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Workflow/BPM Product of the Year - DM Awards 2015         

Type: Awards       Published: 11-2015      Views: 33598   
Description: WINNER: EASY Software - EASY Documents

A decade of DM development

Type: Case Study       Published: 01-2015      Views: 19580   
Description: A ten year document management journey at Surrey Heath Borough Council has resulted in easier access to information across multiple departments and improved the efficiency of frontline services

Restore Records Management

Type: DMRG       Published: 03-2017      Views: 14519   
Description: We are the largest UK-owned business dealing in records management and, as part of the Restore Plc group of office services companies,we havea solid support network and a clear mandate for continued growth

PFU Imaging Solutions Europe Ltd

Type: DMRG       Published: 06-2014      Views: 12685   
Description: PFU Imaging Solutions Europe Ltd (a subsidiary of Fujitsu), operating in EMEA, is a market leading provider of document image scanners for personal, professional desktop, workgroup, departmental and high volume production environments

PRISM International

Type: DMRG       Published: 03-2017      Views: 11047   
Description: PRISM International (Professional Records and Information Services Management) is a not-for-profit 501 (c)(6) association based in Chicago, Illinois and Brussels.


Type: DMRG       Published: 10-2017      Views: 10862   
Description: Let AVISION take care of all your document scanning needs.

Preservation order

Type: Opinion       Published: 01-2015      Views: 8838   
Description: Compliance, by its very nature, can only go one way, but some companies still falsely believe that they can demonstrate after the fact. Rich Turner, Vice President of Business Development and Strategic Marketing for C2C Systems, examines why there is no such thing as 'retrospective compliance' and what UK companies can do to effectively demonstrate compliance from the outset

Five ways to transform financial services applications         

Type:       Published: 07-2015      Views: 8678   
Description: Dan Lucarini of ibml suggests five 'transformative benefits' of intelligent document recognition for banks and financial institutions

Canon imageFORMULA DR-C240          

Type:       Published: 05-2015      Views: 7105   
Description: Canon continues to develop new solutions aimed at an increasingly decentralised scanning market.

i2S eScan book scanner         

Type:       Published: 05-2015      Views: 6888   
Description: Bordeaux-based i2S is a company with some 35 years experience of camera and imaging systems, and its new eScan book scanning device has been developed as a modular solution that can be built to suit the exact requirements of a variety of different types of organisation

Yooz Enterprise         

Type:       Published: 09-2015      Views: 6131   
Description: ITESOFT has already built a decent customer base for its hosted invoice processing system, Yooz Enterprise, with over 1000 customers in the company's native France since its launch over 4 years ago

NHS Trust invests in £6.5 million EMR solution based on Kodak and ibml scanners         

Type: News       Published: 01-2015      Views: 5279   
Description: Kodak Alaris has announced that, to save money through the closure of its large off-campus records library whilst enhancing patient care through clinical and operational efficiency, Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust has completed deployment of a trust-wide electronic medical records (EMR) system in a project costing a total of £6.5 million. This has seen 450,000 patient case notes digitised - around 54 million pages - with all departments now 'live'.

Curing EMR ailments

Type: News       Published: 01-2015      Views: 5260   
Description: Basildon and Thurrock University Hospitals completes new EMR system standardising on Kodak and ibml scanners

Continental drift         

Type: Analysis       Published: 01-2015      Views: 5049   
Description: As we look to 2015, asks Sabine Holocher of PFU, is it worth revisiting the question, 'Will Europe go completely paperless'?

Finding a needle in a digital haystack         

Type: Technology focus       Published: 07-2016      Views: 4948   
Description: Vijay Magon of CCube Solutions examines the issues around managing unstructured data, and how to transform it into actionable information for your business

The best just got better         

Type: Interview       Published: 01-2015      Views: 4900   
Description: The end of last year saw ibml introduce its new ImageTrac 6000 range, which builds on one of the success stories of the scanning industry. DM Editor David Tyler catches up with the company's Sales Director for Northern and Western Europe and Africa, Ashley Keil

Read all about it         

Type: Case Study       Published: 01-2016      Views: 4870   
Description: Genus has been helping the owners of a historic newspaper collection to make their content available online for over seven years

