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Infortrend announce new UK distribution agreement with Titan Data Solutions

Type: News       Published: 12-2018      Views: 86   
Description: This move is a significant stride in supporting Infortrend’s strategy to expand its presence in the EMEA region

Focused on data protection         

Type: Case Study       Published: 11-2018      Views: 42   
Description: Noted photographer Manfred Baumann uses a combination of various Buffalo solutions to protect his life's work of hundreds of thousands of photos, and to have constant secure access even when taking photos abroad

Knocking backup out of the park         

Type: Case Study       Published: 11-2018      Views: 56   
Description: Since deploying Cohesity, the San Francisco Giants have seen significant time and cost savings across the IT organisation by implementing a cloud-integrated backup solution

Don't fall behind in the race to digital efficiency         

Type: Feature       Published: 11-2018      Views: 376   
Description: Marc Lucas, Systems Engineer at Commvault, discusses the difficulties of competing in an ultra-competitive digital landscape

Continuity issues         

Type: Research       Published: 11-2018      Views: 41   
Description: New survey suggests that business continuity, storage availability and avoiding vendor lock-in are top concerns for IT professionals

The great wide open         

Type: Case Study       Published: 11-2018      Views: 95   
Description: German service provider Teuto has boosted storage performance for its OpenStack Cloud with Excelero and Mellanox, achieving 1000% lower latency and 2000% higher IOPs

Tomorrow's world         

Type: Technology Focus       Published: 11-2018      Views: 88   
Description: What do crystals, glass and DNA have in common? They are all innovative new ways to potentially meet the growing demand to store vast amounts of data, explains Nick Powling from Exertis Hammer

Ditch that dusty warehouse - archive to the cloud         

Type: Case Study       Published: 11-2018      Views: 36   
Description: Will Urban, Senior Marketing Technologist at iland, summarises the benefits of cloud-based archiving and retention

Channel energy         

Type: Interview       Published: 11-2018      Views: 61   
Description: Victor Chiang, General Manager of Infortrend Europe, discusses the company's significant plans for the UK market with Storage magazine's David Tyler

AI adds value for media organisations         

Type: Feature       Published: 11-2018      Views: 53   
Description: Jon Morgan, CEO of Object Matrix explains how AI-enabled video analysis could help the owners of media archives better monetise and re-use content

Driving ahead         

Type: Interview       Published: 11-2018      Views: 35   
Description: Storage magazine editor David Tyler speaks to Mark McCarter, product manager at Ortial, one of the fastest-growing businesses in the SSD sector

NAS and easy does it         

Type: Case Study       Published: 11-2018      Views: 38   
Description: Spain-based service provider Big SafeBox Data has deployed a QNAP NAS Data Centre to offer GDPR-compliant backup solutions

Film stars         

Type: Case Study       Published: 11-2018      Views: 50   
Description: British Film Institute preserves UK film history with a Spectra Logic data solution for digital archiving and long-term storage

Suffer the children         

Type: Comment       Published: 11-2018      Views: 22   
Description: The children's commissioner for England has called on internet giants and toy-makers to be more transparent about the data they are collecting on children

Keeping an eye on surveillance data growth         

Type: Feature       Published: 11-2018      Views: 104   
Description: As CCTV and body-worn video systems proliferate, Florian Malecki of StorageCraft explains why law enforcement must invest strategically in storage solutions to make the most of video surveillance footage

Heading for a fall?         

Type: Research       Published: 11-2018      Views: 35   
Description: The majority of businesses are failing to comply with GDPR, according to recent research

The road to resilience         

Type: Opinion       Published: 11-2018      Views: 58   
Description: True IT resilience means combining DR, backup and cloud mobility into one comprehensive approach, argues Steve Blow, Technology Evangelist at Zerto

e-shelter to develop one of the UK’s largest data centers in London

Type: News       Published: 10-2018      Views: 118   
Description: NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com) is to develop a new data center campus in the UK, through e-shelter, a subsidiary of NTT Com and one of the leading data center providers in Europe. e-shelter has now secured full planning permission which will enable work to start on the development of a new data center campus in Dagenham, East London.

Talend appoints Adam Meister as Chief Financial Officer

Type: News       Published: 09-2018      Views: 204   
Description: Talend has appointed Adam Meister, former Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, as Chief Financial Officer, effective September 17, 2018. Meister brings to Talend significant financial and capital markets experience including an extensive background in corporate finance, strategy, and a deep knowledge of the software industry.

SnapLogic announces SnapLogic eXtreme to accelerate cloud data lake initiatives

Type: News       Published: 09-2018      Views: 201   
Description: Industry-first solution eliminates cost, resource, talent barriers to cloud-based big data.

