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Overwhelming majority of EMEA companies struggle to secure the Cloud, according to Sumo Logic

Type: News       Published: 06-2018      Views: 1041   
Description: Sumo Logic has announced results of an independent study that found 98 percent of European companies face organisational challenges with implementing security in cloud environments.

Azure becomes first global Cloud provider to deploy AMD EPYC

Type: News       Published: 12-2017      Views: 1338   
Description: AMD returns to high-performance server and data centre CPUs

Alert Logic unveils Cloud Insight Essentials

Type: News       Published: 12-2017      Views: 1383   
Description: Integrated with Amazon GuardDuty to speed threat and exposure response time

Deltion selects NaviSite

Type:       Published: 06-2017      Views: 921   
Description: NaviSite to host multi-tenanted SaaS application environment

Professional services for AWS

Type:       Published: 06-2017      Views: 881   
Description: New Rackspace offering

Hybrid Cloud services from Firstnet

Type:       Published: 06-2017      Views: 979   
Description: Powered by Nutanix

Cloud solution provider and GDPR expert Calligo set to extend public sector offering

Type:       Published: 05-2017      Views: 557   
Description: Calligo has been selected to be part of the government's G Cloud 9 Framework, a procurement platform that pairs cloud-based service providers with public sector organisations. Calligo has joined a list of accredited suppliers under the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Cloud Support Services categories.

The main event         

Type: Case Study       Published: 03-2017      Views: 2153   
Description: Cloud Expo, Europe's biggest and best attended Cloud and digital transformation show, is even bigger and better for 2017

Safe and sound         

Type: Case Study       Published: 03-2017      Views: 1005   
Description: Fintech specialist FISCAL Technologies is securing customer data and winning new business thanks to The Bunker's virtual hosting infrastructure

Scared to innovate?         

Type: Analysis       Published: 03-2017      Views: 1018   
Description: New research from Claranet suggests that UK IT departments are among the most likely in Europe to identify security/compliance as their biggest challenge - and as a result, they are also more likely to host their applications internally

Choose your partners         

Type: Opinion       Published: 03-2017      Views: 1144   
Description: The advantages of the Cloud reach to the core of most businesses - but executives must choose their partners carefully, argues Tim Rushent, Account Manager for industry and commerce at Hyland

Automating the IT production line         

Type: Opinion       Published: 03-2017      Views: 6154   
Description: David Grimes, CTO at Navisite, discusses the growing role of APIs in reducing costs and developing tomorrow's businesses

The main event         

Type: Event       Published: 03-2017      Views: 1133   
Description: Cloud Expo, Europe's biggest and best attended cloud and digital transformation show took place recently in London's ExCel: Cloud Hosting magazine was there to report back

Take that to the bank         

Type: Case Study       Published: 03-2017      Views: 1057   
Description: Metro Bank, the first new UK high street bank in over 100 years, has reduced close-of-business processing time by 50 percent and report production time by two-thirds by moving its IT infrastructure to a managed Cloud solution

Performance anxiety         

Type: Feature       Published: 03-2017      Views: 1136   
Description: Jonathan Arnold, Managing Director at Volta Data Centres, explains how high performance computing can change your business for the better

AMP it up

Type: News       Published: 02-2017      Views: 1299   
Description: Pulsant/Microsoft create hybrid solution

Meeting the mark

Type: News       Published: 02-2017      Views: 1311   
Description: New certification for compliance with GDPR

Oxfam chooses Rackspace

Type: News       Published: 02-2017      Views: 1284   
Description: Oxfam is to use Fanatical Support for Microsoft Azure from Rackspace as part of a major cloud migration project.

New nearline storage offerings from Seagate

Type: News       Published: 02-2017      Views: 1273   
Description: "Best value" HDD for SME & Cloud customers

AWS available from UK data centres

Type: News       Published: 12-2016      Views: 1329   
Description: AWS Europe (London) region launched

Metro Bank speeds up critical business processes

Type: News       Published: 12-2016      Views: 1176   
Description: Rackspace solution supports rapid growth

New version of Red Hat CloudForms announced

Type: News       Published: 12-2016      Views: 1161   
Description: "Driving open hybrid cloud management"

Trust issues         

Type: Opinion       Published: 11-2016      Views: 1427   
Description: The move to Cloud leaves many businesses with new security concerns, suggests Dave Nicholson, Technical Sales Consultant, Axial Systems: organisations now need to ensure that their standards are mirrored -at least - by that of their Cloud services provider