V1 highlights top trends for AP in 2016

Type: News       Published: 01-2016      Views: 4789   
Description: Cloud, mobile and automation will be the key trends to look out for in the accounts payable (AP) landscape in 2016, according to business software provider V1

ABBYY partners with Fujitsu

Type: News       Published: 01-2015      Views: 4640   
Description: Cooperation to focus on mail and invoice solutions

Review: Kodak i5850S         

Type: Review       Published: 07-2016      Views: 4509   
Description: The i5850S high volume scanner from Kodak Alaris is not, the company tells us, a version update to the i5850: rather it represents a new design from the ground up, and it has to be said that it offers clear improvements on what was already a very attractive proposition

Revenue streams

Type: Case Study       Published: 11-2014      Views: 4508   
Description: EDM Group is using ibml's intelligent scanning technologies to help them fulfil a £4 million Digital Mailroom contract with HMRC

Not bad for a one-year-old!         

Type: Events       Published: 01-2015      Views: 4439   
Description: Kodak Alaris has existed as a business entity for just over a year now. DM Editor David Tyler attended the company's recent Partner Forum to find out how the oldest one year-old in the industry was getting on.

Spigraph supplies new Mitie site

Type: News       Published: 02-2015      Views: 4365   
Description: New Birmingham service centre goes with ibml

KGS goes for Kodak

Type: News       Published: 03-2015      Views: 4183   
Description: BPO replaces entire scanner estate in UK and Czech Republic

The right prescription         

Type: Case Study       Published: 03-2015      Views: 4115   
Description: NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership is processing 30 million-plus pages a year on ibml scanners.

CEOs and Information Managers at loggerheads

Type: News       Published: 04-2015      Views: 4064   
Description: Iron Mountain study shows 89 per cent of UK business leaders don’t fully understand what their records and information managers do

Time to change platform?         

Type: Strategy       Published: 11-2015      Views: 4018   
Description: Standardising on one platform for scanning and capture can reduce operational costs and improve enterprise agility, argues ibml's Ashley Keil

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100

Type:       Published: 11-2014      Views: 3972   
Description: Hot on the heels of the IRIScan Pro 3 Wifi scanner reviewed in our last issue, when we said that what set that device apart was its 'genuine mobile capabilities', here is the latest member of Fujitsu's ScanSnap family, doing very much the same thing albeit in a slightly different way.

Only 15% of organisations using DM in the cloud...

Type: News       Published: 03-2015      Views: 3956   
Description: ...yet 95% recognise the benefits, says new survey

The insight advantage         

Type: Case Study       Published: 03-2015      Views: 3870   
Description: Wilmington Insight delivers more for its charity clients as weekly high-volume data capture processes reduce from 5 to 1.5 days

A cure for the paperwork headache         

Type: Case Study       Published: 03-2015      Views: 3857   
Description: Leicester-based pharmacy County Pharmacy has found a remedy for previously unmanageable paperwork

A Touch of class         

Type: Technology Focus       Published: 03-2015      Views: 3821   
Description: Visioneer CONNECT has made it easier to get paper documents into the cloud than to move electronic "born digital" files there, says Martin Pain, EMEA Sales Manager at Xerox Scanners / Visioneer

Compliance: raising standards

Type: Opinion       Published: 11-2014      Views: 3802   
Description: Dr Vijay Magon, Managing Director of CCube Solutions, explains how regulatory compliance can be readily achieved using existing technologies and practices - with less emphasis on standardisation.

Capital expenditure         

Type: Opinion       Published: 03-2015      Views: 3784   
Description: As London becomes the world's most expensive office location, Storetec's Neil Robson looks at how public and private sector organisations can reduce their office costs.

Credit where it's due for SMEs         

Type: Opinion       Published: 01-2015      Views: 3762   
Description: Why do SMEs still find it difficult to break into public sector procurement opportunities? CCube Solutions' MD Vijay Magon suggests that one solution may come in the form of accreditation and adherence to standards

Brought to book

Type: News       Published: 02-2015      Views: 3756   
Description: New book scanner range from Genus

OPEX Falcon         

Type:       Published: 09-2015      Views: 3747   
Description: It's been a couple of years since Document Manager last looked at an OPEX product, and it's fair to say that, while at first glance the devices don't seem to have changed much (large, high speed, high volume), the Lancs-based company's business most definitely has advanced hugely

Users aren't buying scanners any more         

Type: Interview       Published: 01-2015      Views: 3742   
Description: We speak to Erik Banis, whose Xerox Scanners business came almost out of nowhere to win the coveted 'Company of the Year' prize at last year's DM Awards, about how a scanner company can differentiate itself in a world where 'everybody builds good scanners'

Nissan gets faster - at turning round payments

Type: Case Study       Published: 01-2015      Views: 3731   
Description: Automobile manufacturer Nissan Europe has realised better communication and collaboration thanks to an ECM solution from KnowledgeLake.