Majority of businesses are failing to comply with GDPR, according to new Talend research

Type: News       Published: 09-2018      Views: 212   
Description: 70% of companies couldn’t fulfil data access and portability requests within the GDPR-specified one-month time limit.

A Nuanced approach         

Type: Case Study       Published: 09-2018      Views: 217   
Description: AI solutions specialist Nuance Communications is leveraging the ClearSky Data hybrid cloud storage service in order to achieve 'anywhere-access' at the same time as reducing storage expenditure

Catch up in a flash         

Type: Events       Published: 09-2018      Views: 239   
Description: Storage magazine reports back from the recent Flash Memory Summit in California

Protection mechanisms         

Type: Case Study       Published: 09-2018      Views: 135   
Description: New survey reveals security and data backup are key concerns for SMB & mid-market organisations

News flash         

Type: Case Study       Published: 09-2018      Views: 198   
Description: ITN has renovated its content archive within a tight timescale in ways that allow it to better monetise its digital assets

Stopping trouble before it starts         

Type: Feature       Published: 09-2018      Views: 352   
Description: Evan Kenty, Managing Director EMEA, Park Place Technologies, describes some of the lessons learnt from the Visa data centre 'burnout' and how predictive maintenance technologies can help

Preserving human rights         

Type: Case Study       Published: 09-2018      Views: 176   
Description: The world's largest grassroots human rights organisation, Amnesty International, is using Preservica's active digital preservation platform to create a global archive that will accelerate investigations into human rights violations and protect digital records of significant historical importance to the global movement

Is tape the secret weapon in the ransomware battle?         

Type: Feature       Published: 09-2018      Views: 318   
Description: Tape's compliance with GDPR makes it an invaluable tool in the fight against ransomware, argues Eric Bassier, Senior Director, Product Management at Quantum

A fresh approach to data protection         

Type: Case Study       Published: 09-2018      Views: 183   
Description: The Museum of London is achieving fast recovery for mission-critical Oracle databases while also eliminating tape from its systems

Protection racket         

Type: Comment       Published: 09-2018      Views: 84   
Description: As Synology's Jeremie Francois says in an article in this issue, the importance of backup is almost a cliché for those of us who work in the storage industry

Sky-high uptime         

Type: Case Study       Published: 09-2018      Views: 200   
Description: Amsterdam's Airport Schiphol achieves 100% uptime and exceeds SLAs for six consecutive years thanks to a StorMagic SvSAN solution

Synology RackStation RS1219+         

Type: Product Review       Published: 09-2018      Views: 203   
Description: SMBs short on office space and network storage will love Synology's new RackStation RS1219+ as this is the first short-depth 2U rack NAS appliance to market

Backup gets Active         

Type: Technology Focus       Published: 09-2018      Views: 168   
Description: Jeremie Francois of Synology introduces Active Backup for Business, the company's new 'One-stop solution' to backup nightmares

HDD and SSD go head-to-head         

Type: Technology Focus       Published: 09-2018      Views: 235   
Description: Can a 100% HDD-based solution meet the requirements of tasks such as Storage for Virtualisation or Email Serving? A recent white paper from Toshiba Electronics Europe compared Enterprise Capacity HDD and SSD based solutions to build 50TB to 100TB storage for a range of application use cases

Resilience is key         

Type: Research       Published: 09-2018      Views: 168   
Description: A new IDC study entitled 'State of IT resilience', sponsored by Zerto, suggests that over 90% of respondents do not consider their organisation to be IT resilient - and nearly half have suffered an unrecoverable data event in the last three years

Pure Storage announces acquisition of StorReduce

Type: News       Published: 08-2018      Views: 300   
Description: Pure Storage has acquired StorReduce, a cloud-first software-defined storage solution for managing large scale unstructured data. The acquisition allows Pure Storage to add sophisticated deduplication technology to its object storage portfolio and expand its public cloud integrations to meet the growing demand to manage unstructured data in multi-cloud environments.

Research reveals UK SMBs are struggling to manage company data effectively

Type: News       Published: 08-2018      Views: 288   
Description: Seagate Technology has revealed new research into the data habits of the UK’s SMBs, suggesting that many British companies are finding it hard to store and manage their company’s data effectively.

Code42’s data security platform reduces user down time and costs for windows 10 migrations

Type: News       Published: 08-2018      Views: 220   
Description: Code42 has announced enhancements for Windows 10 Device Migrations.