GDPR: don't be strung along         

Type: Strategy       Published: 11-2016      Views: 2079   
Description: Lillian Pang of Rackspace addresses some of the most common misunderstandings surrounding the new GDPR legislation; rules that will affect any business that handles personal data, and therefore the majority of organisations in the UK

DR: Test and test again

Type:       Published: 11-2016      Views: 1609   
Description: A recent roundtable gathered business leaders to debate the findings of iland's 'State of IT Disaster Recovery Amongst UK Businesses' survey; Monica Brink, EMEA Marketing Director, summarises the conversation

Microsoft Cloud is here

Type: News       Published: 10-2016      Views: 1117   
Description: Multiple UK data centres announced

Enfield picks Civica

Type: News       Published: 10-2016      Views: 1321   
Description: For digital transformation of housing services

Calling from the Cloud

Type: News       Published: 10-2016      Views: 1211   
Description: Cloud-based telecoms offering from easycopiers

Simplifying the IT professional's work day

Type: News       Published: 10-2016      Views: 1088   
Description: Spiceworks unveils free Cloud-based networking applications

Free Spiceworks tool helps track and manage Cloud spending

Type: News       Published: 09-2016      Views: 1081   
Description: Cloud Cost Monitor is a new free online tool that connects to IT professionals' Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services accounts to analyse and report on organisations' infrastructure as a service (IaaS) costs and utilised resources.

A day like no other         

Type: Case Study       Published: 09-2016      Views: 1190   
Description: UCAS needed to address a unique scaling issue: for just one day in the year they have to manage nearly 300 logins a second (almost 1.5 million logins during that one day), while the rest of the year required nowhere near that processing capacity

Forging the right links         

Type: Research       Published: 09-2016      Views: 1899   
Description: Two-thirds of European IT departments do not fully understand the needs of their organisations, and IT leaders must forge closer links across the business

Compliance: the buck stops here         

Type: Opinion       Published: 09-2016      Views: 1270   
Description: Monica Brink of iland looks at why compliance and security are still the main blockers to cloud adoption, and how nine out of ten security professionals worry about cloud security

Building a security plan using the Cloud         

Type: Feature       Published: 09-2016      Views: 1691   
Description: Sean McAvan, Managing Director of NaviSite Europe, discusses the considerations for securing a business in an increasingly connected world

Banking? It's kids' stuff         

Type: Case Study       Published: 09-2016      Views: 1312   
Description: goHenry, a 'fully digital family banking solution designed to help young people manage their money', has achieved 470 percent annual growth with help from the VMware Managed Virtualisation offering from Rackspace

Hybrid helps to manage the load         

Type: Feature       Published: 09-2016      Views: 1551   
Description: Managing servers and applications in a hybrid environment brings a number of challenges for the IT professional, says Gerardo Dada, Vice President of Product Marketing, SolarWinds

CIF launches three-tier membership

Type: News       Published: 08-2016      Views: 1123   
Description: Reflects 'broadening cloud ecosystem'

Nottingham Uni goes with ANS

Type: News       Published: 08-2016      Views: 1052   
Description: Deploys new private cloud architecture across all campuses

More cloud fails on the way

Type: News       Published: 08-2016      Views: 1103   
Description: Digital skill shortage 'could lead to increased security risks and failed cloud migrations'

Managed cloud hosting from 1&1

Type: News       Published: 08-2016      Views: 1032   
Description: Container technology means maximun flexibility, security and performance

NaviSite on the money

Type: News       Published: 08-2016      Views: 1051   
Description: Helping Mortgage Brain leverage Cloud for home buying

Zerto protects IBM Cloud workloads

Type: News       Published: 08-2016      Views: 879   
Description: Cloud continuity solution now available

Double acquisition for Nutanix

Type: News       Published: 08-2016      Views: 859   
Description: PernixData and to augment platform

Archive direct to Amazon Public Cloud

Type: News       Published: 08-2016      Views: 901   
Description: New offering from Spectra Logic

Brexit: what happens next?         