AI moves into the real world         

Type: Opinion       Published: 03-2019      Views: 3665   
Description: The next generation of AI technologies - content IQ - has the potential to 'unlock an enterprise worth of information', asserts Neil Murphy, Global VP at ABBYY


Type: Comment       Published: 11-2018      Views: 3663   
Description: This last issue of Document Manager for 2018 includes a detailed breakdown of this year's DM Awards, which took place at the end of November in London - see page 17 for a full list of winners and runners-up

A smoother delivery         

Type: Case Study       Published: 03-2015      Views: 3637   
Description: Liverpool Women's Hospital is improving care delivery by digitising its Medical Records

A digital alternative from Xerox

Type: News       Published: 01-2015      Views: 3591   
Description: Company launches services to help reduce printing in the workplace

New client for Docman

Type: News       Published: 10-2016      Views: 3560   
Description: Islington CCG implements record sharing

Ready to scan (almost!) anything

Type: News       Published: 03-2015      Views: 3555   
Description: Combined ADF/flatbed scanner from Xerox Scanners

Storing up trouble?

Type: Opinion       Published: 03-2015      Views: 3528   
Description: Everett Dolgner of Silver Peak explains some of the issues associated with using the cloud for backup and recovery initiatives

Meta is better

Type: Technology Focus       Published: 03-2015      Views: 3511   
Description: Understanding the importance of metadata is crucial for 'next generation' Information Management, argues Julian Cook, UK Business Development Director of M-Files Corporation.

Will 2015 be the year that ECM takes centre stage?          

Type: Opinion       Published: 01-2015      Views: 3490   
Description: Howard Frear, Director of Sales and Marketing at EASY Software UK, looks at the trends he sees emerging in the year ahead and what DM practitioners should be doing to take advantage of growth opportunities.

Anytime, anyplace, anywhere

Type: Strategy       Published: 03-2015      Views: 3488   
Description: Markus Pichler, Director of Solutions at ABBYY, discusses the growth of compliance-led multi-channel capture processes.

Is your Accounts Payable processing losing you money?         

Type: Opinion       Published: 11-2017      Views: 3483   
Description: Manual processing of invoices is costing businesses money and time - but automating the process can deliver significant benefits, argues Antony Biondi, Head of SME sales, ECM Solutions at ProcessFlows | Konica Minolta

Names in the frames

Type: Events       Published: 09-2015      Views: 3445   
Description: With our highest ever numbers of nominations and votes, this year's DM Awards looks set to be yet another record-breaker. As this issue goes to print, final voting is about to close. See below for the full list of finalists - and we hope to see you on October 22nd at London's prestigious Hotel Russell.


Type: DMRG       Published: 06-2014      Views: 3435   

ABBYY is a leading provider of document recognition, data capture, and linguistic technologies.

Enterprise technology for SMEs, say PFU

Type: News       Published: 04-2015      Views: 3391   

Description: Fujitsu fi-6400 is "ideal for mid-volume production environments looking to introduce centralised document capture"

Effective practice

Type: Case Study       Published: 07-2015      Views: 3364   
Description: Chartered accountancy practice DTE took the opportunity presented by an office move to revisit its document processes, and as a result has now scanned over 6 million paper documents as well as regaining control of its email systems

Kodak Alaris Info Input

Type:       Published: 11-2014      Views: 3330   
Description: Kodak Alaris describe their recently launched Info Input offering with three straplines: 'connect applications; input seamlessly, and leverage web technology'.