Backup gets backing from IT decision makers

Type: News       Published: 07-2018      Views: 314   
Description: New research finds that organisational confidence in backup capabilities has risen dramatically in the past 10 years

Backup you can bank on         

Type: Case Study       Published: 07-2018      Views: 875   
Description: Beeks Financial Cloud has secured 7000 Virtual Machines and made 80% savings on global data storage using augmented deduplication

'Backup? No problem!' say IT decision makers         

Type: Research       Published: 07-2018      Views: 326   
Description: New research finds that organisational confidence in backup capabilities has risen dramatically in the past 10 years

Time for a refresh?         

Type: Feature       Published: 07-2018      Views: 473   
Description: Storage Hardware Refresh Cycles: four simple words that when combined together represent one of the most challenging tasks in the it schedule. Brett Denly, Regional Director of DataCore, asks if you really need to put yourself through this every three years

Dawn of a new era         

Type: Case Study       Published: 07-2018      Views: 547   
Description: Peter Harvey, Head of Content Operations, BT TV, explains how the shift to a Video-on-Demand model for consumption of TV content has driven changes to the organisation's content storage strategies

Good as gold         

Type: Research       Published: 07-2018      Views: 309   
Description: Scientists from Australia and China have drawn on the durable power of gold to demonstrate a new type of high-capacity optical disk that can hold data securely for more than 600 years, addressing the growing issue of 'Long data'

Breaking the language barrier         

Type: Case Study       Published: 07-2018      Views: 442   
Description: The Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics is using a Spectra T950 Tape Library to manage growing volumes of psycholinguistics research data while reducing the physical footprint of the equipment required

The long game         

Type: Comment       Published: 07-2018      Views: 111   
Description: A fascinating article in this issue looks at how researchers in Australia and China are working to resolve the problem of long term data retention with new approaches to HDD technology including the use of gold nanomaterials

On the right course         

Type: Industry Focus       Published: 07-2018      Views: 303   
Description: A wide variety of storage-related challenges are arising as research data peaks for universities and other educational institutions worldwide, and Synology solutions are playing a central role in addressing those issues

A lifetime in storage         

Type: Feature       Published: 07-2018      Views: 435   
Description: Peter Godden of Zerto, winner of the 'Lifetime Contribution to the Storage Industry' trophy at this year's Storage Awards, looks back at his own personal journey through the development of the storage sector

Eyes on the prize         

Type: Awards       Published: 07-2018      Views: 253   
Description: Fifteenth annual Storage awards winners in full

Innovation of the Year (Storage Awards 2018)

Type: Awards       Published: 07-2018      Views: 552   
Description: WINNER: Park Place Technologies - Park View

One to Watch – Company (Storage Awards 2018)

Type: Awards       Published: 07-2018      Views: 223   
Description: WINNER: Insurgo Media

Storage Marketing Team of the Year (Storage Awards 2018)

Type: Awards       Published: 07-2018      Views: 208   
Description: WINNER: Ortial Technologies

Contribution to the Storage Industry (Storage Awards 2018)

Type: Awards       Published: 07-2018      Views: 215   
Description: WINNER: Zerto - Pete Godden

Channel Excellence Award (Storage Awards 2018)

Type: Awards       Published: 07-2018      Views: 206   
Description: WINNER: CMS Distribution - Justin Griffiths

Ransomware Protection Company of the Year (Storage Awards 2018)

Type: Awards       Published: 07-2018      Views: 229   
Description: WINNER: Unitrends

Data Protection Company of the Year (Storage Awards 2018)

Type: Awards       Published: 07-2018      Views: 210   
Description: WINNER: Veritas

Enterprise Backup Storage Vendor of the Year (Storage Awards 2018)

Type: Awards       Published: 07-2018      Views: 208   
Description: WINNER: ExaGrid

Storage Innovators of the Year (Storage Awards 2018)

Type: Awards       Published: 07-2018      Views: 215   
Description: WINNER: Spectra Logic

Storage Monitoring & Reporting Vendor of the Year (Storage Awards 2018)

Type: Awards       Published: 07-2018      Views: 218   
Description: WINNER: Virtual Instruments

Object Storage Vendor of the Year (Storage Awards 2018)

Type: Awards       Published: 07-2018      Views: 229   
Description: WINNER: Object Matrix

Hyper-convergence Vendor of the Year (Storage Awards 2018)

Type: Awards       Published: 07-2018      Views: 217   
Description: WINNER: Boston

Hybrid Storage Vendor of the Year (Storage Awards 2018)

Type: Awards       Published: 07-2018      Views: 206   
Description: WINNER: Huawei

Flash/SSD Storage Vendor of the Year (Storage Awards 2018)