Type: Feature       Published: 07-2016      Views: 3573   
Description: In the aftermath of the recent EU referendum, we find ourselves in the midst of a historic moment for the UK, with plenty of uncertainty in the air. So what does leaving the European Union mean for the cloud/data centre sector? Cloud Hosting magazine gathers opinion from across the industry

Hybrid to the rescue for SME sector         

Type: Opinion       Published: 07-2016      Views: 1545   
Description: Hybrid Cloud architecture has been a while maturing, but now offers businesses unparalleled flexibility, ROI and scalability. Andrew Stuart, MD for EMEA at Datto, argues that the smaller the business, the more vital these traits are - making hybrid Cloud the number one choice for SMEs in 2016

Voice activated         

Type: Case Study       Published: 07-2016      Views: 1276   
Description: Oxfordshire-based medical device manufacturer Penlon has transformed the way it does business since implementing a cloud hosted communications platform

True or false?         

Type: Research       Published: 07-2016      Views: 1393   
Description: New research from Spiceworks exposes a number of widely held assumptions about Cloud computing as myths - but also highlights some home truths

Risky business         

Type: Feature       Published: 07-2016      Views: 1672   
Description: Priya Kanduri, Head of Risk and Compliance Practice at digital transformation specialist Happiest Minds, asks if governance and risk issues are standing in the way of enterprise cloud adoption

Balancing the books         

Type: Case Study       Published: 07-2016      Views: 1435   
Description: CPI, a major European book printing specialist, has chosen to host its customer platform, 'Highway' in Interoute's Cloud. It will also switch the wide area network that supports the Highway platform to Interoute's pan-European network

Movies on demand         

Type: Case Study       Published: 07-2016      Views: 1108   
Description: Vue Entertainment, one of the top cinema groups in the UK and Ireland, is using the VMware Managed Virtualisation offering from Rackspace to support the unprecedented demand for tickets that's being generated by blockbuster films such as 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' and 'Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice'

1&1 & Intel makes two         

Type: News       Published: 06-2016      Views: 1253   
Description: Delivering 'innovative and secure' cloud platforms

London calling

Type: News       Published: 06-2016      Views: 1085   
Description: Safe Computing expands across Europe

Cloud 'not a commodity'

Type: News       Published: 06-2016      Views: 947   
Description: Price doesn't matter, says new research

CloudNX targets developers

Type: News       Published: 06-2016      Views: 950   
Description: 'Pay as you use' cloud server offering from Fasthosts

Capital gains         

Type: Case Study       Published: 05-2016      Views: 1170   
Description: Private equity specialist Coller Capital is undergoing a 'Cloud transformation' with the assistance of CenturyLink

A Symbiotic Relationship         

Type: Opinion       Published: 05-2016      Views: 1599   
Description: Darren Watkins, Managing Director at VIRTUS Data Centres, examines the relationship between Cloud and colocation.

50 Shades of PaaS and why it remains at an early stage of adoption

Type: Opinion       Published: 03-2016      Views: 1751   
Description: The dividing lines between Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) are blurring. But according to Phil Brindley, CTO, The Bunker, the dominance of the latter belies the importance of the former in the Cloud Computing arena and there are several reasons why both will remain as distinct layers and product sets.

May Cloud security be with you         

Type: Opinion       Published: 03-2016      Views: 7032   
Description: Three 'top tips to protect against the dark side', from Robert Arandjelovic, Director of Security Strategy at Blue Coat

Breaking all records: Cloud Expo Europe 2016         

Type: Event       Published: 03-2016      Views: 6764   
Description: With hundreds of new exhibitors, over 200 brand new products & services and two wholly new complementary events under the same roof, this year's Cloud Expo Europe looks set to outshine all the previous shows. Cloud Hosting magazine finds out more

From measurement to management         

Type: Feature       Published: 03-2016      Views: 7269   
Description: Adam Chapman, Director of Global Marketing at Fluenta, explains how Cloud-based data can enable organisations to control risk more effectively

Connecting 'islands of storage'

Type: Case Study       Published: 03-2016      Views: 7226   
Description: A Cloud platform solution means that newly Oscar-winning VFX business Milk is able to treat its Cardiff facility as 'another floor to our London offices'

Building 'hyper loyalty'         

Type: Case Study       Published: 03-2016      Views: 6849   
Description: Digital promotions specialist Eagle Eye has used Rackspace DevOps Automation Services to manage the spike of transactions it received over the busy Christmas and January sales periods

Keeping track of Cloud services         

Type: Feature       Published: 03-2016      Views: 7399   
Description: It is becoming increasingly critical for organisations to get a handle on the type and number of Cloud services and applications they use, says Chris Rogers, director of Cloud solutions at Silver Peak