Canon partners with Palette

Type: News       Published: 02-2015      Views: 3299   
Description: Offering a fully automated, digital purchase-to-pay platform to businesses across Europe

Ultra compact scanner from Canon

Type: News       Published: 01-2015      Views: 3276   
Description: Enhanced feed and connectivity

Trust exercise         

Type: Case Study       Published: 05-2015      Views: 3241   
Description: London's Royal Free Hospital is on course to digitise its medical files - some 300 million images - two years ahead of schedule

The scanner that starts where others stop

Type: Technology Focus       Published: 11-2014      Views: 3210   
Description: InoTec's SCAMAX 8x1 high volume scanner, previewed in these pages earlier this year, is now available for resale to UK users, as Hayley Kilmurry of distributor Genus IT explains.

Hot tea, hot coffee, hot folder?

Type: Case Study       Published: 01-2015      Views: 3186   
Description: International supplier of snack and beverage vending machines, N&W Global Vending, has overhauled its document capture and indexing processes

Taxing times         

Type: Case Study       Published: 05-2015      Views: 3174   
Description: EDM Group is using ibml's intelligent scanning technologies to help them fulfil a £4 million Digital Mailroom contract with HMRC

Top of the form         

Type: Opinion       Published: 03-2015      Views: 3173   
Description: Vijay Magon of CCube Solutions explains how eForms are becoming far more than just a data collection tool

Where next for SharePoint users?         

Type: Research       Published: 03-2015      Views: 3169   
Description: With SharePoint now 14 years old, AIIM's Doug Miles looks at how enterprises are using it in 2015, whether they will continue to do so over the coming years, and how to get the most from it if they do.

Updating the Registry

Type: Case Study       Published: 01-2015      Views: 3151   
Description: Recognition technologies are helping the Land Registry to receive and process property register applications and changes electronically

CCube Solutions

Type: DMRG       Published: 06-2014      Views: 3141   

CCube Solutions specializes in providing CCube Electronic Document, Records, and Content Management & Workflow solutions

Is that file safe to open?         

Type: Feature       Published: 05-2019      Views: 3129   

Description: As new research from Barracuda shows the number of document-based malware attacks seeing an unprecedented rise, we take a closer look at the types of attack out there, and some approaches to help detect and block them

Readiris Corporate 15         

Type:       Published: 03-2015      Views: 3121   
Description: IRIS has a snappy tutorial video that it uses to introduce version 15 of its flagship Readiris software, which features the strapline: "No retyping. No paper. Just smart documents." And in a nutshell that summarises the product very well indeed.

Health improvements

Type: News       Published: 05-2015      Views: 3091   
Description: DataScan upscales medical records scanning service for Irish healthcare market by partnering with Kodak Alaris and Filestream


Type: DMRG       Published: 06-2014      Views: 3074   
Description: M-Files is acknowledged as a leader and visionary in the field by leading research organisations such as Gartner and Nucleus Research. Its capabilities have routinely exceeded its competitors at a similar price and the current product widens the gap even further.

Step away from the shredder!

Type: Opinion       Published: 01-2015      Views: 2929   
Description: Invu CTO Stuart Evans discusses strategies for getting rid of paper documents while complying with longer-term document management regulations.

Upping the intelligence quotient         

Type: Interview       Published: 05-2015      Views: 2911   
Description: DM Magazine speaks to Jorni Kastawi, Enterprise Sales Engineer at the Xerox Scanners team within Visioneer Europe, to find out more about their new 'Intelligent Capture Services' offering.

Time to take things up a notch         

Type: Opinion       Published: 11-2016      Views: 2907   
Description: AIIM's John Mancini told the audience at Fujitsu's Information Capture Conference why traditional ECM sales strategies just don't work any more

Shire force

Type: News       Published: 03-2015      Views: 2904   
Description: Storetec to provide DM services to the Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation

Lexmark to acquire Kofax

Type: News       Published: 04-2015      Views: 2898   
Description: World domination plans continue apace!

Putting the clocks right         

Type: Case Study       Published: 07-2015      Views: 2874   
Description: A new ECM system has helped HPI to improve the services it offers to car dealers, insurance firms and private buyers alike

Who's winning in the paper wars?

Type: Analysis       Published: 11-2014      Views: 2853   
Description: Hot on the heels of their recent 'Paper Wars 2014' research study, Doug Miles, Director of Market Intelligence at AIIM, argues that 'business at the speed of paper' is no longer an option.

Brainloop chooses Redcentric's cloud service to secure UK document collaboration

Type: News       Published: 12-2014      Views: 2851   
Description: Brainloop has chosen Redcentric’s Platform as a Service (PaaS) to underpin its portfolio of simple, secure, collaboration tools in the UK.

