SMBs and enterprises is growing exponentially and it's easy to see why, as they are so much simpler to deploy and manage than on-premise solutions

Escaping the 'print trap'         

Type: Opinion       Published: 05-2015      Views: 2770   
Description: KYOCERA Document Solutions' Cloud Evangelist, Eddie Ginja, analyses the business benefits of the latest addition to the growing portfolio of cloud services: managed cloud printing

Securing the perimeter         

Type: Strategy       Published: 01-2015      Views: 2759   
Description: The enterprise perimeter does not exist anymore and a much more proactive approach to security is needed, says Bill Strain, CTO of cloud company iomart.

BT stakes its claim in cloud IT         

Type: Analysis       Published: 05-2015      Views: 2735   
Description: BT is aiming to be the world's 'cloud services integrator of choice' with its new Cloud of Clouds vision. Cloud Hosting magazine takes a closer look

Hybrid: the 'best-fit' strategy         

Type: Opinion       Published: 03-2015      Views: 2726   
Description: According to Sean McAvan, Managing Director of NaviSite Europe, a hybrid cloud approach offers the best of both worlds for business: embracing the new, while getting the most out of existing IT investments

Flexibility is the key         

Type: Strategy       Published: 05-2015      Views: 2703   
Description: Martin Warren, Cloud Solutions Marketing Manager at NetApp argues that a hybrid cloud approach offers the ideal solution for enterprises looking for agility, flexibility and cost effectiveness

UK firms losing battle to prevent staff putting confidential business data in the public cloud

Type: News       Published: 03-2015      Views: 2701   
Description: Despite one third of UK firms banning public cloud from the workplace, its use appears endemic, unmanaged and unstoppable according to a new survey commissioned by Connected Data.

Understanding the colocation advantage         

Type: Strategy       Published: 03-2015      Views: 2693   
Description: With recent industry experts declaring the demise of colocation Rowland Kinch, CEO of Custodian Data Centres, explains why he believes that colocation is still the best solution for many organisations

tolomy launches suite of secure cloud services

Type: News       Published: 11-2014      Views: 2612   
Description: Secure cloud provider tolomy has launched a suite of secure cloud services offering government-level accredited cloud services.

On the move         

Type: Case Study       Published: 07-2015      Views: 2608   
Description: Manufacturing firm Interroll has transitioned its WAN from MPLS to the internet, reducing costs and improving SaaS application performance

That's entertainment         

Type: Case Study       Published: 01-2015      Views: 2574   
Description: Entertainment giant Sky has standardised on Cleversafe technologies for its private cloud platform

Outsourced data centre infrastructure in Europe tips towards 40% by 2019

Type: News       Published: 07-2015      Views: 2564   
Description: Consulting firm BroadGroup has released the new edition of its seminal report on the data centre market in Europe.

CIO: changing from gatekeeper to enabler         

Type: Strategy       Published: 07-2015      Views: 2560   
Description: The rise of 'shadow IT' means that CIOs must develop a hybrid cloud infrastructure that meets the needs of their business before the business itself beats them to it, suggests Ian Finlay, Chief Operating Officer at Abiquo

Playing to win         

Type: Case Study       Published: 05-2015      Views: 2552   
Description: UK toy retailer The Entertainer is using managed cloud services from Rackspace in order to better manage large traffic spikes and launch new services.

WAN-way traffic         

Type: Technology Focus       Published: 01-2015      Views: 2550   
Description: Jae Lee, director of cloud product management at Silver Peak discusses the potential impact on network performance of the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) model.

HGST hooks up with CommVault

Type: News       Published: 10-2015      Views: 2530   
Description: New partnership will deliver 'best cloud backup TCO'

Transforming the enterprise - one tier at a time         

Type: Technology Focus       Published: 01-2015      Views: 2520   
Description: Ken Oberman, VP of EMEA commercial sales at SanDisk, looks at the growth of flash in the data centre.

