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CIF launches three-tier membership

Type: News       Published: 08-2016      Views: 1135   
Description: Reflects 'broadening cloud ecosystem'

Growing appetite for hybrid I.T.         

Type: Analysis       Published: 05-2016      Views: 1467   
Description: Demand for Cloud computing is continuing to increase while colocation looks set to decline, according to new research from Pulsant

CIF opens up to individuals

Type: News       Published: 02-2016      Views: 7060   
Description: New benefits for individual members

Two thirds of UK PLCs plan to move entire IT estate to the Cloud

Type: News       Published: 02-2016      Views: 6534   
Description: Some 63 per cent of UK enterprises are now planning to move their entire IT estate to the Cloud in the near future. This is according to the latest research from the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF).

Aegis Data signs up to the Cloud Industry Forum

Type: News       Published: 02-2016      Views: 6514   
Description: Colocation data centre provider, Aegis Data, has joined the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF), the membership body created to drive education, transparency and accountability in the Cloud industry.

Racing ahead         

Type: Analysis       Published: 11-2015      Views: 11619   
Description: The rate of cloud adoption is accelerating faster than anyone expected, says Jennifer Brenner, Senior Vice President Marketing, iland

Cloud providers choosing the same old faces rather than looking for innovation, says Streamwire

Type: News       Published: 09-2015      Views: 915   
Description: Cloud Industry Forum research points to continuing problems with successful cloud deployment

Members only

Type: News       Published: 04-2015      Views: 1529   
Description: Cloud Industry Forum launches new scheme for IT and cloud professionals

Cloud adoption rises to 84%

Type: News       Published: 04-2015      Views: 1802   
Description: Big increase in confidence as proportion set on 100% Cloud environments doubles

Digital transformation plans don't stack up

Type: News       Published:       Views: 410   
Description: Rsearch reveals disparity between drivers and KPIs

Cloud vital for improving customer service

Type: News       Published:       Views: 276   
Description: But new research suggests adoption levels still leave much to be desired

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