Type: Awards       Published: 07-2018      Views: 210   
Description: WINNER: Huawei

Cloud Enabler of the Year (Storage Awards 2018)

Type: Awards       Published: 07-2018      Views: 210   
Description: WINNER: Barracuda Networks

Software Defined Storage (SDS) Vendor of the Year (Storage Awards 2018)

Type: Awards       Published: 07-2018      Views: 216   
Description: WINNER: Compuverde

Storage Performance Optimisation Product of the Year (Storage Awards 2018)

Type: Awards       Published: 07-2018      Views: 215   
Description: WINNER: Datacore - Datacore MaxParallel for Windows Server

Capacity Storage Vendor of the Year (Storage Awards 2018)

Type: Awards       Published: 07-2018      Views: 213   
Description: WINNER: StorageCraft

Channel Partner Program of the Year (Storage Awards 2018)

Type: Awards       Published: 07-2018      Views: 234   
Description: WINNER: Barracuda Networks

Editor’s Choice - Product of the Year (Storage Awards 2018)

Type: Awards       Published: 07-2018      Views: 196   
Description: WINNER: Arcserve – UDP

Editor’s Choice - Company of the year (Storage Awards 2018)

Type: Awards       Published: 07-2018      Views: 212   
Description: WINNER: Altaro

Storage Maintenance & Service Provider of the Year (Storage Awards 2018)

Type: Awards       Published: 07-2018      Views: 217   
Description: WINNER: Q Associates

Specialist Storage Reseller of the Year (Storage Awards 2018)

Type: Awards       Published: 07-2018      Views: 209   
Description: WINNER: Epaton

Corporate Storage Reseller of the Year (Storage Awards 2018)

Type:       Published: 07-2018      Views: 177   
Description: WINNER: Q Associates

Storage Distributor of the Year (Storage Awards 2018)

Type: Awards       Published: 07-2018      Views: 210   
Description: WINNER: Hammer

Storage Product of the Year (Storage Awards 2018)

Type: Awards       Published: 07-2018      Views: 208   
Description: WINNER: Spectra Logic – ArcticBlue

Cloud Company of the Year (Storage Awards 2018)

Type: Awards       Published: 07-2018      Views: 211   
Description: WINNER: Cloudian

Storage Company of the Year (Storage Awards 2018)

Type: Awards       Published: 07-2018      Views: 196   
Description: WINNER: Veeam

Arsenal signs Acronis as new data defender

Type: News       Published: 07-2018      Views: 323   
Description: Acronis has formed a new technology partnership with Arsenal Football Club. The partnership will see the Swiss-Singaporean company provide data protection to the club’s growing IT infrastructure.

The Storage Awards 2018 Winners

Type: Awards Winner       Published: 06-2018      Views: 644   
Description: A packed venue at the Tower Hotel saw the winners announced for the 2018 Storage Awards

A Hefty Data Centre Security Challenge

Type: Case Study       Published: 06-2018      Views: 197   
Description: VIRTUS Data Centres is the UK's fastest-growing data centre provider that owns, designs, builds and operates the country's most efficient and flexible data centres

Dropbox pioneers future of cloud infrastructure with SMR technology deployment

Type: News       Published: 06-2018      Views: 352   
Description: Dropbox has announced a new chapter in the evolution of Magic Pocket, its custom-built storage infrastructure.

Mazars deploys hybrid WAN with Silver Peak SD-WAN solution

Type: News       Published: 06-2018      Views: 352   
Description: One of the top 10 accountancy firms in the UK, Mazars, has successfully deployed the Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) solution to connect users at its international branch offices to cloud-based applications. Since deploying SD-WAN, Mazars UK has reduced bandwidth traffic by more than 40 percent at each site and benefitted from substantial cost-savings.

Confirmed speed, performance, and quality with Milestone-certified Infortrend storage

Type: Feature       Published: 05-2018      Views: 661   
Description: Enhancing high performance surveillance systems

UK businesses embrace GDPR compliance, ready to reap the competitive advantage

Type: News       Published: 05-2018      Views: 419   
Description: With only days until the General Data Protection Regulation deadline on May 25th 2018, NetApp research has uncovered an optimistic and data-savvy UK enterprise, with 75% of IT decision makers and CIOs saying the regulation could improve the competitiveness of their businesses.