The patient approach         

Type:       Published: 05-2015      Views: 2835   
Description: The UK government continues to press for a paperless NHS, but Dr Vijay Magon of CCube Solutions argues that simply throwing funds at the issue may well lead to yet another high-profile public sector IT disaster.

Canon enters purchase-to-pay partnership with Palette

Type: News       Published: 01-2015      Views: 2813   
Description: Canon UK has entered into a partnership with Palette to integrate PaletteArena, Palette’s complete purchase-to-pay suite, with Canon’s document and image processing technology.

Agents of change         

Type: Opinion       Published: 01-2016      Views: 2760   
Description: The insurance industry is undergoing a 'digital transformation', says Sabine Holocher of PFU, with an increasing role to be played by data capture technologies

Who's number one?

Type: News       Published: 06-2015      Views: 2754   
Description: ibml achieves top market share in UK for high volume production scanning

Dicom Spigraph brought to book

Type: News       Published: 04-2015      Views: 2747   
Description: New UK partnership with book scanner specialists

No time to relax         

Type:       Published: 05-2015      Views: 2696   
Description: Document management is still not on everyone's 'Must-Have' list, argues Howard Frear, Director of Sales and Marketing, EASY Software UK.

After paper-free, should we go email-free?         

Type:       Published: 07-2015      Views: 2658   
Description: EASY Software UK's Director of Sales and Marketing, Howard Frear, is frustrated with all the email in our lives - or rather, our lack of control of them

Banking on OCR

Type: Case Study       Published: 05-2015      Views: 2650   
Description: When a leading European banking organisation needed to digitise 25 million documents following the acquisition of a major UK bank, it found ABBYY's FineReader Engine was the tool to trust

The smarter way to work         

Type:       Published: 07-2015      Views: 2643   
Description: In the first of a two-part article, David Wilkinson, Sales Director, Storetec Services Ltd., offers a view of a world in which flexible working, greater collaboration and new technologies will deliver seismic changes to how organisations think about work


Type: DMRG       Published: 06-2014      Views: 2640   
Description: IBM Enterprise Content Management (ECM) enables organisations to transform their business processes; access and manage all forms of content;

Increasing the speed of business

Type: News       Published: 08-2015      Views: 2620   
Description: Kodak Alaris enhances i4000 family

We know who you are

Type: News       Published: 05-2015      Views: 2605   
Description: New Kofax framework powers the capture and submission of Proof of Identity documents

Cintas Document Management UK Ltd

Type: DMRG       Published: 06-2014      Views: 2590   
Description: Cintas Document Management UK Ltd. is a leading provider of end-to-end document management solutions, including archiving, scanning and digitisation.

Covering all the bases         

Type: Interview       Published: 05-2015      Views: 2560   
Description: Restore plc has acquired upwards of 20 companies in the last 5 years, including scanning, shredding and relocation businesses. DM Magazine editor David Tyler caught up with the company's CEO, Charles Skinner.

Mail model         

Type: Case Study       Published: 05-2015      Views: 2532   
Description: The agency responsible for social security and benefit payments in France has implemented innovative technologies to streamline its mail handling processes

Putting you back in control

Type: News       Published: 06-2015      Views: 2499   
Description: New desktop scanners from Kodak Alaris help organisations adopt digital workflows and manage documents 'like never before'

The preservation game

Type: Case Study       Published: 03-2015      Views: 2475   
Description: The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland (RCAHMS) will use Preservica Enterprise Edition to ensure its unique collections on the changing landscapes and buildings of Scotland are safe and accessible for future generations

Innovative and intuitive

Type: Case Study       Published: 07-2015      Views: 2464   
Description: The move to SharePoint has allowed legal firm Shoosmiths to move toward integrating workflows and DM into a client portal which will enhance client collaboration and optimise working practices

Express TWAIN coming

Type: Technology Focus       Published: 11-2014      Views: 2463   
Description: Jon Harju, Visioneer CTO (and architect of their DriverPLUS technology) explains the need for advanced TWAIN drivers to communicate with sophisticated applications

Lifting the weight         

Type: Strategy       Published: 03-2017      Views: 2453   
Description: Andrew Morrison, President of Large Enterprise Operations, Europe at Xerox describes how different market sectors (manufacturing, banking and education) are addressing the opportunities of paperless working in order to enable strategies for digital transformation

