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Dell completes acquisition of EMC

Type: News       Published: 09-2016      Views: 1299   
Description: Dell has announced completion of its acquisition of EMC, creating a unique family of businesses that provides the essential infrastructure for organisations to build their digital future, transform IT and protect their most important asset, information.

Viva Las VVols?         

Type: Technology focus       Published: 11-2015      Views: 1327   
Description: The launch of VMware's vSphere 6 early in 2015 - complete with support for Virtual Volumes (VVols) - was heralded as a game changer for storage management. Six months down the line, Ibby Rahmani of DataCore Software discusses the true impact of VVols and suggests some short cuts to enablement

Ready for future growth         

Type: Case Study       Published: 11-2015      Views: 1406   
Description: Employee and customer engagement specialist Grass Roots reached out to HGST and VMware in order to create a high-performance and high-capacity infrastructure that can support its rapidly growing business

Making patient care faster

Type: Case Study       Published: 11-2013      Views: 4280   
Description: The University Hospitals of Leicester have been able to significantly improve patient care while reducing costs, thanks to desktop virtualisation technologies from IBM and Atlantis

Join the exclusive Storage Leaders' Forum now!

Type: Events       Published: 08-2011      Views: 1038   

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