Pull up to the bunker

Type: News       Published: 03-2015      Views: 2520   
Description: New 'ultra-secure' DR-as-a-Service offering for SMBs

Third of IT leaders not getting the support they need to execute cloud properly

Type: News       Published: 05-2016      Views: 2508   
Description: Confusing, biased or incorrect advice from suppliers has resulted in failed or stalled Cloud programmes in 28 per cent of organisations, according to new research from The Bunker.

Where is Enterprise IT going? To Cloud Expo Europe, of course!         

Type: Events       Published: 02-2015      Views: 2502   
Description: The organisers describe Cloud Expo Europe as 'two days of intensive networking and knowledge gathering' - Cloud Hosting magazine will be there of course, and we summarise below some of the expected highlights.

Office moves         

Type: Case Study       Published: 07-2015      Views: 2499   
Description: Bio-tech procurement specialist Amici Procurement is enjoying the benefits of hosted office systems, including reduced management workloads and guaranteed systems availability

EU Confidential         

Type: Opinion       Published: 09-2015      Views: 2495   
Description: New EU Data Protection Regulations are due to come into force in 2017; Martin Warren, Cloud Solutions Marketing Manager at NetApp, discusses what cloud providers might have to do in advance of the likely changes

Not just a website... this is an M&S website         

Type: Case Study       Published: 05-2015      Views: 2493   
Description: December is the most important month of the year for Marks and Spencer, and its advertising campaigns are the cornerstone of its holiday strategy. When its primetime holiday TV ad campaign encouraged people to visit a dedicated website, it was vital that it could cope with the spike in traffic

Telco Cloud Forum: positively unmissable         

Type: Events       Published: 01-2015      Views: 2488   
Description: Cloud Hosting magazine previews the only event for Telco Cloud providers & their channel partners.

How to navigate an increasingly complex IT landscape         

Type: Strategy       Published: 03-2015      Views: 2478   
Description: IT leaders are facing new levels of complexity as they seek to address business needs, says Neil Thomas, Product Director at Claranet

Cloud backup? It's child's play         

Type: Case Study       Published: 03-2015      Views: 2462   
Description: Play equipment manufacturer Playdale has improved the way it works with a low bandwidth Backup-as-a-Service approach.

Driving force         

Type: Case Study       Published: 09-2015      Views: 2446   
Description: Commercial vehicle systems manufacturer Truck-Lite is adopting an IaaS approach in order to enhance its Europe-wide infrastructure and processes

Priming your cloud for success         

Type: Opinion       Published: 05-2015      Views: 2418   
Description: According to Martin Bishop, head of Network, Applications & Services, Telstra Global Enterprise & Services, with consumers in the UK more in control of their purchasing power than ever before, a flexible and scalable cloud infrastructure has become increasingly critical to an organisations' success or failure

Understanding your Disaster Recovery readiness

Type: Opinion       Published: 05-2016      Views: 2399   
Description: By Monica Brink, EMEA Marketing Director at iland

Public cloud benefits, private cloud security

Type: News       Published: 03-2015      Views: 2377   
Description: New private cloud storage platform from Connected Data

Left to your own devices         

Type: Technology Focus       Published: 09-2015      Views: 2366   
Description: Eran Kinsbruner of Perfecto Mobile explains why businesses need a hybrid cloud for testing mobile apps

The main event         

Type: Events       Published: 07-2015      Views: 2319   
Description: Attracting thousands of visitors despite the heatwave outside, this year's Cloud World Forum conference and exhibition highlighted how 80% of UK businesses now use Cloud technologies and are ready to leverage them to advance their digital services

Shifting up a gear         

Type: Case Study       Published: 05-2015      Views: 2289   
Description: Car manufacturer Peugeot were facing a hosting crisis until they got talking to Claranet, who not only addressed their immediate issues but also worked with them to develop a technical framework for the future.