Picking a winner

Type: News       Published: 08-2015      Views: 2442   
Description: Jockey Club goes with EASY Software

Standard Bank selects UniPrint

Type: News       Published: 02-2015      Views: 2438   
Description: Enabling fast, reliable remote printing in VDI environment

Everything is possible         

Type: Interview       Published: 07-2015      Views: 2420   
Description: DM Editor David Tyler catches up with Olivier Vergues, General Manager in charge of Xerox's workflow automation business

Laserfiche UK Services Ltd

Type: DMRG       Published: 06-2014      Views: 2414   
Description: Based in Long Beach, CA, with it's global HQ in Hong Kong and offices in;Shanghai, Toronto, Mexico, London, Washington, D.C and Fort Lauderdale uses its Run Smarter philosophy to create simple and elegant enterprise content management (ECM) solutions

Fitting the bill?

Type: Opinion       Published: 11-2014      Views: 2406   
Description: Why aren't Accounts Payable functions being automated more than they are, asks Howard Frear, Director of Sales and Marketing, EASY Software UK.

Lexmark completes Kofax acquisition         

Type: News       Published: 06-2015      Views: 2398   
Description: Kofax CEO Reynolds Bish to be president of Lexmark's Enterprise Software division

EDRM in Healthcare: the next step         

Type: Industry Focus       Published: 07-2015      Views: 2389   
Description: Use of established technologies to solve patient information problems in NHS Trusts is viable, has been proven, and is delivering real and tangible benefits. So, asks Vijay Magon of CCube Solutions, where do we go from here and what else can technology deliver?

Canon UK Ltd

Type: DMRG       Published: 06-2014      Views: 2379   
Description: For over 70 years Canon has been pioneering leading-edge imaging technologies from-

Wincanton Records Management wins Health Trust Europe framework

Type: News       Published: 07-2015      Views: 2378   
Description: Wincanton Record Management’s (WRM’s) submission has been evaluated as the ‘number 1’ submission put forward for a new Health Trust Europe (HTE) framework.

Taking a fresh look at Classification         

Type:       Published: 11-2016      Views: 2367   
Description: PDFs, office documents, e-mails and texts are everywhere. Most organisations recognise the need to classify and organise these asset types. Why do so few actually practice it?

Coroner's Office 'Bucks' trend

Type: News       Published: 05-2015      Views: 2354   
Description: Document automation at Buckinghamshire County Council

Manage your receipts - for free

Type: News       Published: 10-2015      Views: 2351   
Description: Fujitsu gives away ScanSnap Receipt software

The big issue

Type: Technology Focus       Published: 07-2015      Views: 2347   
Description: Nik Stanbridge, VP Marketing, Arkivum argues that many enterprises simply do not fully understand what big data is, how best to store and utilise it, and just how much data there has to be in order for it to be called 'big'

Relieving the drama at SAGA

Type: News       Published: 06-2015      Views: 2341   
Description: Scanning service provider gets 'best of both worlds' with InoTec

Driving force

Type: News       Published: 05-2015      Views: 2338   
Description: ABBYY OCR technology helps reduce risk and improve compliance

Capturing social history         

Type: Case Study       Published: 07-2015      Views: 2328   
Description: Almost a million pages from historic publications have been made available online thanks to a successful project involving specialist book-scanning equipment from i2S

Three steps to digital government         

Type: Opinion       Published: 05-2015      Views: 2324   
Description: Neil Robson of Storetec discusses why the UK government has to make digital working a key focus area

Loan star         

Type: Case Study       Published: 09-2015      Views: 2320   
Description: Intelligent scanning technologies have helped a US bank to massively improve its loan processing and information management

Digital first         

Type:       Published: 09-2015      Views: 2307   
Description: In the second part of his article on changing working practices (click here for part one), David Wilkinson of Storetec explains how greater collaboration and new technologies will inevitably alter how we do business

Professional capture simplified

Type: News       Published: 08-2015      Views: 2290   
Description: Two new scanner models from Fujitsu

Legal challenge

Type: Industry Focus       Published: 03-2015      Views: 2273   
Description: Simon Hill, Sales Director UK & Ireland at Nuance Communications, examines how technology is assisting legal firms to achieve 'diligent digital documentation'