Failsafe SD-WAN from Talari Networks         

Type: Review       Published: 05-2018      Views: 565   
Description: The exponential growth in cloud services and hybrid cloud infrastructure are forcing enterprises to search for more cost-effective alternatives to their expensive MPLS, so that they can deliver the WAN bandwidth and reliability their organisation needs

Enabling easy access to documents is key to stopping reliance on removable storage devices

Type: News       Published: 05-2018      Views: 245   
Description: M-Files research reveals that 90 per cent of UK workers find accessing documents somewhat challenging while working remotely

StorageCraft helps police solve data challenges of body worn video cameras

Type: News       Published: 05-2018      Views: 432   
Description: Wanted: a solution to the growing storage capacity and management problems at police departments around the UK

Protect and survive?         

Type: Research       Published: 05-2018      Views: 312   
Description: A recent survey of channel partners, service providers, and I.T. professionals spanning 15 countries reveals the real challenges of disaster recovery planning

Untangling backup strategies         

Type: Feature       Published: 05-2018      Views: 481   
Description: Industry experts discuss why your business can't afford to lose data, and why the right storage solution - from infrastructure through training to automation - is key

Flash begets Flash         

Type: Research       Published: 05-2018      Views: 439   
Description: New research suggests huge growth potential for solid-state even as many EMEA IT professionals remain unconvinced of the need

Outlook bright for Met Office tape disposal project         

Type: Case Study       Published: 05-2018      Views: 369   
Description: The Met Office has been able to securely dispose of 16,000 tapes while reducing the environmental impact and making good use of public funding

Time to switch?         

Type: Events       Published: 05-2018      Views: 492   
Description: March saw Mellanox evangelising to sales and technology partners about the growing importance of Ethernet Storage Fabric to modern cloud/data centre infrastructures. Storage magazine was there to report back

Seamless workflows         

Type: Case Study       Published: 05-2018      Views: 356   
Description: Object Matrix, along with reseller partner Tyrell, have delivered a Petabyte of media-focused private cloud storage to Irish broadcaster TV3

Going large         

Type: Interview       Published: 05-2018      Views: 906   
Description: Faye Pairman, CEO and President of Panasas, explains how an approach that combines high performance, reliability and manageability is helping the company go from strength to strength in an increasingly commoditised market

Do or die

Type: Opinion       Published: 05-2018      Views: 669   
Description: Graham Hutchins, Marketing Manager at specialist distributor Simms, discusses how memory and storage developments are helping data centres keep up with the demands of digital business

Sticking it to USB         

Type: Comment       Published: 05-2018      Views: 95   
Description: As this issue of Storage magazine goes to print, there are reports on the BBC and elsewhere that IBM has decreed that their staff are no longer allowed to use removable memory devices including SD cards, flash drives and perhaps most importantly USB sticks

NAS: the first line of defence         

Type: Strategy       Published: 05-2018      Views: 608   
Description: When it comes to purchasing decisions around Network Attached Storage it's all about value, not price, argues Harry Berner of Beta Distribution

Healthcare I.T. fine-tuned         

Type: Case Study       Published: 05-2018      Views: 304   
Description: Since deploying Tintri, Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust has benefited from increased performance and capacity, reduced management and guaranteed quality of service

Databarracks provides Backup-as-a-Service to Egmont UK

Type: News       Published: 04-2018      Views: 545   
Description: One of the UK’s largest specialist children’s publishers uses Commvault and Microsoft Azure for BaaS.

Brenderup Group makes big move to the cloud with Interoute

Type: News       Published: 04-2018      Views: 478   
Description: Interoute, the global cloud and network provider, has been selected by Brenderup Group, a leading manufacturer of trailers and load carrier systems, to host the company’s server environment. All servers were migrated in one project to the Interoute Virtual Data Centre (VDC) cloud platform

AccelStor NeoSapphire H510         

Type: Review       Published: 03-2018      Views: 1518   
Description: Enterprises suffering a storage crisis have a bewildering range of high-performance all-Flash arrays to choose from, but AccelStor's latest NeoSapphire H510 stands out from the crowd for many good reasons

SDS for consolidation and growth         

Type: Case Study       Published: 03-2018      Views: 397   
Description: A software-defined storage solution from Acronis is enabling service provider Virtual1 to scale storage to their needs, leverage geo-replication and offer customers more complex solutions such as Disaster Recovery

All about that BaaS?         

Type: Opinion       Published: 03-2018      Views: 607   
Description: Colin Wright of Altaro Software offers practical advice and five essential questions to ask before you sign up to a Backup as a Service (BaaS) provider and pack away your tapes

Disaster zone?         

Type: Research       Published: 03-2018      Views: 410   
Description: New research from Barracuda Networks paints a worryingly disjointed picture of backup and disaster recovery strategies among organisations across Europe

Just how transforming can hyperconverged be?         