The three pillars of CSP success         

Type: Research       Published: 03-2016      Views: 2116   
Description: Doug Rich, VP EMEA at Tintri, discusses the key storage strategies for Cloud Service Providers that have emerged from the company's recent research findings

Red Hat Gluster available on Google Cloud

Type: News       Published: 02-2016      Views: 6794   
Description: Expands customer capabilities to deploy scalable hybrid cloud storage

'Most large companies' adopting OpenStack

Type: News       Published: 02-2016      Views: 6914   
Description: SUSE study says lack of skills is an issue

Thistle do nicely

Type: News       Published: 02-2016      Views: 956   
Description: Edinburgh charity goes with Pulsant

HMRC goes multi-channel with DataCentred

Type: News       Published: 02-2016      Views: 845   
Description: OpenStack to support digital tax platform

'Cloud first' isn't enough any more         

Type: Analysis       Published: 01-2016      Views: 7057   
Description: We take a closer look at Verizon's recently published 'State of the Market: Enterprise Cloud 2016' report

Leveraging the cloud to target cancer         

Type: Case Study       Published: 01-2016      Views: 8546   
Description: US-based biomedicine pioneers H3 are making vital genomics data more easily accessible via the Cloud - allowing them to explore multiple scientific approaches to developing new drugs

Flirting with disaster?         

Type: Technology Focus       Published: 01-2016      Views: 7188   
Description: Peter Groucutt of Databarracks asks if you might be wasting money on disaster recovery technologies, simply because you don't have the appropriate practices in place around them

Defying Data Gravity         

Type: Technology Focus       Published: 01-2016      Views: 7820   
Description: When embracing the cloud, enterprises need to reassess their data storage platforms to ensure that they do not suffer the effects of "Data Gravity", and instead, work to achieve a Data Fabric that facilitates the handling of data, argues Martin Warren, Cloud Solutions Marketing Manager, NetApp

OpenStack comes of age         

Type: Case Study       Published: 01-2016      Views: 8234   
Description: Knowing the benefits of OpenStack cloud technology - but recognising that few businesses have the in-house skills or knowledge to access these benefits - Finnish-based CSP Datalounges used the SUSE OpenStack Cloud 5 platform to build a managed cloud services environment for companies of all sizes

Cloud printing: the write stuff?         

Type: Strategy       Published: 01-2016      Views: 7716   
Description: Printing via the Cloud has significant business benefits to offer when done correctly: but complex infrastructures and security concerns can mean that organisations are simply replacing one problem with another, argues Arron Fu, CTO of UniPrint

Are you paying too much for your cloud?

Type: News       Published: 12-2015      Views: 16590   
Description: Research suggests possible 74% saving from using multiple providers

Interoute only takes a Minit

Type: News       Published: 12-2015      Views: 14264   
Description: Mister Minit streamlines enterprise application access using networked cloud

Beating the squeeze         

Type: Case Study       Published: 11-2015      Views: 15198   
Description: A fully managed service has relieved the print burden at Aylesbury Vale District Council despite significant cuts to funding

Racing ahead         

Type: Analysis       Published: 11-2015      Views: 11603   
Description: The rate of cloud adoption is accelerating faster than anyone expected, says Jennifer Brenner, Senior Vice President Marketing, iland

Flashing the cash         

Type: Technology focus       Published: 11-2015      Views: 18446   
Description: Laurence James, Product Alliances and Solutions Marketing Manager, NetApp, discusses the potential financial benefits of flash technology in cloud environments.

Beating the squeeze         

Type: Case Study       Published: 11-2015      Views: 2130   
Description: A fully managed service has relieved the print burden at Aylesbury Vale District Council despite significant cuts to funding

HP Helion CloudSystem 9.0 released

Type: News       Published: 10-2015      Views: 1732   
Description: Integration of OpenStack and Cloud Foundry helps customers transform to a hybrid infrastructure

Boardroom driving cloud adoption

Type: News       Published: 10-2015      Views: 1408   
Description: Directors behind 60% of migrations, says Rackspace study

Start me up         

Type: Opinion       Published: 09-2015      Views: 1792   
Description: The cloud can offer a major boost for UK start-ups, suggests Monica Brink, director product marketing, iland

Driving force         

Type: Case Study       Published: 09-2015      Views: 2433   
Description: Commercial vehicle systems manufacturer Truck-Lite is adopting an IaaS approach in order to enhance its Europe-wide infrastructure and processes