Outsourced DM is (nearly) always a smart move         

Type: Strategy       Published: 11-2015      Views: 2271   
Description: EASY Software UK's Howard Frear believes that the move to outsource Document Management (DM) or Enterprise Content Management (ECM) services to a third party is the best business decision - in most cases


Type: DMRG       Published: 06-2014      Views: 2263   
Description: Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, ibml is a global provider of intelligent document scanning solutions

Child's play         

Type: Case Study       Published: 09-2015      Views: 2262   
Description: A South Wales health board has implemented a system to monitor children's growth based on eForms technologies

Captured at the Zoo         

Type: Events       Published: 09-2015      Views: 2261   
Description: EASY Software unveiled its new ECM Suite at its annual partner event, held this September at ZSL London Zoo. DM Magazine editor David Tyler was there to find out more about what the company describes as 'cutting out the fat to add value to classic document management'

No fear         

Type: Feature       Published: 03-2019      Views: 2253   
Description: According to new research, 72 percent of workers see AI and automation as technology that will help them to do their jobs, not replace them

BancTec Limited

Type:       Published: 06-2014      Views: 2248   
Description: BancTec Limited

Delivering document success

Type: News       Published: 08-2015      Views: 2236   
Description: Auto parts company streamlines processing of 85k-plus documents a month

It's the process, stupid         

Type: Interview       Published: 09-2015      Views: 2227   
Description: DM Magazine editor David Tyler caught up with AIIM's John Mancini while he was in the UK for the recent AIIM Forum

eForms: are you missing a trick?         

Type: Technology focus       Published: 03-2016      Views: 2217   
Description: Advances in electronic forms could offer significant benefits to organisations trying to remove paper from their processes, argues Vijay Magon of CCube Solutions

The right tool for the job

Type: Feature       Published: 05-2016      Views: 2214   
Description: Rokas Radziunas is Process Improvement Manager at Canadian oil industry manufacturer Triple D Bending. Here he shares his personal experiences of the ups and downs of selecting a document management system for the first time

New Destiny unveiled with launch of INKWRX

Type: News       Published: 05-2015      Views: 2195   
Description: Destiny Wireless has launched its new brand identity and website to support its growth in the digital data capture solutions market.

Fincore Ltd

Type: DMRG       Published: 06-2014      Views: 2194   
Description: Fincore's proven collaborative business, workflow, document, case and data management solutions are used by government organisations

New Destiny unveiled for INKWRX         

Type: News       Published: 05-2015      Views: 2190   
Description: Destiny Wireless has launched its new brand identity and website to support its growth in the digital data capture market

Post haste

Type: Case Study       Published: 09-2015      Views: 2178   
Description: Debt management company Totemic required a correspondence processing solution that could perform a multi-axial data look-up of customers, creditors and accounts, and display the results in a user-friendly way for validation staff

Business as usual         

Type: Case Study       Published: 11-2015      Views: 2171   
Description: Lawyers Farrer & Co improve collaboration and efficiency using a cloud-based DM solution and Kodak Alaris scanners


Type: DMRG       Published: 06-2014      Views: 2169   
Description: ITESOFT is a software vendor that specialises in the digitalisation and automation of financial processes

Beating the squeeze         

Type: Case Study       Published: 11-2015      Views: 2150   
Description: A fully managed service has relieved the print burden at Aylesbury Vale District Council despite significant cuts to funding


Type: DMRG       Published: 06-2014      Views: 2135   
Description: DOCOsoft is an innovative developer of document management and workflow software solutions for the global insurance and financial services markets. The company's pedigree is well established in the UK and our software is widely used in the London Insurance market, where we provide highly-effective claims, document management, scanning, and connectivity solutions. With over 15 years' experience in the London Insurance market, our innovative, cost effective solutions are continuously improved to keep pace with the many changes in the market place, and this is reflected in our ever expanding client base.


Type: DMRG       Published: 06-2014      Views: 2133   
Description: EASY SOFTWARE is Europe's foremost provider of integrated, scalable document management technologies with more than 12,000 customers worldwide.

Lexmark to Acquire Kofax for $1 billion         

Type: News       Published: 03-2015      Views: 2110   
Description: Lexmark and Kofax have entered into a merger agreement in which Lexmark will acquire Kofax for $11.00 per share in cash, for a total enterprise value of approximately $1 billion.