Type: Feature       Published: 03-2018      Views: 628   
Description: Brett Denly, Regional Director, DataCore Software, considers if hyperconverged systems can deliver a digital innovation

All data is not equal         

Type: Interview       Published: 03-2018      Views: 414   
Description: Storage magazine speaks to Florian Malecki, International Product Marketing Director at StorageCraft, about the company\'s recent acquisitions and the appeal of 'pay as you grow' storage

DR: choosing the right provider for your needs         

Type: Opinion       Published: 03-2018      Views: 844   
Description: Disaster Recovery in the cloud presents organisations with a multitude of opportunities and potential challenges. Richard Stinton, Enterprise Solutions Architect at iland, gives his take on what organisations should be looking for when choosing the right provider for them

Read all about it         

Type: Case Study       Published: 03-2018      Views: 422   
Description: News publisher Trinity Mirror is deploying NetApp solutions to 'safeguard real-time news' via Digital Transformation

Where does storage go from here?         

Type: Opinion       Published: 03-2018      Views: 540   
Description: Jonathan Morgan, CEO of Object Matrix, examines potential storage strategies for a media- and content-heavy future, and introduces the concept of Content Governance as a more meaningful description for the industry

Ortial Technologies 1TB SSD         

Type: Review       Published: 03-2018      Views: 546   
Description: Based in the UK, Ortial Technologies specialises in delivering high-quality server memory upgrades at highly competitive prices

Supermarket extends the 'best-before' date of its digital assets         

Type: Case Study       Published: 03-2018      Views: 324   
Description: The Sainsbury Archive is actively preserving digital assets relating to the company's operations thanks to a digitisation and cloud hosting project

The right tools for the job         

Type: Case Study       Published: 03-2018      Views: 448   
Description: Victorinox has found the optimal storage solution for its VDI environment: Pure Storage all-flash arrays impressed with their quick installation and ease of use, as well as their high performance, stability, and reliability in demanding work environments

QSAN XCubeSAN XS5226D         

Type: Review       Published: 03-2018      Views: 686   
Description: QSAN's next generation XCubeSAN systems bring the price of all-Flash storage down to an all-time low, making high performing arrays a reality for budget conscious SMBs and enterprises

In it to win it         

Type: Awards       Published: 03-2018      Views: 234   
Description: Never mind the Oscars, this year's Storage Awards are not far off; Storage magazine editor David Tyler reminds readers of the value of taking part

Masters of disaster         

Type: Comment       Published: 03-2018      Views: 160   
Description: This issue of Storage magazine includes a number of articles on the related topics of backup and Disaster Recovery, and specifically around the prospect of both functions being offered 'as a service', an option that is gaining increasing traction among businesses concerned with the rising cost and inflexibility of on-premise solutions

2020 vision

Type: Feature       Published: 03-2018      Views: 399   
Description: Amy Wright of Storetec examines 'Paperless 2020' and the NHS's recently announced new roadmap for integrating digital services and healthcare provision

Better safe than sorry         

Type: Feature       Published: 03-2018      Views: 485   
Description: Jason Phippen, head of global product and solutions marketing at SUSE, offers a GPDR survival guide for storage admins

On the up?         

Type: Analysis       Published: 03-2018      Views: 311   
Description: Quarter-on-quarter NAND flash revenues grew - slightly - at the end of 2017, but prospects for this year remain uncertain, according to research from market intelligence specialists DRAMeXchange

SolarWinds introduces Cloud-first backup service for physical and virtual servers

Type: News       Published: 03-2018      Views: 738   
Description: SolarWinds has introduced its first backup solution targeted for direct use by end-user customers. SolarWinds Backup is a cloud-first backup service developed to protect virtual and physical servers. It is built upon the company’s own proven technology already used by Managed Services Providers (MSPs) to securely and efficiently protect the data assets of thousands of organisations worldwide. The product has been designed from the ground up to reduce cost and complexity without sacrificing speed or reliability.

When storage becomes data         

Type: Opinion       Published: 03-2018      Views: 325   
Description: Do we need to consider storage media or should we consider data holistically? Mark Peters, Practice Director & Senior Analyst and Scott Sinclair, Senior Analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group, combine their views

Altaro VM Backup - Unlimited Plus Edition         

Type: Review       Published: 03-2018      Views: 941   
Description: Data backup has had a chequered past and has often been an afterthought, but it is now a critical component of IT operations, digital transformation, security and compliance, with a definitive role and lifecycle. This is embraced and enabled by Altaro VM Backup version 7.6, available in four versions. Here we review the fully featured, Unlimited Plus edition.