IP EXPO Europe: Six events under one roof         

Type: Events       Published: 09-2015      Views: 24798   
Description: With over 300 free educational seminars, 300 exhibitors, and a rare head-to-head between Microsoft and Google, this year's IP Expo Europe event promises something for everyone. Cloud Hosting magazine takes a closer look

Busting some cloud myths         

Type: Feature       Published: 09-2015      Views: 2124   
Description: Brandon Tanner of nationwide managed services firm IT Specialists (ITS) argues that a number of ‘myths’ around cloud technologies could be preventing financial institutions from enjoying the benefits of cloud services

Booting up         

Type: Case Study       Published: 09-2015      Views: 1695   
Description: Fashion footwear retailer Office has employed Rackspace Private Cloud to handle spikes of website traffic generated by the busy summer festival season

The three-step plan to cloud security         

Type: Opinion       Published: 09-2015      Views: 2835   
Description: Chris Pace, head of product marketing at Wallix, suggests three security questions that cloud service providers should expect to hear from any business expanding or adopting cloud services

VESK goes with Nexenta

Type: News       Published: 08-2015      Views: 1859   
Description: Virtual desktop provider selects software-defined storage solutions to support portfolio of cloud services

Pulsant breaks festival records

Type: News       Published: 08-2015      Views: 1353   
Description: Partnership with Edinburgh International Festival reaches new highs as more visitors than ever book online

Cloud boosts business for UK start-ups

Type: Opinion       Published: 08-2015      Views: 1456   
Description: Written by Monica Brink, director product marketing, iland.

Avention now available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace

Type: News       Published: 08-2015      Views: 1398   
Description: Avention has announced that its business data solution is now available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, offering added value to Oracle Sales Cloud customers. Avention provides deep data insights that can enable organisations to identify, target, nurture and close new clients and prospects more efficiently.

SanDisk enables performance & density gains for Cloud infrastructures

Type: News       Published: 08-2015      Views: 1544   
Description: New SATA SSD powers CSP and software-defined storage environments

Crowdfunding platform succeeds via managed cloud

Type: News       Published: 08-2015      Views: 1226   
Description: Crowdcube grows with Rackspace

From Hong Kong to LA

Type: News       Published: 08-2015      Views: 1316   
Description: Interoute goes trans-pacific

Wipro goes SDS for hybrid cloud

Type: News       Published: 08-2015      Views: 1479   
Description: Leverages Nexenta to create scalable storage infrastructure for thousands of Virtual Desktop users

Worldwide cloud IT infrastructure market grows by 25.1% in the first quarter

Type: News       Published: 07-2015      Views: 1530   
Description: According to the IDC Worldwide Quarterly Cloud IT Infrastructure Tracker, vendor revenue from sales of infrastructure products (server, storage, and Ethernet switch) for cloud IT, including public and private cloud, grew by 25.1% year over year to nearly $6.3 billion in the first quarter of 2015 (1Q15).

Outsourced data centre infrastructure in Europe tips towards 40% by 2019

Type: News       Published: 07-2015      Views: 2533   
Description: Consulting firm BroadGroup has released the new edition of its seminal report on the data centre market in Europe.

CIO: changing from gatekeeper to enabler         

Type: Strategy       Published: 07-2015      Views: 2536   
Description: The rise of 'shadow IT' means that CIOs must develop a hybrid cloud infrastructure that meets the needs of their business before the business itself beats them to it, suggests Ian Finlay, Chief Operating Officer at Abiquo

The main event         

Type: Events       Published: 07-2015      Views: 2291   
Description: Attracting thousands of visitors despite the heatwave outside, this year's Cloud World Forum conference and exhibition highlighted how 80% of UK businesses now use Cloud technologies and are ready to leverage them to advance their digital services

Good call         

Type: Analysis       Published: 07-2015      Views: 7127   
Description: Cloud adoption is now a strategic business decision for contact centres, argues Keith Wilkinson, VP Cloud EMEA, Genesys

Sleeping giant         

Type: Case Study       Published: 07-2015      Views: 1940   
Description: The IT department at bed retailer Dreams can sleep well at night, knowing the company's website is always up and running, even during busy shopping periods and marketing campaigns

On the move         

Type: Case Study       Published: 07-2015      Views: 2581   
Description: Manufacturing firm Interroll has transitioned its WAN from MPLS to the internet, reducing costs and improving SaaS application performance

Location, location, location

Type: News       Published: 06-2015      Views: 1733   
Description: Survey suggests decision makers prefer a 'local' cloud provider

BT stakes its claim in cloud IT         

Type: Analysis       Published: 05-2015      Views: 2710   
Description: BT is aiming to be the world's 'cloud services integrator of choice' with its new Cloud of Clouds vision. Cloud Hosting magazine takes a closer look

Flexibility is the key         

Type: Strategy       Published: 05-2015      Views: 2683   
Description: Martin Warren, Cloud Solutions Marketing Manager at NetApp argues that a hybrid cloud approach offers the ideal solution for enterprises looking for agility, flexibility and cost effectiveness

Conveying the right message         

Type: Case Study       Published: 05-2015      Views: 2229   
Description: Managed global growth was strategically important for conveyor belt manufacturer Ammeraal Beltech, and a cloud-based CRM solution has proven core to their successful expansion

Shifting up a gear         

Type: Case Study       Published: 05-2015      Views: 2275   
Description: Car manufacturer Peugeot were facing a hosting crisis until they got talking to Claranet, who not only addressed their immediate issues but also worked with them to develop a technical framework for the future.

End of the road?         

Type: Technology Focus       Published: 03-2015      Views: 1978   
Description: The announcement that support and security updates for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 are to end this year provides the impetus for change, argues Dave Leyland, head of Architecture Data Centre and Cloud at Dimension Data

Hybrid: the 'best-fit' strategy         

Type: Opinion       Published: 03-2015      Views: 2708   
Description: According to Sean McAvan, Managing Director of NaviSite Europe, a hybrid cloud approach offers the best of both worlds for business: embracing the new, while getting the most out of existing IT investments

Make mine a double         

Type: Case Study       Published: 03-2015      Views: 1585   
Description: Iconic wine merchant Oddbins is using Rackspace Managed Cloud services to power its website as it aims to double online sales by improving the shopping experience of its e-Commerce customers

Where is Enterprise IT going? To Cloud Expo Europe, of course!         

Type: Events       Published: 02-2015      Views: 2488   
Description: The organisers describe Cloud Expo Europe as 'two days of intensive networking and knowledge gathering' - Cloud Hosting magazine will be there of course, and we summarise below some of the expected highlights.

Taking IT to the wire         

Type: Technology Focus       Published: 01-2015      Views: 2182   
Description: ExtraHop's Owen Cole explains why ‘wire data’ offers the IT operational intelligence needed for the emerging Application-Centric Infrastructure

SME IT budgets continue to rise in 2015, according to Node4 research

Type: News       Published: 01-2015      Views: 2860   
Description: Over 60% of UK SMEs expect their IT budget to increase in 2015, according to independent research by Cloud and Data Centre specialist, Node4. It is the second year in a row that Node4’s survey of 250 IT decision makers in companies between 50-500 employees has revealed that the majority of SMEs are planning to spend more on their IT provisions.

The Network Computing Masterclass series...

Type: Masterclass       Published: 01-2015      Views: 1857   
Description: ...going beyond technology and product. This Network Management Masterclass series is in association with Paessler AG. In this edition we consider the future of the network and its impact on network monitoring

G-ing up local government         

Type: Opinion       Published: 11-2014      Views: 2757   
Description: Why is the G-Cloud framework struggling to take off with local government users? Databarracks' Peter Groucutt examines the issues.

The new cost of doing business         

Type: Strategy       Published: 11-2014      Views: 1942   
Description: Despite the much-heralded benefits, there are a number of unexpected potential obstacles for businesses moving towards public cloud-based IaaS platforms, argues Lilac Schoenbeck, VP of Product Management & Marketing, iland

Disruption ahead         

Type: Interview       Published: 11-2014      Views: 2487   
Description: In an increasingly cloud-centric world, resellers who are still focused on just 'selling boxes' will be left behind, as Sol-Tec Sales Director Lee Cox explains to Cloud Hosting editor David Tyler.

tolomy launches suite of secure cloud services

Type: News       Published: 11-2014      Views: 2576   
Description: Secure cloud provider tolomy has launched a suite of secure cloud services offering government-level accredited cloud services.

ERP must move to cloud to survive

Type: News       Published: 10-2014      Views: 1883   
Description: 140,000 users not satisfied with their ERP, says Epicor survey

Disruption ahead

Type: Interview       Published: 10-2014      Views: 2953   
Description: In an increasingly cloud-centric world, resellers who are still focused on just 'selling boxes' will be left behind, as Sol-Tec Sales Director Lee Cox explains to Storage magazine editor David Tyler.

Two additional UK cloud nodes for NaviSite         

Type: News       Published: 10-2014      Views: 1987   
Description: NaviSite Europe Limited have launched two new NaviCloud Director nodes, located in Woking and Redhill, UK.

Managed cloud offering from RackSpace

Type: News       Published: 09-2014      Views: 1798   
Description: Includes enhanced service levels, transparent charging models and 'developer +' programme

Plotting a safe journey

Type: Feature       Published: 09-2014      Views: 2493   
Description: Andrew Carr, CEO of Bull Information Systems, offers a selection of Top Tips for 'getting there with Hybrid Cloud Storage'.

Legal challenge

Type: Case Study       Published: 09-2014      Views: 2615   
Description: Legal IT specialists Accesspoint have worked closely with Databarracks to deliver CJSM (Criminal Justice Secure eMail) connectivity in the cloud to East London solicitors Edwards Duthie.

Show me the money!

Type: Strategy       Published: 09-2014      Views: 2634   
Description: Jamie Longmuir of SafeNet describes how different approaches to software monetization can drive incremental revenue for ISVs via the Cloud.

OpenStack Marketplace Now Features Hosted Private Cloud Options

Type: News       Published: 09-2014      Views: 1874   
Description: Addition of Hosted Private Cloud category to OpenStack Marketplace underscores interest among enterprises in different OpenStack consumption models

Six Unexpected Challenges of Cloud

Type: Opinion       Published: 08-2014      Views: 1459   
Description: By Dante Orsini, SVP of Business Development, iland

Shining a light on shadow IT

Type: News       Published: 08-2014      Views: 2847   
Description: Silver Peak has unveiled Unity, a new intelligent WAN fabric designed to unify the enterprise network with the public cloud.

Node4 expands cloud offering with acquisition of LETN Solutions

Type: News       Published: 08-2014      Views: 2246   
Description: Node4 has completed a strategic acquisition of LETN Solutions, a leading cloud infrastructure company. The acquisition will extend Node4's existing portfolio of cloud solutions allowing it to further its Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Disaster Recovery and Virtualisation service offerings.

Keeping the customer satisfied

Type: Case Study       Published: 08-2014      Views: 1599   
Description: Eagle Eye, a UK leader in digital consumer engagement, is using the Rackspace DevOps Automation service to manage a cloud-based infrastructure which supports its product network for offers, vouchers and reward transactions

Don't confuse price with value

Type: Strategy       Published: 07-2014      Views: 1970   
Description: When it comes to cloud-based infrastructure services, some potential buyers seem to know the price of everything but the value of nothing, argues Flaviu Radulescu, CEO of bare metal cloud provider Bigstep

ATOS Canopy 'empowers digital business'

Type: News       Published: 06-2014      Views: 2405   
Description: New cloud platform helps organisations to accelerate their move to digital business

ManageEngine survey finds IT departments feeling ‘overstretched’ and disconnected

Type: News       Published: 06-2014      Views: 1887   
Description: ManageEngine, the real-time IT management company, has announced the results of a survey conducted at the recent Service Desk and IT Support Show which found that almost half (40%) of IT professionals describe the current capacity of their department to do its job as ‘stretched’ or ‘over-stretched’

xStream to deliver SAP Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service globally on IBM's SoftLayer

Type: News       Published: 06-2014      Views: 2291   
Description: IBM is to use Virtustream’s cloud management platform (CMP) software, xStream, as an option to deliver SAP and SAP HANA environments on the SoftLayer cloud globally for both managed and customer managed SAP environments.

Phoenix soars towards G-Cloud V

Type: News       Published: 06-2014      Views: 2160   
Description: Phoenix has been confirmed as a supplier for G-Cloud V, the fifth round of procurement to the Government’s G-Cloud framework. Phoenix will be offering Infrastructure-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, Software-as-a-Service, and Specialist Cloud services.

Cloud wars ignore customer casualties, according to new research commissioned by iland

Type: News       Published: 06-2014      Views: 1543   
Description: iland recently unveiled the findings of a new global survey conducted by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) and commissioned by iland. The findings, published in a study titled, "Casualties of Cloud Wars: Customers Are Paying the Price,” reveal that while tech giants fight cloud wars, customers are suffering from overwhelming cloud failure rates and multiple unexpected challenges.

Two-thirds of UK companies facing 'tech deficit'

Type: News       Published: 06-2014      Views: 2071   
Description: New research from Colt says 'simplification is key'

Mind your own business

Type: Strategy       Published: 06-2014      Views: 2147   
Description: Kate Baker of Custodian Data Centre offers 'a colocation perspective' on efficiencies and the role of Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM).

Cloud SLAs: the devil is in the detail

Type:       Published: 05-2014      Views: 1959   
Description: Public cloud provider SLAs should focus on much more than just an uptime percentage guarantee, argues Andy Lancaster, Director of Cloud Services, Dimension Data

Company cloud: putting SMBs in the driving seat

Type: Opinion       Published: 05-2014      Views: 7725   
Description: SMBs needn't sign-up to proprietary hosted software solutions to benefit from cloud flexibility, says Talal Choucair, CEO of MyQuickCloud

Capita IT Services warns of cloud chaos in rush to adopt cloud services

Type: News       Published: 05-2014      Views: 1536   
Description: Capita IT Services is warning that a rush by both private and public sector companies to adopt cloud services is leading to cloud chaos, where applications and services are often ineffective, incompatible, and impacting business performance

iland expands UK cloud operations

Type: News       Published: 04-2014      Views: 2048   
Description: iland has announced the expansion of its UK cloud operations and the immediate availability of iland Enterprise Cloud Services (iland ECS) out of its new Manchester data centre. The company is also enhancing its existing London data centre which will fully support the newest iland ECS capabilities in April 2014

Cloud comes of age for business, say ITC Infotech

Type: News       Published: 04-2014      Views: 1887   
Description: The phenomenal growth in cloud usage has led to many companies moving from the ‘when and why’ stage of cloud adoption to the ‘how’, according to ITC Infotech

Cloud services on the menu for UK IT consumption

Type: News       Published: 02-2014      Views: 1363   
Description: The rising adoption of cloud services is fundamentally changing how British businesses consume IT, according to a new report produced by Cisco Consulting Services, in conjunction with Intel

InTechnology signs seven-figure deal to provide cloud hosting services to the NHS

Type: News       Published: 02-2014      Views: 1408   
Description: InTechnology signs seven-figure deal to provide cloud hosting services to the NHS via G-Cloud framework

VMware’s vCloud Hybrid Service is now generally available in Europe

Type: News       Published: 02-2014      Views: 1638   
Description: Complementing VMware's existing US data centres, the data centre in Slough provides customers with a European location that addresses UK and EU compliance and data sovereignty demands.

Controlled chaos

Type: Opinion       Published: 01-2014      Views: 2348   
Description: Lee Fisher from Abiquo explains how poorly planned out cloud adoption can undermine the benefits on offer and frustrate the journey to the cloud

Untangling the network

Type: Strategy       Published: 01-2014      Views: 1976   
Description: David Barker, Technical Director at 4D Data Centres offers some guidance on building a new cloud-ready network with Software-Defined Networking (SDN) at its heart

Cloud services on the menu for UK IT consumption

Type: News       Published: 01-2014      Views: 1260   
Description: The rising adoption of cloud services is fundamentally changing how British businesses consume IT, according to a new report produced by Cisco Consulting Services, in conjunction with Intel

Dedicated to securing the Cloud

Type: News       Published: 11-2013      Views: 4122   
Description: K3 Business Technology Group (K3) has launched a new IT consultancy division to deploy and manage secure cloud services all over the world with access to 300 international datacentres

The cloud optimised network

Type: Feature       Published: 11-2013      Views: 2924   
Description: David Barker, Technical Director at 4D Data Centres offers some guidance on what to consider when building a new, cloud-ready network

IP control for big data

Type: Feature       Published: 11-2013      Views: 3999   
Description: Scott Breadmore of Efficient IP explains why the basics of network management will become even more important with the arrival of big data

Gatwick Airport takes to the Cloud

Type: News       Published: 10-2013      Views: 4269   
Description: Xchanging heads contract that will see Fujitsu and Cisco modernise London Gatwick Airport’s communications

New Infrastructure-as-a-Service Platform from NaviSite

Type: News       Published: 08-2013      Views: 4627   
Description: NaviCloud Director will give cloud-based businesses access to VMware APIs and developer community

Data Migration to the Cloud

Type: Feature       Published: 11-2012      Views: 3414   
Description: David Clark of QLogic explains why migrating data to the cloud needs a helping hand

Optimisation of infrastructure

Type: Feature       Published: 09-2012      Views: 2237