Three easy pieces         

Type: Case Study       Published: 07-2015      Views: 2266   
Description: Hybrid cloud, OpenStack and Open Source Storage are three essential jigsaw pieces for the enterprise of the future, argues Jason Phippen, Head of Global Product Marketing at SUSE

Storage wars         

Type: Feature       Published: 05-2016      Views: 2247   
Description: How does Cloud storage really compare to more traditional physical storage? Kong Yang of SolarWinds explores the advantages and disadvantages of both, looking at how each can affect business processes and strategy

Open, for business         

Type: Case Study       Published: 03-2015      Views: 2245   
Description: Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce manages its members with the flexibility of CRM in the cloud

Conveying the right message         

Type: Case Study       Published: 05-2015      Views: 2244   
Description: Managed global growth was strategically important for conveyor belt manufacturer Ammeraal Beltech, and a cloud-based CRM solution has proven core to their successful expansion

Levelling the playing field         

Type: Strategy       Published: 03-2015      Views: 2231   
Description: Steven Harrison, Lead Technologist at Exponential-e looks at the role of the Cloud as an equaliser for UK businesses

Staying ahead of threats         

Type: News       Published: 05-2015      Views: 2216   
Description: AlienVault is to work with HP to broaden the reach of cyber threat intelligence sharing

Fujitsu adopts CipherCloud for Salesforce

Type: News       Published: 02-2015      Views: 2205   
Description: Securing customer information in the cloud

Hitting the hard drive 'sweet spot'         

Type: Technology Focus       Published: 05-2015      Views: 2205   
Description: As the data centre evolves, so must the disk drives that populate it, explains Matt Rutledge, senior vice president of storage technology, WD

Taking IT to the wire         

Type: Technology Focus       Published: 01-2015      Views: 2198   
Description: ExtraHop's Owen Cole explains why ‘wire data’ offers the IT operational intelligence needed for the emerging Application-Centric Infrastructure

New Destiny unveiled for INKWRX         

Type: News       Published: 05-2015      Views: 2190   
Description: Destiny Wireless has launched its new brand identity and website to support its growth in the digital data capture market

Twixt core and edge: the metro cloud

Type: Feature       Published: 01-2015      Views: 2186   
Description: Chris Champion, Senior VP EMEA at Infinera explains the opportunity offered by the Metro Cloud and why, for once, the SME is getting noticed

The main event         

Type: Case Study       Published: 03-2017      Views: 2170   
Description: Cloud Expo, Europe's biggest and best attended Cloud and digital transformation show, is even bigger and better for 2017

IP EXPO Europe: Six events under one roof

Type: Events       Published: 07-2015      Views: 2168   
Description: From NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden to a rare head-to-head between Microsoft and Google, this year's IP Expo Europe event promises something for everyone. Storage magazine takes a closer look

Beating the squeeze         

Type: Case Study       Published: 11-2015      Views: 2150   
Description: A fully managed service has relieved the print burden at Aylesbury Vale District Council despite significant cuts to funding

Head in the cloud? Keep your feet on the ground         

Type: Opinion       Published: 07-2015      Views: 2145   
Description: Jack Bedell-Pearce, Managing Director of 4D-DC, offers some constructive advice - and 6 'Top Tips' - for businesses confused by the multitude of options available when considering migrating to the Cloud

GDPR: don't be strung along         

Type: Strategy       Published: 11-2016      Views: 2141   
Description: Lillian Pang of Rackspace addresses some of the most common misunderstandings surrounding the new GDPR legislation; rules that will affect any business that handles personal data, and therefore the majority of organisations in the UK

Busting some cloud myths         

Type: Feature       Published: 09-2015      Views: 2140   
Description: Brandon Tanner of nationwide managed services firm IT Specialists (ITS) argues that a number of ‘myths’ around cloud technologies could be preventing financial institutions from enjoying the benefits of cloud services

Kaminario partners with Zerto on highly available flash storage for virtual environments

Type: News       Published: 05-2016      Views: 2137   
Description: Kaminario has announced a partnership with Zerto which provides enterprises with highly available flash storage for virtual environments.

DAM goes native         

Type: Technology focus       Published: 11-2016      Views: 2137   
Description: Digital asset management (DAM) powers the processes that run business, argues Eric Barroca, CEO of Nuxeo - but without a Cloud-native approach, the benefits may be limited

The three pillars of CSP success