Storage Product of the Year 2018

Type: Awards       Published: 03-2018      Views: 212   
Description: WINNER: Buffalo EU B.V. - TeraStation TS51210RH

QSAN appoints Hollis Technology as reseller partner for advanced storage solutions

Type: News       Published: 02-2018      Views: 514   
Description: QSAN has announced the appointment of Hollis technology as a Reseller Partner for its XCube series of products, which bring enterprise-class features to small and medium sized businesses.

Amdocs works with Eaton to build and open new data centre site in under 3 months

Type: News       Published: 02-2018      Views: 427   
Description: For data centre operators, speed isn’t just a server issue, often it’s a vital factor in getting new sites operational. That was the case for Amdocs – a global software and services provider that operates data centres in 85 countries – which had less than 90 days to close an existing site and move itself, and all its customers, into a new purpose-built facility.

Spectra Logic expands its family of data storage solutions with new tape library offerings

Type: News       Published: 02-2018      Views: 303   
Description: Spectra Logic has announced a major expansion to its family of automated tape storage solutions with the introduction of two new tape library products.

Trends in Data Centres in 2018: What Matters to IT Managers

Type: Opinion       Published: 02-2018      Views: 206   
Description: By Clive Partridge, Product Manager IT Infrastructure, Rittal

Toshiba launches KumoScale Storage software for cloud infrastructures

Type: News       Published: 02-2018      Views: 372   
Description: Toshiba Memory Europe (TME) has announced the general availability of KumoScale, its new NVMe-oF (NVM Express over Fabrics) shared accelerated storage software.

New Finance & Operations Director appointed at Q Associates

Type: News       Published: 01-2018      Views: 444   
Description: Darren Maynard has worked most recently as the Credit Director for UK/EMEA at Avnet Technology Solutions and TechData. Darren worked in his previous role for over 7 years.

Acronis releases free, AI-based ransomware protection

Type: News       Published: 01-2018      Views: 550   
Description: Acronis Ransomware Protection is a free, stand-alone version of Acronis' unique AI-based Active Protection technology, which stops ransomware attacks in real-time and helps users to recover data without paying the ransom.

Learning a hard lesson         

Type: Opinion       Published: 01-2018      Views: 516   
Description: Colin Wright, VP EMEA, Altaro discusses the importance of backing up essential files for educational institutions

Building for the future         

Type: Case Study       Published: 01-2018      Views: 369   
Description: International engineering enterprise Laing O'Rourke has implemented Commvault for management and future-proofing of its dispersed data estate including full migration to the cloud, data protection and compliance

Waste reduction         

Type: Case Study       Published: 01-2018      Views: 488   
Description: Grundon Waste Management has reclaimed control in managing their data, performance and application response times using a software-defined storage approach

The right move         

Type: Opinion       Published: 01-2018      Views: 1000   
Description: Rick Powles, Vice President EMEA at Druva, explains what the continuing move to cloud models will really mean for storage

NVMe: hitting the sweet spot         

Type: Events       Published: 01-2018      Views: 460   
Description: A recent event at London's Ritz Hotel examined what 451 Research is calling 'the second wave of flash usage', and Storage magazine editor David Tyler was there to report back

Strictly boardroom         

Type: Opinion       Published: 01-2018      Views: 787   
Description: Alex Crowe, Regional Sales Executive at iland, outlines the reasons why choosing cloud-based backup and DR needs to be a strategic decision taken at board level

This is not a SoHo NAS         

Type: Technology Focus       Published: 01-2018      Views: 692   
Description: The 'generic NAS' market has lot of vendors vying for attention. Tony Howard, Head of Enterprise Strategy at BETA DISTRIBUTION, argues that "the founding fathers of SMB NAS should be the vendor of choice", introducing the Netgear ReadyNAS as a business focused product with an ultra-fast processor to meet the demands of this space

Leveraging the power of AI         

Type: Events       Published: 01-2018      Views: 346   
Description: Park Place Technologies used its recent Summit event in Oxfordshire to launch a new service platform, ParkView, to the UK marketplace. Storage magazine, of course, was on hand

On trend         

Type: Feature       Published: 01-2018      Views: 555   
Description: A new year and a whole new batch of predictions, suggestions and one or two warnings from industry experts for the coming 12 months: Storage magazine rounds up the views of the sector's leading lights

On track for cloud archival         

Type: Case Study       Published: 01-2018      Views: 456   
Description: Network Rail has partnered with Preservica to create a cloud-based digital archive designed to actively preserve, and provide secure access to, vital operational information and unique digital assets from the history of the UK's railway network

QSAN XCubeNAS XN5004R         

Type: Review       Published: 01-2018      Views: 876   
Description: QSAN Technology has traditionally offered an impressive range of affordable SAN solutions and now applies its storage expertise to NAS

The show will go on         

Type: Case Study       Published: 01-2018      Views: 331   
Description: ITV is embarking on a ten-year digital archive project to preserve its video content for future generations with a Spectra Logic storage solution

2018: coming, ready or not!         