Staying on top of documents

Type: Case Study       Published: 05-2015      Views: 2076   
Description: Accounting and financial services firm Moore Stephens LLP has improved internal processes and service quality since implementing a system for cross-platform monitoring and reporting.

Signed, sealed, delivered         

Type: Opinion       Published: 01-2016      Views: 2069   
Description: Contracts are a critical success factor in today's business environment, contributing bottom line results through effective management. EASY Software UK's Howard Frear explains what best practice in this area looks like - and where DM technologies can help

Governing bodies         

Type: Feature       Published: 03-2016      Views: 2046   
Description: Bob Larrivee, Chief Analyst at AIIM, looks at successful Information Governance plans, from roll-out to enforcement

DM helps ring the changes

Type:       Published: 11-2015      Views: 2038   
Description: The goal remains the same, but the change management game has evolved, argues Chris Davidson, Marketing Manager at M-Files. It's less about planning for future changes and all about becoming more agile in order to effectively handle constant change

Learning in the cloud

Type: News       Published: 10-2015      Views: 2028   
Description: Educators use ABBYY cloud-to-cloud solution

On target with AIIM         

Type: Events       Published: 05-2015      Views: 2024   
Description: June 24th sees the return to London's Earls Court of the AIIM Forum; Document Manager takes a closer look at what you can expect if you are planning to attend

Spigraph Network

Type: DMRG       Published: 06-2014      Views: 2022   
Description: Spigraph is the leading document capture solutions and services provider in EMEA.

Prescription for success

Type: News       Published: 06-2015      Views: 2011   
Description: Scanning prescriptions saves Irish pharmacists time, boosts productivity and helps improve patient care

Digital Healthcare: been there, done that         

Type: Opinion       Published: 01-2016      Views: 2002   
Description: Paperless healthcare is not a pipe dream: there are a growing number of successful implementations out there that have achieved real, measurable benefits. Vijay Magon of CCube Solutions argues that there has never been a better time to make the shift

ABBYY and Fujitsu partner on data capture         

Type: News       Published: 01-2015      Views: 1995   
Description: ABBYY Europe is to partner with Fujitsu on data capture and replacement scanning, primarily covering solutions for automating incoming mail processes and automatic invoice processing

Linklaters enhances client experience and drives efficiency with DocuSign

Type: News       Published: 09-2015      Views: 1986   
Description: Linklaters, a leading global law firm, has deployed DocuSign’s Digital Transaction Management (DTM) platform and eSignature solution to support clients with a faster, easier, more convenient and secure transaction experience. DocuSign is helping Linklaters eliminate the hassles and costs of printing, faxing, scanning and overnighting documents for signing.

GFI manages email server security         

Type: News       Published: 01-2015      Views: 1976   
Description: GFI Software has released GFI MailEssentials 2015

Businesses failing to capture £6.4 Mil+ in potential revenue due to poorly managed data archives

Type: News       Published: 06-2015      Views: 1958   
Description: Iron Mountain and IDC study shows data archives represent blind spot, business opportunity for most organisations.

Testing times         

Type: Case Study       Published: 01-2016      Views: 1936   
Description: The world's oldest exam group has created its own scanning bureau facility to speed up the processing of scripts after exams

Meta gets better with M-Files

Type: News       Published: 10-2015      Views: 1933   
Description: M-Files 2015.1 focuses on enhanced metadata configurability and simpler management of complex workflows

SCC goes with Wincanton

Type: News       Published: 10-2015      Views: 1932   
Description: Multi-year contract for off-site data protection

Canon’s ultra-compact portable scanner

Type: News       Published: 01-2015      Views: 1909   
Description: Replacing the imageFORMULA P-208, Canon's new P-208II portable scanner features a newly-designed paper feeder tray, making it easier to load multiple documents onto the 10-sheet automatic document feeder (ADF)

Esker Ltd

Type: DMRG       Published: 06-2014      Views: 1886   
Description: Esker is the worldwide leader in document process automation solutions.

Kodak Alaris launches AI business

Type: News       Published: 10-2015      Views: 1882   
Description: AI Foundry is 'next stage in evolution'

Cheques and balances

Type: Case Study       Published: 09-2015      Views: 1878