Type: Comment       Published: 01-2018      Views: 124   
Description: As has become something of a tradition, our first issue of the year includes a round-up of predictions, trends and suggestions from a wide selection of industry specialists who undoubtedly know their onions when it comes to the storage sector

Keeping the drama on the pitch         

Type: Case Study       Published: 01-2018      Views: 346   
Description: Dublin's Aviva Stadium relies on StorageCraft for a DR solution that is truly world-beating

Putting GDPR on the map         

Type: Opinion       Published: 01-2018      Views: 372   
Description: Andrew Lintell of network security specialist Tufin discusses how data mapping and policy-driven automation can not only help ensure compliance when GDPR is implemented, but also help companies keep ahead-of-the-curve with future regulations

Storing up trouble?         

Type: Opinion       Published: 01-2018      Views: 231   
Description: According to new research, one third of UK businesses could be putting themselves at risk due to mismanagement of vital business paperwork - with many lacking any document management strategy and leaving themselves open to serious threats including GDPR fines

The GDPR information audit         

Type: Opinion       Published: 01-2018      Views: 406   
Description: A good understanding of stored data has always been a sensible idea. As companies move from owners of data to custodians, Roland Bullivant, Director at Silwood Technology reminds us of the critical importance of the data audit

14TB HDD from Toshiba

Type: News       Published: 12-2017      Views: 390   
Description: Innovative 9-disk helium-sealed design fits into standard 3.5 inch SATA drive bays

AccelStor shows off latest AFA offerings in Frankfurt

Type: News       Published: 12-2017      Views: 386   
Description: NeoSapphire H510 is its latest high availability all-Flash array

Curvature launches SSD range

Type: News       Published: 12-2017      Views: 400   
Description: Rivalling leading manufacturers for cost and efficiency

'Guesswork' behind 1/4 of all storage capacity planning decisions

Type: News       Published: 12-2017      Views: 410   
Description: 70% of storage buyers in Tintri study admit miscalculating storage needs

UKCloud launches object storage platform

Type: News       Published: 11-2017      Views: 800   
Description: UK-sovereign data storage guarantee, with no extra cost for writing or extracting data

Hammer becomes new European distributor for StorageCraft OneBlox scale-out storage

Type: News       Published: 11-2017      Views: 594   
Description: Hammer and StorageCraft Technology have announced a Europe-wide distribution agreement that will see Hammer adding the StorageCraft OneBlox scale-out solutions to its portfolio.

EDF selects Scality to keep its data safe

Type: News       Published: 11-2017      Views: 558   
Description: EDF, the largest global supplier of electricity and one of the world’s largest public companies, has installed Scality RING object storage as its back-end storage. EDF’s IT engineering team is now confident that their data is available—where and when it’s needed—and that they can grow their storage capacity without limit or interruption, while supporting multiple use cases across the vast organisation.

Druva introduces next generation Cloud-to-Cloud data protection with Apollo for AWS

Type: News       Published: 11-2017      Views: 1002   
Description: Druva Apollo is a new service delivered via the Druva Cloud Platform that enables data management for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) cloud workloads on a single policy control plane.

Panasas announces next generation of its ActiveStor scale-out NAS solution

Type: News       Published: 11-2017      Views: 559   
Description: Panasas has introduced the next generation of its ActiveStor scale-out NAS solution, capable of scaling capacity to 57PB and delivering 360GB/s of bandwidth.

LTO-8 tape offerings from Quantum

Type: News       Published: 11-2017      Views: 470   
Description: "Meeting Big Data challenges head on"

AccelStor expands NeoSapphire High-Availability series

Type: News       Published: 11-2017      Views: 386   
Description: H510 All-Flash Array "delivers premium performance and 99.9999% reliability"

New software-defined offerings from DataCore

Type: News       Published: 11-2017      Views: 416   
Description: Including fail-safe Business Continuity, self-healing infrastructure, Container orchestration, Hybrid Cloud replication and multi-way data availability

Upping their game

Type: News       Published: 11-2017      Views: 435   
Description: SEGA implements Tintri enterprise cloud technology

Is time running out for tape?         

Type: Opinion       Published: